The Best Memes of 2016

The Best Memes of 2016
The Best Memes of 2016
The Presidential election, record heatwaves, dearly loved celebrities dying left and right, and those were just a few of the things that made 2016 such an incredible, dumpster fire of a year. At least it left us with these top ten memes of 2016.

10. Left Shark
Oh Left Shark, you were so long ago, it doesn’t even seem like you should count in 2016, does it? Nevertheless, Katy Perry’s Left Shark who didn’t know what was going on during the Superbowl. XLIX Halftime Show was 2016’s first big meme, and probably one of the funniest.

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9. Miley, What’s Good?
Another blast from early 2016, after Miley Cyrus was quote in the New York Times saying, “What I read sounded very Nicki Minaj, which, if you know Nicki Minaj is not too kind. It’s not very polite.” Nicki responded with this endlessly useful phrase, “Now, back to this bitch who’s had a lot to say about me in the press. What’s good Miley?”


8.Crying Jordan

This was the year that Crying Jordan reached its height. Both the original photographer and Michael Jordan himself have spoken about the meme, that is largely used to show extreme devastation, particularly in sports. Crying LeBron takes a close second.

7. Sad Ben Affleck
2016 was a sad year, and Sad Ben Affleck was everywhere. Originally from an interview where it seemed he suddenly realized “Batman vs. Superman” was a steaming pile of crap that no one wanted to see, Ben’s dropping face was used everywhere that Crying Jordan wasn’t appropriate for.

6. Obama + Biden Bromance
President Obama and Vice-President Biden truly have a bromance for the ages. In the closing months of 2016 as we all counted down to the installation of President Cheeto the Obama Biden bromance memes came fast and furious. Many show Uncle Joe trying to get Obama to go along with a practical joke on the incoming president, while others depict Biden sad that Obama is going forward without. These memes were hilarious, but they gave us all the feels at the same time.

5. Tea Lizard
This one is kind of a two for one. The original Kermit the Frog sipping tea meme is used to indicate, “That’s none of my business, but also you’re totally wrong.” When ABC’s Good Morning America erroneously referred to Kermit as “tea lizard” the internet blew up, making the hashtag #tealizard forever burned in our brains.

4.Me to Me
This is another meme featuring Kermit. In the meme, he appears to be facing himself in the mirror, but the mirror image wears a hood, much like the hood of The Emperor in the Star Wars films. The good Kermit typically suggests doing the right thing, while evil Kermit suggests doing the wrong thing in an exaggerated way. One of our favorites is:
Me: So tired, can’t wait to go to bed.
Me to Me: Pick up your phone

3.Bernie or Hillary
As election season started to heat up, the Bernie or Hillary meme popped up everywhere. A poster showing both the candidates faces, with a topic at the top, each candidate answers in kind. As you would expect, Bernie typically gives a laid back answer such as offering his answers when the topic is “homework” or saying “I love the little guys!” when the topic is “lizards.” Hillary, however, is always depicted as a by the book rule follower, responding only with the page number of the questions for the homework topic, or simply saying, “No” in response to lizards. This one gained so much traction because it could be used for simply any purpose, and each candidates answer was always readily apparent.

2. Netflix and Chill
Netflix and Chill has been around for awhile, and it doesn’t have a specific image associated with it, but it really blew up in 2016. Netflix and Chill is, of course, slang for come on over for some sexual activity.

1.Me at the Beginning of 2016
Nothing sums up the horror of 2016 like the Me at the beginning of 2016 versus Me at the end of 2016 meme. This is often Luke from Episode III of Star Wars versus Luke as shown at the end of The Force Awakens. Its popularity was surely due to the fact that we were all a bit of a mess by the time this dumpster fire of a year was over.


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