5 Tips for Appearing Confident in the Face of a Stressful Situation


Stress is something that goes along with almost every job, and it’s always important that you know how to properly handle stressful situations in order to be truly successful. Unfortunately, stress can make even the best of us suffer from the occasional lack of confidence, which has the potential to have damaging consequences for the way that your co-workers, employers and clients see you. For this reason, it is essential that you know how to continue to appear confident in the face of stress.

Keep a Positive Outlook

Being overly negative and hard on yourself or others is a tell-tale sign of stress and often indicates a lack of confidence. The last thing you’ll want to do in a stressful situation is let those around you know how much the stress is getting to you. This means that even if you’re feeling overly pessimistic and negative on the inside, you’ll want to try your best to not let your outward demeanor reflect your inner worries and emotions.

Even if you’re unsure about what you’re doing or not fully confident in your own abilities, trying to stay positive throughout a stressful situation will help to hide those inner thoughts. In this way, you’ll be able to appear more confident and give those around you a sense that you know exactly what you doing even if you really have no idea.

Use Humor to Lighten the Mood

Humor can be one of the most effective weapons for lightening the mood. However, cracking the occasional joke does much more than simply helping to at least temporarily take the focus off of a stressful situation. Studies have shown that laughter causes the body to release certain chemicals that help to calm you down and alleviate stress and anxiety. Furthermore, laughing and making jokes in the face of a stressful situation also makes it seem like you’re fully calm and in control of the situation. Even if this isn’t the case and you’re actually terrified, humor can still be one of the best tools for giving you an outward appearance of confidence.

Don’t Sweat the Situation (Literally)

Everyone knows how much the body can start to sweat when faced with stress, which means that sweating excessively is a sure sign that you’re letting the stress get to you. For this reason, it’s important to do whatever you can to make sure that you don’t start sweating through your shirt or getting giant pit stains. Unfortunately, even if you are actually confident despite the stressful situation, excessive sweating will still make those around you’re suffering from a lack of confidence.

For some people, antiperspirants are usually enough to prevent the problem of excessive sweating. However, if this still isn’t enough for you, you might want to consider wearing some type of undershirt designed to wick sweat and moisture away from the body. Products like UnderFit will not only help to prevent the sweat from soaking through your shirt, but they are also specially designed to be extra-breathable and thus help to keep your body temperature cooler. In this way, you can ensure that excessive sweating doesn’t make you appear less confident.

Be Mentally Prepared

One of the biggest keys to staying calm and confident under stress is to know how to deal with stressful situations in the first place. Breathing and relaxation exercises can both be helpful in quickly lowering your stress levels and thus increasing your confidence. Similarly, there are also numerous brain puzzles, games and training exercises that can help to improve your mental flexibility as well as your multi-tasking and problem-solving abilities. By taking the time to train your brain and learning methods to quickly decrease your stress levels, you’ll give yourself a far better chance of remaining confident whenever stress does strike.

Ask for Advice and Help

Lack of confidence and stress tend to do funny things to the way a person thinks and acts. While you would think a stressed-out, not confident person would be more prone to asking for help and advice, the opposite is usually true. Most people are too afraid to admit when they’re overwhelmed and stressed out, which means that they attempt to take everything on their own shoulders even if they have no idea what they’re doing.

The problem is that asking for help or admitting that you’re overwhelmed will be seen as a weakness. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. By admitting that you’re overwhelmed and asking for help, you’ll actually make yourself seem more confident and more of a team player. No one can do everything, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help when it’s needed. A truly self confident person knows the limits of their abilities and therefore knows when to ask for help.

Remaining calm and confident under stress is one of the things that separate successful business people from not so successful. In this sense, learning how to properly manage stress and not let it affect your confidence level is surely one of the best things you can do to ensure you have a bright future. It doesn’t really matter what method you use to boost your confidence. All that matters is that you appear confident and never let it show that the stress is getting to you.


The Internet’s Funniest Lawyer Jokes

funny lawyer jokes

Lawyer jokes are nothing new. About 2,500 years ago, Aristophanes wrote The Wasp, a satirical play poking fun at the legal profession. [1] Since then, there has been no shortage of lawyer jokes – and no one knows and tells more lawyer jokes than a lawyer.

Good and Bad News From a Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal defense lawyer tells his client, “There’s good news and bad news. Which do you want first?”

The client replies, “Tell me the bad news first.”

