5 Weight Loss Programs that Actually Work


Modern life features an abundance of food with regular access. It can be hard to fight the urge to pull into the drive-through on your way home. TV commercials, billboards and radio ads bombard you with temptation. They keep chanting about sugary treats, salty snacks, and fatty foods. But you can buck your weight-gain trend for a healthier lifestyle with one of these proven weight loss programs.


This program is called intermittent fasting (IF), alternate day fasting (ADF) or one meal a day (OMAD). The program is simple — don’t eat for a specified period of time. Eat for just eight hours per day on IF, every other day on ADF and once a day on OMAD.

Calorie Restriction

If longterm hunger isn’t your thing, then you can always fall back on traditional calorie restriction. You’ll just have to weigh your food and track calories. Research also suggests that your body lowers its metabolism in response to conventional calorie restriction to make it challenging to keep weight off. Just ask contestants on The Biggest Loser. Also, calorie restriction diets have also been proven to have some anti-aging results, which can be nice for those who are worried about looking older than they really are.


This program is a science-backed supplement program that can rev your engine. The supplements cleanse your body, reset your metabolism and allow you to burn fat quickly. According to reviews, you can choose from three different products that can all help you shed pounds and keep them off easily. There are separate systems to jumpstart your weight loss, burn fat and control hunger.


Eat mostly fat while avoiding carbs and reducing your protein intake to produce ketones. Your body then shifts its energy source to ketones which burns fat. Interestingly enough, Xyngular comes with a keto cookbook to accelerate weight loss. You can get two programs in one. However, there are many people who have done just keto and have had amazing results.

The Potato Diet

A famous example of this somewhat niche diet is Penn of Penn & Teller lost 100 pounds eating potatoes. He ate nothing but potatoes for two weeks to reset his taste buds. This allowed him to experience food naturally. Sugar was too sweet and burgers too fatty when he returned to normal eating. Unsalted corn now serves as Penn’s dessert because he thinks the vegetable is so sweet with reprogrammed tastes. There have been others who have tried this with similar results, so maybe it’d work for you!

Stick to any of these programs, and you’ll lose weight. It can be hard at first, but it’ll help you feel better about yourself, more confident, and you’ll actually be able to keep the weight off unlike some other programs.

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