5 Tips for Appearing Confident in the Face of a Stressful Situation


Stress is something that goes along with almost every job, and it’s always important that you know how to properly handle stressful situations in order to be truly successful. Unfortunately, stress can make even the best of us suffer from the occasional lack of confidence, which has the potential to have damaging consequences for the way that your co-workers, employers and clients see you. For this reason, it is essential that you know how to continue to appear confident in the face of stress.

Keep a Positive Outlook

Being overly negative and hard on yourself or others is a tell-tale sign of stress and often indicates a lack of confidence. The last thing you’ll want to do in a stressful situation is let those around you know how much the stress is getting to you. This means that even if you’re feeling overly pessimistic and negative on the inside, you’ll want to try your best to not let your outward demeanor reflect your inner worries and emotions.

Even if you’re unsure about what you’re doing or not fully confident in your own abilities, trying to stay positive throughout a stressful situation will help to hide those inner thoughts. In this way, you’ll be able to appear more confident and give those around you a sense that you know exactly what you doing even if you really have no idea.

Use Humor to Lighten the Mood

Humor can be one of the most effective weapons for lightening the mood. However, cracking the occasional joke does much more than simply helping to at least temporarily take the focus off of a stressful situation. Studies have shown that laughter causes the body to release certain chemicals that help to calm you down and alleviate stress and anxiety. Furthermore, laughing and making jokes in the face of a stressful situation also makes it seem like you’re fully calm and in control of the situation. Even if this isn’t the case and you’re actually terrified, humor can still be one of the best tools for giving you an outward appearance of confidence.

Don’t Sweat the Situation (Literally)

Everyone knows how much the body can start to sweat when faced with stress, which means that sweating excessively is a sure sign that you’re letting the stress get to you. For this reason, it’s important to do whatever you can to make sure that you don’t start sweating through your shirt or getting giant pit stains. Unfortunately, even if you are actually confident despite the stressful situation, excessive sweating will still make those around you’re suffering from a lack of confidence.

For some people, antiperspirants are usually enough to prevent the problem of excessive sweating. However, if this still isn’t enough for you, you might want to consider wearing some type of undershirt designed to wick sweat and moisture away from the body. Products like UnderFit will not only help to prevent the sweat from soaking through your shirt, but they are also specially designed to be extra-breathable and thus help to keep your body temperature cooler. In this way, you can ensure that excessive sweating doesn’t make you appear less confident.

Be Mentally Prepared

One of the biggest keys to staying calm and confident under stress is to know how to deal with stressful situations in the first place. Breathing and relaxation exercises can both be helpful in quickly lowering your stress levels and thus increasing your confidence. Similarly, there are also numerous brain puzzles, games and training exercises that can help to improve your mental flexibility as well as your multi-tasking and problem-solving abilities. By taking the time to train your brain and learning methods to quickly decrease your stress levels, you’ll give yourself a far better chance of remaining confident whenever stress does strike.

Ask for Advice and Help

Lack of confidence and stress tend to do funny things to the way a person thinks and acts. While you would think a stressed-out, not confident person would be more prone to asking for help and advice, the opposite is usually true. Most people are too afraid to admit when they’re overwhelmed and stressed out, which means that they attempt to take everything on their own shoulders even if they have no idea what they’re doing.

The problem is that asking for help or admitting that you’re overwhelmed will be seen as a weakness. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. By admitting that you’re overwhelmed and asking for help, you’ll actually make yourself seem more confident and more of a team player. No one can do everything, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help when it’s needed. A truly self confident person knows the limits of their abilities and therefore knows when to ask for help.

Remaining calm and confident under stress is one of the things that separate successful business people from not so successful. In this sense, learning how to properly manage stress and not let it affect your confidence level is surely one of the best things you can do to ensure you have a bright future. It doesn’t really matter what method you use to boost your confidence. All that matters is that you appear confident and never let it show that the stress is getting to you.



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