The NFL and NBA Lead Pro-Sports in Most Arrested Players

The NFL and NBA Lead Pro-Sports in Most Arrested Players

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Among the professional sports leagues, the National Football League (NFL) and the National Basketball Association (NBA) lead the leagues in most players who have been arrested. It is possible to determine this by simply looking at the number of arrests as a mathematical equation.

Let’s See the Numbers took some of the statistics and crunched the numbers to figure out which leagues had the most arrested players. They used the number of arrests and compared it to a hypothetical population of 100,000 players to help reduce variance. Doing this, they found out that the NFL led all leagues with 2,466 arrests per 100,000. That was followed by the NBA which had 2,157 arrests per 100,000.

What’s Going On?

These figures point to a real problem with the law when it comes to the major sports leagues. Obviously, there are a lot of things that one could blame these factors on. It is entirely possible that the leagues have not done enough to dissuade their players from criminal behavior. There is also the issue of wealthy and famous players simply feeling that they are above the law. It could happen in any industry in which a group of people have a lot of wealth and power. When you view it through that lens, perhaps it is a little surprising that more players are not constantly getting in trouble.

Most Common Offenses

One of the critical issues with the leagues and their players is the issue of domestic abuse. It is one of the most common crimes that players are arrested for. Other issues that they run into include criminal drug use and possession, DUIs, and gun crimes. These are all issues that the general public also has some issues with, but they are particularly prevalent in the professional sports leagues.

There have been some high-profile cases in the leagues in recent years regarding murders and rapes. These are the exceptions to the rule so to speak (most crimes are a lot more minor than that), but they help shine the spotlight on the crime problem in sports.

Moving Forward

It is vital that people understand that money and fame do not necessarily make a person less likely to commit a crime. Some believe that having that much money would make a person more careful about the choices they make, but that is not necessarily true. In some cases, it may actually be the opposite. Considering all of this, the leagues definitely have a lot of work to do to get things straightened out internally.


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