Are Landlines Obsolete?

behold the obsolete landline

Approximately 100 million people in America today still have landlines. However, that number is rapidly diminishing. In 2006, only 10.5 percent of homes did not have a landline. Today, 32 to 45 percent of households do not have a landline. That means that the number of people who have landlines has decreased by 55 percent within the past 10 years.

While many still use landlines, the technology is slowly becoming obsolete. In fact, experts speculate that landlines will completely be obsolete within the next 10 years. This decline in popularity can be attributed to the following reasons.

Landlines Are Unnecessary

Landlines were considered a necessity before cell phones became popular. Today, cell phones have replaced them as the main mode of communication. With more people using cell phones than landlines, it’s only a matter of time before lack of demand removes landlines from the market.

Cell Phones Do More with Less

Cell phones are still primarily communication devices, but they provide several methods of communication. You can communicate with people via text, email, and social media. You can surf the Internet. You can use an ADT cellular system or similar to control your home security. And you can play tons of time-wasting games! For these reasons, keeping a landline may feel more like an aesthetic choice than a practical one.

Landlines Are Expensive

When you’re already paying a monthly cell phone bill, why add to the expense with a landline? Not only can people communicate via cell phone, but they can also use Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime. It is free to use those services. Most people today who have house phones have them included in a bundle plan. The cost of getting a landline is on the rise in many areas—another reason that many simply choose to go without.

Landlines Are Inconvenient

We live in a time where convenience is king. If you have a landline, then the only place where you can use it is in your home or building. However a cell phone allows you to communicate just about anywhere. It is also more practical for increasingly mobile career men and women to communicate using a cell phone.

Although landlines are not dead yet, they will be soon. And why not? Cell phones do everything that landlines can do, and much, much more—while saving money, to boot. So prepare your farewells, friends; this technology will soon be joining the typewriter and Walkman as a modern relic.


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