“Well,” the lawyer answers, “The police report says your blood is a match for the DNA found at the murder scene.”

The client curses loudly and growls, “OK, so what’s the good news?”

“Congratulations!” the lawyer replied. “Your cholesterol has gone down to 140.” [2]

Billing Practices – The Doctor and the Lawyer

A doctor and a lawyer were talking at a party, but were constantly interrupted by people asking the doctor for free medical advice for their ailments. No one asked the lawyer for legal advice.

Eventually, the doctor turned to the lawyer and asked, “What have you done to prevent people from coming up to you to ask for free legal advice?” The lawyer had a quick answer, “I give them my legal opinion and then I send them a bill.”

The doctor decided it was worth trying. Even though he felt somewhat guilty, he prepared bills for all the people he’d given free medical advice to at the party. When the doctor carried the bills out to his mailbox, he opened it and found a bill from the lawyer.

Short and Not-So-Sweet

What do lawyers and nuclear bombs have in common?

As soon as one side gets one, the other side needs one too.

When they get started, you can’t call them back.

Once they’re done, everything is messed up forever.

How are lawyers and sperm the same?

Out of 3 million, one might become a human being.

What should you yell out if you see 20 lawyers parachuting from a plane?


Santa Claus, a leprechaun, a staggering drunk and an honest lawyer spot a hundred dollar bill while walking down the street. Who keeps the money?

The drunk, naturally. All the others are mythical creatures. [3]

People look at lawyers and politicians in much the same way. You might hate all the others, but you love your own. When a criminal defense lawyer is all that stands between you and prison, your lawyer is your new best friend.

To get in touch with a real lawyer, reach out to Khonsari Law Group.



[1] Aristophanes – The Wasps

[2] Good News and Bad News

[3] Lawyer Humor


5 Ways Your Company Can Avoid Financial Disaster


Whether you’re a startup business or are a seasoned entrepreneur, it is imperative that you do everything in your power to avoid a financial disaster. This helps to prevent you from losing a catastrophic amount of cash, which can send both you and your business down into a financial hole. These five ideas will help you to avoid this problem altogether and gain the success that you need to stay afloat.

Plan Ahead

The key to a successful company is to properly plan ahead. You need to know what the company is going to offer and how much money you’ll need to invest into it to make it happen. If need be, you’ll have to take out a business loan, but you should only take out as much as you’ll need.

Hire an Attorney

If you’re currently dealing with a financial crisis, it’s time to hire a bankruptcy attorney to help out with your financial assets. This type of lawyer is there to settle your debts and prevent you from losing your entire business because of delinquencies. Be sure to contact a local attorney to find out how they can work for you.

Budget Assets

You should always run a business on a strict budget. Make sure that you have separate budgets for each department, and be sure to keep the budgeting for one week to one month. This will help you to stay in line when it comes to spending and replenishing supplies.

Branch Out

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket when trying to run a business. For instance, if you only offer one type of service, you need to make sure that you’re reaching enough of an audience to get recognized. You should also consider going with a marketing firm or agency so that you can get the word out that you’re in business.

Have a Savings Fund and Insurance

You should always have a savings fund in case of a financial emergency. You should also have insurance on your company to prevent a lawsuit from being the ruin of your brand. Insurance can oftentimes be expensive, but it is well worth it considering what it offers to you.

When you properly run your company, there should be very little chance of hitting a slump financially. By planning ahead and making sure that you have insurance, you’re well on your way to being a successful business owner.


7 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting Your Business


Starting your own business can be quite an exciting venture. You get a chance to exercise your creativity and create your own path in a way that no other job will. However, even with the freedom and ability to make your own way that this venture provides, hundreds of businesses fail each year. Starting up a brand-new business is also hard work, and there are some crucial things that you must do to avoid becoming another start-up that flops within the first couple years. While some of these things may seem common sense, they have proven to be the things that trip up more businesses than almost anything else.

Having a Boring Name

The name of your business is the first thing that customers will use to form their opinion of you. Nothing is worse than having a name that is misleading or that is boring. It’s okay to have a name that is descriptive, but a catchy name is even better. When coming up with a name for your business, spend some time researching the different naming patterns that other businesses have used. This will also help you avoid trying to use the name of another business. You can use imagery, common sayings, puns, or synonyms to spice up the name of your business as well.

