The Importance Of Training Your Dog Not To Attack


Your dog is likely your best friend, or if not, an important part of your life (or your family’s life). You might have also trained your dog to be a bit of guard in the home, acting aggressively to potential burglars. However, that doesn’t mean that your dog should attack everyone who comes to your home. There are proper ways to train your dog to understand who should be at your house and who the family needs to be warned about. Here are a few reasons as to why it’s essential to train your dog not to attack.

Aside from the possible guilt and the aftermath of a dog injury, you will most likely be responsible for the damage taken by other people or other people’s property. Dog bite attacks are costly mistakes that many people don’t think about until they take place.

Taking Breed into Consideration

Examples of breeds that have been labeled as vicious are Pit Bulls, Dobermans, and Rottweilers. These are breeds that have a history of being fighting dogs or guard dogs, and thus have been labeled as aggressive. Mind that most of these breeds can be taught and trained to be docile (and quite loving), and aggression can be trained out of them to a certain extent. But it’s important to remember that any dog can become dangerous if not trained properly, and so breeds shouldn’t be considered a guarantee or a justification for any violent dog. Breeds are never going to be justification for not training your dog, or not taking into consideration the safety issues they present.

The Dog’s Reason and Situation

Some dogs tend to be possessive over their food as well as their owners. This is when most dog bites tend to occur. Train your dogs to share food, toys, and time with owners instead of growling or intimidating others. You can teach your dog to leave toys on the floor and to leave treats and food, making it a bit easier to deal with any possessive tendencies that your furry friend might have or develop with age.

If your dog is in pain or even feels like it is in danger (because perhaps they have a history of being abused), then there is a possibility that an attack might occur, as it might trigger some fight or flight responses/self-defense responses depending on the relationship it has to the people it’s interacting with – most particularly strangers. There are some ways to help naturally anxious dogs relax around strangers. One popular method of stress relief for dogs is CBD oil supplements. Most vets agree that CBD oil is safe to give to dogs, and has the same calming properties for them as it does for humans. Some owners report that it may also assist with pain relief.

Dogs can be quite trusting, but that doesn’t mean that they’re going to be trusting of all, especially if they’re injured in any way


Any dog can attack if it’s not trained properly. If your dog does attack, you could end up spending a lot of money if someone visited your home and got bitten by your dog, as these type of injuries are usually enough to make a personal injury claim. If you don’t think you can train your dog yourself, consider hiring a professional to help. And if your dog’s aggression is due to some other circumstance (like anxiety or pain), you can definitely see your vet about any medication or natural remedies that could help.





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