Ways to Help Your College Admission Chances


Whether you’ve decided to pursue accounting or you want to teach geometry at the high school level, you at least know that you want to work in the mathematics field. With the serious competition for admission at many colleges, you’re likely wondering how you can improve your chances of acceptance.

Narrow Your Focus

Math is quite a broad subject. You could have many jobs with a degree in math, and determining what your preferred math area is can help you to get into the college of your choosing. When deciding, it would be wise to research and ask others for advice. You can ask your current math professors or career advisors about their own experiences or for recommendations on what they think you would enjoy. Also, plenty of college admission counselors are available to help, so should you be unhappy with the quality of advice that you get from your teachers and counselors you can always talk with them about your ideas and if they think their university would be right for you.

Boost Your Standardized Test Scores

Some colleges and universities have stopped looking at standardized test scores as a means of admitting students. This is especially true of admissions into fine art colleges that look for candidates who can demonstrate a passion for art and learning.That said, there are colleges that still review this information. Taking a course to help bolster your standardized test scores, particularly in the mathematics-based areas, is essential. Find out when the next time is that you can take the test. Plan to work with a tutor until that time period. Most schools list their average standardized test scores on their websites, so you can set a goal that is above the average for the school.

Join Extracurricular Activities

It’s true that schools do want to admit students who excel in academics, but they also want to enroll individuals who are going to participate in the college experience at a broader level. In other words, joining extracurricular activities, particularly ones that are related to math, is important. For example, your school might have a math club or an organization dedicated to youths who want to go into your intended field. You may also discover an invitation to an honor society for math, and you could tutor students who are struggling with the skills. Even businesses know the value of donating time and effort. Real Estate Elevated partners with habitat for humanity often to build and refinish houses to help boost their image. You can use this strategy too!

Frame Your Essay

You shouldn’t assume that your numbers will speak for you just because you are looking to enter into a math-based field. Many schools note the importance of written communication, regardless of what your career plans are. In your essay, you can bring math to the forefront while still showcasing your strong writing skills. When you have a specific field of study in which you are interested, you can better shape your application materials to center around that topic. Also, you can include information about what is of particular interest to you about that program at that particular institution to which you are applying. Remember that it is important to be authentic in your essay and to discuss the specific school. You do not want to sound as though you just copied and pasted the same piece to dozens of different institutions.

Get a Job

Universities aren’t just interested in what you’ve done with school. They also want to see that you are well-rounded. Get a job can help you develop skills that will make it easier for you to succeed in college. For example, if you know you want to go into medicine, get certified as Nursing Assistant or a Respiratory Therapist. Additionally, getting a job now means that you can start saving money for college. It’s not a cheap situation, so the earlier you start saving, the better. 

Increasing your odds of getting into your desired college is important. After all, this decision is one that can significantly affect your future. So do your research both on the potential career path you want to take, and which school you think would be the best avenue to get you there. Once you know what you want, you can start working to achieve it.



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