Picking the Wrong Business Entity

While there are advantages and disadvantages to each business entity, there will likely be one that works the best for you and your company. Take time to do your research on each of these structures and review the pros and cons of each of them. You may also want to talk to a legal advisor to gain a clearer understanding of how different things will affect your business. For example, a sole proprietorship might seem like a low maintenance option now but as your business grows, it can limit you. While it is possible to change your business entity, it can be costly and time-consuming. It is best to make sure to choose the right one from the start, especially as this will have an impact on your taxes.

Not Being Flexible

In business, as in life, things change constantly. Refusing to adapt to these changes can be very harmful to a company, especially a startup. When you enter a new industry, you may not be aware of everything that you are going to have to deal with. As you gain new customers, you are going to face new challenges is catering to them. In order to not fail, you need to have some flexibility in your methods. Be willing to alter your ideas based on the feedback you are receiving and know when you need to stand your ground. Don’t discount a potentially lucrative opportunity just because it was not in your original plan or you don’t think you currently have the resources to handle it. Be willing to step outside your box and try new things.

Not Being Aware

It is important to be aware of the areas that you are strong in, but it is more important to be aware of your weaknesses and to have a plan to compensate for that. Failing to recognize your weaknesses or failing to adequately compensate for them is one of the biggest risks for your business. It can be very helpful to hire people who excel in the areas that you struggle with. No company can have everything run by one person. You should also take into account your personality and how that will affect your ability to run your business. You may enjoy the process of running the company but find it hard to deal with clients. You will want to make sure that you come up with a way to deal with this or find someone who can handle your client interactions.

Being a Perfectionist

There is a difference between being detailed oriented and being a perfectionist. Of course, you want your new business to be as great as it can be, but your perfectionism can cause more problems than it will solve. The more you nitpick at your product or service, the longer it will take to launch. Not only will this cause you to lose money, but also increases the likelihood that another company will snag your idea. If you work in a highly competitive industry, it is always best to get your product out there quickly. Once you launch, your company will be given a real-world test. You can easily determine what is working and what is not. After all, the point is not to start out your business perfectly, it is to always be improving.

Neglecting Marketing

No matter how great your product or service is, you cannot expect people to find it on their own. By not investing the energy and money into proper marketing, you are doing your business a disservice. With so many businesses out there today, yours can easily get lost in today’s overcrowded market. You must make a real effort to get your product into the hands of the consumers. Remember, a bad product that is marketed well will always do better than a great product marketed badly.

However, as a small business owner in today’s digital world, you are incredibly lucky as there are many opportunities for cheap and even free marketing. With the social media, web content, and SEO, there are plenty of tools readily available to you. If you are not knowledgeable this area, however, it may be a good idea to hire someone who has experience in SEO to handle all of this.


Let’s be honest, there are a million money mistakes you can make when first starting up your business. However, two of the most common money mistakes are not saving enough money or mixing personal and business finances.

Failing to save money before launching your company is a frequent problem for new business owners. Though you may have your business plan all laid out and you intend to be turning a profit soon, it can take a long time before your business becomes profitable. A very limited number of small businesses make a lot of money right away. Additionally, if you are leaving a full-time job to create your company, you can expect to make considerably less than your current salary. To do what is best for you, your business, and your family, try to save up as much money as possible before you leave your current position.

You also want to avoid combining your personal and business finances. Be sure to open a new business bank account so you can keep your finances separate. This way, you won’t get into any trouble come tax time. You will also avoid having your personal savings spent on business expenses. Many people think they can combine their finances and carefully track everything. However, this most often ends badly. Avoid an audit all together and create a business bank account.

Wrapping Up

While it may seem overwhelming to try and avoid all of the mistakes that can come with starting a business, don’t be afraid to try. Surrounding yourself with the proper resources, looking ahead, and doing everything that you can to prepare yourself will put you in the proper position to enjoy starting something new. After all, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

5 Ways to Increase Pay Without Switching Jobs


So you have a great job that you really enjoy. The problem is that you could use some extra cash or even a permanent increase in pay. What you need is a way to keep your current job, while at the same time earning more money. Here are 5 possibilities that might help.

Work more hours

If you are an hourly employee, one of the most obvious ways to increase the amount of your paycheck is to take on additional hours. If you’re a full-time employee, this also usually means overtime pay. Many employers compensate employees who are willing to work more than 40 hours per week by offering an increased rate of pay for those hours. Most often, it will be either time and a half or double time. Even a few overtime hours can make a huge difference in your paycheck.

