5 Futuristic Fantasy Worlds You Would Love to Travel In


For decades, fantasy films and fictional novels have gripped millions of audiences around the world. And while it’s primarily consumed as a form of entertainment, these movies have met such successful debuts and have amassed such massive followings because of their ability to transport the mind to new places and universes. Here are five fantasy worlds you’d love to explore.


One of the most popular and frequently mentioned worlds in the thousands of worlds in the Star Wars galaxy is Naboo. Characterized by its rolling hills and calming waterfalls, Naboo is the perfect representation of a peaceful landscape—at least before the Trade Federation took over. Traveling to Naboo puts you closer to a lot of unique and interesting creatures including Nuna, Fambaa, and the Opee Sea Killer. It’s okay if you want to avoid the Gungans. We do too.

Middle Earth

While it doesn’t seem like a futuristic realm, Middle Earth could be Earth centuries from now when humans regrade to the old ways and are forced to coexist with other species, like orcs and goblins. It’s not these mostly unfriendly creatures that are the draw to exploring Middle Earth though. It’s the idea of spending time with wizards and elves, strolling around Rivendell, and having a hobbit welcome you into their cozy hobbit-hole. Who wouldn’t want to immerse themselves in a lifestyle that takes them back to simpler times?


James Cameron’s 2.8-billion box office hit didn’t achieve its meteoric rise by having a boring and unoriginal premise (and it does). It became a success because of Pandora. Characterized by its lush green forests as far as the eye can see and the incredibly colorful and vibrant flora and fauna, it’s a place anyone could easily get lost in. And with the new theme park coming out, you just might actually be able to get lost in it.

Pacific Rim

While the pacific rim is located on Earth and is therefore technically not a fantasy world, it’s as futuristic and science-fiction-y as you can get. In a time when 100-ton robots collide with 100-ton monsters of another dimension, it’s definitely an action-packed life for anyone living on the planet. It’s not the safest place to travel around in, given the war going on. Getting around is difficult and car accidents are commonplace, but hey! It’s monsters and robots! Fighting each other!


Home of the Asgardians and a planet of both gods and heroes alike. It’s perhaps the most proud place you’ll find in just about any galaxy. You’ll find unlimited wine and flying boats, and maybe you can even run into Thor (are you worthy to use his hammer?) and make some mischief with Loki all before Heimdal sends you on back home on the rainbow bridge.


There’s no limit to which fantasy world you can travel to. And with theme parks and virtual reality becoming more advanced, it’s certainly not far-fetched to think that you can actually experience these worlds in the near future.


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