Take on added responsibility

In today’s modern workplace, employers look for people who are able to multitask. If you are skilled in many areas that your company requires, you may be able to put those skills to work to increase your paycheck. This is especially true if your current position is not overly taxing or strenuous. You could talk to your employer about giving you additional work responsibilities for an increase in pay. One point in your favor is that by adding additional responsibilities to your current position, your employer does not have to hire an additional worker to take them on. Furthermore, asking for more responsibility in exchange for a fair increase in pay shows your employer that you have initiative and drive and can help you stick out if promotions or pay raises come up in the future.

Consider changing shifts

Many companies offer an incentive to employees willing to work second or third shift. Although the pay differential may not be a huge amount per hour, those cents add up. If your personal schedule allows, you might want to give another shift in your current position a try. Remember, when switching hours, that your body can take some time to get accustomed to the new routine. So give yourself time, and try not to overbook yourself during the transition period. Changing shifts can not only increase your pay, but can also allow you to get to know new and different co-workers as well.

Further your education

A willingness to continue your education is another good indicator to your employer that you are determined to be successful. You could take continuing education classes, or you could go back to school to get your degree. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, you could check out master’s degree programs to continue your education even further. Some companies offer education reimbursement, and some offer pay raise incentives to employees who are willing to advance their knowledge. Check with your employer to find out their policy on education and talk to them about any further education plans you have.

Work holidays

One of the most unpopular times to work is on a holiday. However, many families hold festivities before or after the actual days which might make you available to work. If this is the case, most companies offer higher pay rates to individuals willing to work on holidays. This extra money can be a great incentive to work. Family time is important, but if your schedule permits it, holidays are a great option for a little increase on your paycheck.

Everyone can use an influx of cash now and then, and employers want hard working, dedicated, self-motivated people to be a part of their teams. If you use any of these methods to increase your pay, then you and your employer both win.


Skincare For Men

Skincare For Men
Skincare For Men

Guys, listen up. Or, if you are a woman reading this, pay attention for your man! There is a ridiculous belief that taking care of your skin is just something women should do. Perhaps these people believe that moisturizers remove both masculinity and wrinkles? Whatever the reason, it’s time to change this and start taking care of the largest bodily organ: your skin.


The Importance of Protection

Check out this image of a man who drove trucks across the country his whole life and never wore sunscreen, never moisturized or treated his skin (you can read the story here). The half of his face that was on the passenger side of the vehicle had minimal wrinkles, great color and few sun spots. The side closest to the window, however, was a drastically different story. It appeared to be the face and skin of a 300 year old man. He had massive wrinkles, severe discoloration and lots of loose, dropping skin everywhere. It looked unhealthy…almost sickening.

This illustrates, clearly, what happens later on down the road if we continue to not take skin health seriously.

I for one used to be one of those guys who thought it was too feminine to wash my face with fancy products, apply sunscreen, moisturizer and lotions daily. I thought washing my face in the shower was good enough and if I wanted to go the extra mile maybe using aftershave. Now, you won’t catch me walking out the door unless I’ve applied my moisturizing sunscreen.


Making The Switch

You may be wondering how I made the switch. Well, it started a while ago when reading in the popular men’s magazines Men’s Health and GQ. Both happened to be running their annual men’s grooming awards for that particular year. Each highlighted the best of the best in products for hairstyling, shaving, perfumery, and skincare. I had expected to see the usual stuff for hairstyles and colognes, but the skin care section threw me off. Men’s magazines are typically known for emphasizing taking great care and pride in at least smelling good and having a decent haircut so seeing this other section made me realize I was falling behind.


The Results

I chose to invest in one of their top recommended products and see what happened. I was honestly floored that I felt as big of a difference in as little time as I did. Using just one moisturizing product combined with washing my face led to my skin feeling softer, less oily, more taunt and even getting a compliment that I looked great. Where had this secret magic potion that made me look better and feel more confident been all my life?

This led me to investigating the best skin care lines for men and the best skin care regimens for men. I quickly realized that I had a very limited knowledge of the skin care world, especially when it came to skincare for men.

To save you the time from tireless researching the same material, here are six steps I found and have introduced into my daily routine.

  1. Wash that face.
    We’ve all seen the commercials showing a woman at her bathroom sink splashing water slo-mo all over her face…and entire bathroom. What a joke. Invest in a facial scrubber. They actually cleanse your skin and pores whereas a big splash of water doesn’t really do anything. There are some scrubbers made specifically for men. Make sure to use a great cleanser too. You can head to the beauty section of your local big box store or visit retailers such as Macy’s or Nordstrom’s. I lean towards the latter as I know they carry better quality products and someone who knows waaay more than me can point me int he right direction.
  2. SPF and Moisturize
    Gone are the days of your skin being naked for the sun to kill it. Use sunscreen. Yeah you won’t get a tan right away but you also are keeping cancer at bay. There are other, far healthier ways to even out that farmer’s tan look without putting yourself at risk for skin cancer. I currently use an SPF 110 with built in moisturizer. It works great and only costs $10. It is worth it to spend $10 every couple months to prevent skin cancer. If you are older than 30, I would suggest purchasing moisturizers that contain anti-aging properties. There are two types of damaging rays from the sun, and no, that cheap sunblock you have been using does not block both. In terms of SPF, ensure that you get a Zinc oxide based SPF as it will block both UVA and UVB rays. Both of these products will become close friends to you as you should be applying them each morning before you leave home to start your day.
  3. Eye Cream
    This will be another new product to learn, but invest in a worthwhile eye cream. They can be confusing to shop for and understand, but they are effective. I look for eye creams that have antioxidants,moisturizing and hydrating properties. With any skincare product, there is no one right product for you. Try one and if you are not satisfied or think there is a better solution, keep trying. There are plenty of choices out there.
  4. Nightly Routine
    Let’s fast forward to the end of the day once you are back home after a long day or work, play or traveling. Now it is time to do a deep clean on your face to get out all of the dirt, bacteria and grime that have collected on your skin. Think about how oily and sweaty your face can get during the day. That oil and sweat will easily trap pollutants and garbage from the air, and over the course of the day, that will all get trapped in your pores. To deep clean, you can either use your face scrubber and cleanser again or periodically use a face peel to pull all of that garbage off your face. Hear me out on this. You will undoubtedly feel silly and possibly embarrassed when you first do this, but trust me when I say it makes a very, very big difference.
  5. Serum
    Once you have cleansed your face of all the pollutants from the day, work on applying a face and eye serum. One of the key ingredients you want to look for in these products is Retinol. You can pick these products up at a big box retailer or a beauty counter. Similar to the other products, you will have better luck finding a quality product at a beauty counter. They often go by the names of anti-wrinkle serum or anti-wrinkle eye cream, or simply serum and eye-cream. Many guys wonder why they can’t just put this all on in the morning and be done with it. It goes on at night after cleaning your face so that while you are resting, in clean air, the products go to work repairing and putting up new protective barriers for the next day.
  6. Moisturize
    Lastly, you want to apply the very same moisturizer and eye cream from your morning routine on top of the serum and eye cream you just put on. Yes, that is a lot of product. It really doesn’t feel like it though. Once you have done this routine a few times it will feel like second nature and add a maximum of 2-3 minutes to your prep time in the morning and at night.


After I read all of this the first time I felt like I had just been sprayed with a fire hose of information for hours on end. I was left wondering what products lines were the best, how much I should plan on spending, etc. I spent a lot of time and money trying skin care products you can buy at Wal-Mart to skin are products that are kept on the DL and used by celebrities and TV hosts. The truth is, yes, those higher end products are great, but there are some products in the middle of the spectrum that for me, did just as great a job, if not better.

I stumbled upon the Fleuresse skincare line while doing further research online regarding my constant questions of what is the best skin care product for men. The Fleuresse skin care system offers a full line of products, offering me everything I needed to complete the skin care routine outlined above. They offer a cleanser, serum, day cream, night cream and eye cream.

Comparatively, the Fleuresse line is relatively new to the skincare world. It was developed by scientists and board certified dermatologists from the health and wellness company, Kyani – a company focused on engaging in a healthy lifestyle. Beyond just offering skin care, though, they also offer incredible health and wellness products.

I ordered a line of their product and after weeks of using it am confident it is the best men’s skincare system I have ever used. I wondered what set it apart from the vast majority of other skin care products, though. Some quick reading confirmed that their line of skincare products contain plant stem cells from a very rare variety of Swiss Apple.

The plant stem cells work to speed up the recovery process and boost the performance of the skin cells multiplying and rejuvenating your skin. The cells in this apple were able to keep the apple fresh from spoiling for days and weeks longer than other apples.

Not only is this skin care system a legitimate skin care system for men and women, but it is a fair and underestimated competitor to higher priced and seemingly prestigious skin care lines. Follow the daily six steps to healthier skin using the products I have suggested and you, without fail, have healthier skin, notice that healthier skin and definitely feel the difference of living with healthier skin!

How Does Oral Hygiene Affect Your Overall Health?


Caring for your teeth should be an important part of your daily hygiene routine. Not only do people focus on how your teeth look when you are talking or smiling, your oral health can affect many different areas of your overall health. It is important not to neglect your teeth, so you don’t have to deal with the consequences of not practicing good oral hygiene.

Strong Teeth

Keeping your teeth themselves strong and healthy is vital. When you do not, it can make it difficult to eat, and it can cause immense amounts of pain. Less severe reactions can include sensitive teeth, which makes enjoying any food that isn’t room temperature very painful. You should brush at least twice a day to remove food particles debris and prevents plaque buildup. Flossing can reach tiny food particles between the teeth and below the gumline.

Healthy Gums

Not only does oral hygiene affect your teeth, it affects your gums. When brushing, you should make sure that you pay attention to your gums, both front and back. Progressive diseases like gingivitis and periodontal disease can weaken gum tissue, causing it to recede or become inflamed. Afflicted gums will bleed and may become sore when brushing. Weakened gums can eventually cause teeth to loosen, leading to tooth shifting or loss, which can require an expensive repair or replacement procedure. If you notice any of these signs, you should see a dentist quickly to prevent any further damage to your gums.

Clean Breath

Fresh breath makes a person feel better and encourages interaction with others. Regular brushing and flossing, along with using a dentist-recommended mouthwash, can prevent the buildup of bacteria that causes bad breath and remove any food that may be caught in your mouth. If you smoke, drink coffee, or drink alcohol, make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly afterward, as these substances have all been shown to have a negative effect on your mouth. If you continue to have bad breath, consider having your tonsils checked out. You may have tonsil stones, which can cause bad breath even if you are regularly brushing and flossing.

Overall Wellness

According to the Mayo Clinic, your oral health can play a fairly significant role in keeping you healthy overall. When your mouth is healthy, the defenses that your body employs to prevent viruses and bacteria from entering the body can operate properly. Additionally, when your teeth or gums hurt, it often causes ear pain or severe headaches, impacting your ability to function.

Oral hygiene may seem like a nuisance at times, and it may be inconvenient at times, it is necessary to make a daily effort to keep your mouth healthy. The results are worth the effort. Strong teeth, healthy gums, and a clean mouth make a person more healthy and confident.

Popular Health Myths You Should Stop Believing Now

frog on toilet

Personal health is important to most people, but thanks to the internet and social media, some misconceptions get out of hand. There’s a wealth of health myths out there, many accepted as common knowledge. You don’t need a medical degree to know the difference between fact and fiction, so read on to learn about some of the most common fabrications.

“You need eight ounces of water a day.”

In reality, you should drink so you aren’t thirsty. You get water from other sources throughout the day, like water-rich fruits and other types of beverage, so a few glasses is usually enough. If you have frequent headaches, feel tired, have dark urine, or have trouble eliminating, then you might need to grab an extra glass or two.

“Being cold will make you sick.”

This can also come in the form of wet hair supposedly making you sick, but neither is true. Bacteria and viruses make you sick, not the temperature or weather condition; you get sick by making contact. Activity in cold weather may actually help fight off sickness, since your body’s immune system works harder in response to it.

“Cracking your knuckles gives you arthritis.”

Cracking your joints doesn’t damage them, but rather sends air through them. This is harmless, and while the chance of arthritis naturally increases as we age, cracking your knuckles has no connection. However, if your knuckles hurt when you crack them, you may want to see your doctor.

“Toilet seats spread diseases.”

It’s your hands that do most disease-spreading, particularly when you touch restroom handles or the floor. The seats themselves tend to be cleaner and don’t harbor many bacteria for long. Just to be safe, though, wash and sanitize your hands before leaving the restroom.

“Gluten-free diets shed pounds.”

The only people who need a gluten-free diet are those who have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, who compose approximately 1% of the population. People who assume the diet without these concerns are generally cutting other foods as well, hence the change in weight.

These are just some of the popular myths; more are out there. You can’t know everything, whether or not you have an education in healthcare, but brushing up on falsehoods nonetheless can help you steer clear of potentially harmful “advice.” Take some time to consider questionable health advice and do some reading to discover the truth for yourself.


4 Best Places to Take a Motorcycle Trip


There is no better way to experience nature and geographical diversity than with a motorcycle tour. Imagine the feeling of a motorcycle ride enhanced by the beauty of your surroundings. Following are four great rides that will thrill the motorcycle rider with much more than that feeling of freedom on the open road.

Beartooth Highway, Montana and Wyoming

If you love hairpin turns and switchbacks, take this stretch of Highway 212. The 68-mile ride begins at Red Lodge, Montana. The entire National Scenic Byway is similar to a roller coaster ride as it ascends up through Beartooth Pass at almost 11,000 feet. The entire route zigzags through Custer and the Shoshone National Forests before ending at the northern gateway to Yellowstone National Park in Cooke City. Alpine meadows and lakes reflecting snow-capped summits create a spectacular backdrop for this ride. Be aware that it is closed October through May due to heavy snowfalls.

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina and Virginia

The Blue Ridge Parkway is an iconic route for the motorcyclist. It runs through the gorgeous Great Smoky Mountains on smooth well-maintained roads with sweeping curves and spectacular scenery. The 45-mile-per hour speed limit is strictly enforced helping to ensure a great chance to view the scenery. Consider riding longer and take the 105-mile-long Skyline Drive through the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. This entire ride will take about two days.

Coastal Route One, Maine

For the ultimate coastal ride, choose this section of US Route 1 in Maine from Brunswick to Machias. The smell of the ocean drifts in the wind as you ride this 167-mile stretch through quaint seaside villages and past historic lighthouses. Trade the hairpin turns for scenic detours as you stop in towns along the way. However, you will have some open sections of highway for high-speed sweeping curves. Watch out for moose around the bend to avoid a possible motorcycle accident. Make this a spring or autumn ride and avoid the summer bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Pacific Coast Highway, Carmel to Morro Bay, California

For an unparalleled scenic roadway full of thrilling curves, zip through the Big Sur section of the California Coastal Highway. On this cliff-hugging stretch, you will experience seal-dotted beaches and forests of towering redwoods. The 120-mile stretch is a part of the Pacific Coast Highway from Malibu to the Oregon Border. Dress warmly even in the summer months. Hint: book a visit to Hearst Castle in advance.

With so many beautiful views to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect route for you. Make sure you check road conditions and weather before you decide to go though. The Rybak Firm lists road defects as one of the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents and nothing could ruin your trip more. No matter what you decide, all of these highways along with others will deliver a great riding experience. The thrill of freedom on the open road is always best with up close spectacular views.

5 Ways to Protect My Weapons During Travel


Travel is rough on firearms and the licenses that you need to carry them. Even a few pumps in the road can move components out of alignment in some weapons, while severe traveling conditions or simply dropping a weapon can lead to worse damage. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to protect weapons during transit.

Hard Cases

Hard cases are the best option in most cases. They consist of an outer plastic shell with a soft, inner lining that cushions the gun and keeps it safe. A portion of the lining will be cut out to make space for the gun, so it’s important to make sure that each weapon can fit in its case before you start packing for your trip. Many cases will also have an extra space for documents, and they can be laid on top of the gun to keep them safe in cases that do not. This will keep them just as secure as the firearm.

Soft Cases

A soft case will offer less protection than a hard one, but it will also be less bulky, lighter, and easier to maneuver. That makes it a valuable option for environments where the risk of damage is low, but the gun still needs some protection. Use them under those circumstances, but avoid them if you need heavy protection.

Careful Wrapping

You can also protect a gun by thoroughly wrapping it in bubble wrap or another padded material. This isn’t ideal, but it is significantly better than nothing, and it will protect against many common sources of damage. Consider this option if you don’t have a case available for your weapon and you don’t need to keep any documents with it.

Transport in Sections

It is often best to disassemble a firearm prior to transporting it. The smaller pieces will be more compact and easier to fit in a small space than an assembled weapon. This is especially important if you are only wrapping your weapon, since it will allow better coverage. That having been said, there are many hard cases that can accept a disassembled weapon, and it’s best to use one of them for extra protection.

Keep Ammo Separate

It’s best to keep ammo in a separate container from the gun when traveling. It is often required by law, but it does have practical benefits. Doing so ensures that none of the cartridges get loose and scratch the exterior of the gun. It also ensures that damaged cartridges won’t leak powder into the gun and cause an accident.