Lifted Trucks May Pose a Greater Threat to Your Safety


.A typical vehicle on the road can end up in an accident at any moment. It is a risk that is terrifying to many of us, but we accept that risk to commute to where we need to go. Still, most of us would not willingly take additional risk unnecessarily while we are out on the roads. Unfortunately, that is precisely what some people do when they have a lifted truck.

No legitimate travel purpose to having a lifted truck

Those who do have them only do so as a fashion statement of sorts about themselves. They want others to notice them in their vehicle, and having a truck that is lifted high up off the ground is indeed one way to do that. However, you should contact an attorney if injured by or in one of these death traps.

More than one way lifted trucks cause injuries

This critical source says that there are more than a few ways to get injured while in or near a lifted truck. For one thing, consider the fact that you can easily not be seen by someone who is in an elevated truck, mainly if you are driving around in a smaller vehicle. This is something that a lot of people have to put up with on a regular basis.

Risk of injury when riding in lifted truck

It is not just near a lifted truck that could cause you to end up hurt by one though. It is possible to get hurt even just riding in a lifted truck. The way that this might happen would be if you were in an accident while in a lifted truck. Your head is too close to the roof and cylinders that are in the vehicle. You notice as soon as you step in the lifted truck that your head is already dangerously close to that roof. That is never something that you want to have to deal with. However, it is something you have to face if you choose to ride in that kind of vehicle.

The engines and other parts that go into lifted trucks are often loud and not all that efficient. Their volume is yet another distraction to a driver. That means it is one more thing that could lead to a lifted truck being the source of an accident. Think about that as you consider what type of vehicle might be right for you to either ride in or even be near you on the way.


5 Ways You Can Protect Your Home from Natural Disasters


Constructing or building a new home is a huge investment. It’s often the biggest most people make in their lifetimes. Once you acquire a home, there is always the possibility of natural disasters and general wear and tear you’ll have to maintenance. Most disasters are known to be devastating and may lead to destruction of property, serious injuries, or even fatalities in extreme cases. This is why you should take measures to ensure your property is protected from all natural disasters.

Get the Right Insurance Coverage

While natural disasters will increase with climate change, it is still not possible to predict their occurrence with certainty. If you want to protect your home from the damage and distress they bring, you should get the right insurance coverage. Talking to insurance agents and doing research on your area will help you settle on the policy that fits your budget and meets your needs. Obviously you’ll need to take into account coastal storms depending on your proximity to a coast, but things like flash floods can cause damage and flooding in areas you might not expect.


Inspect the Property

Although you may have homeowner’s insurance, preventing damage will require you preserve the structural integrity of the building. This will involve requesting a professional inspection of the property at certain times. Through such inspections, you will be able to identify any weaknesses and defects in the foundation, walls, and roof. Repairing such defects may help to minimize the extent of future or potential damage.


Landscape With Fire in Mind

If you live in an area that experiences wildfires, your landscaping will require careful consideration. Protecting your home will mean using plants and materials that will not fuel fire in case it breaks out. Another measure to take if you live in a wildfire-vulnerable area is to use flame retardant materials when constructing your home. This can be especially helpful in preventing damage in the event you are forced to evacuate.



During winter, there is a good chance  your area will experience freezing rain, frost, ice, and snowstorms. These events can wreak havoc on your home, destroy property, and just cause more general maintenance. You should consider getting your heating system serviced, trimming any hanging trees, insulating pipes, as well as installing storm doors and windows.


Repair Plumbing

You can repair your plumbing system regularly in preparedness for rising flood waters. While this measure will help to protect your home, you may also have to install flood detectors. These devices will warn you of impending floods so you can take further precautionary measures, even if away from home.


Protecting your home from natural disasters will not only help to keep you safe, but will also save you the headache that comes with financial strains. It would also be important to be aware of what you should do during the calamity as well as how to recover from it as part of your home protection plan.

It’s Time to Build That Workshop You’ve Always Wanted

It’s Time to Build That Workshop You've Always Wanted

For many guys, having a private workshop would be a dream come true. Maybe you have dreamed about building your own outdoor workshop but perhaps didn’t know how to get started. Below is a list of ideas on how to build and organize your own workshop, without breaking the bank (or your local laws).

Determine Its Use

What will you be using your workshop for? The workshop’s ultimate purpose plays a major role in what size, shape, storage accommodations, and other considerations for determining what kind of workshop you need.

Are you planning on doing some woodwork? You may need to arrange your workshop to accommodate large pieces of lumber and machinery. It may also need some kind of soundproofing to minimize disturbance to your neighbors.

Are you more of a painter? Getting noise complaints may be less of an issue, but getting adequate lighting in the shop might be.

Kits are nice, but it’s best to customize your workshop to meet your specific needs.

Use a Template

Most guys who want to build a workshop are daunted by one obstacle: they just don’t know where to start. The simplest way to get started building your dream workshop (or heck, any workshop is better than none) is to find a template or blueprint for the kind of workshop you want. A blueprint can be a great help in getting a general idea of what structure to build when considering a workshop. Using a good template can also help to ensure that you build a sturdy structure and not something flimsy. Some home improvement stores also sell kits to make this even easier.

Building Permits

This can actually be quite important, depending on where you live. Different cities and counties will require different permits to build a structure on your land. They may even require you to submit blueprints for your structure. Make sure you are not caught off-guard with this by knowing the real estate and zoning laws in your area.

Utilize Junk Yards and Garage Sales

While many guys may want the newest piece of equipment, often that just isn’t necessary. As long as the equipment is still functional it is useful. If you are looking to save money when organizing and building your workshop, don’t be afraid to purchase used equipment. Some great, useful stuff can be found at junk yards or garage sales. This can range from tools to organizational shelves to manly decorations.

What is great about buying used is that you pay a fraction of the cost that you would pay for the items new. This can help you save quite a bit of money, leaving more funds for doing the fun stuff!

Feeling inspired? You’d better be. Building your own workshop can be more than just a dream. So what are you waiting for? Get off your butt and get started!

5 Futuristic Fantasy Worlds You Would Love to Travel In


For decades, fantasy films and fictional novels have gripped millions of audiences around the world. And while it’s primarily consumed as a form of entertainment, these movies have met such successful debuts and have amassed such massive followings because of their ability to transport the mind to new places and universes. Here are five fantasy worlds you’d love to explore.


One of the most popular and frequently mentioned worlds in the thousands of worlds in the Star Wars galaxy is Naboo. Characterized by its rolling hills and calming waterfalls, Naboo is the perfect representation of a peaceful landscape—at least before the Trade Federation took over. Traveling to Naboo puts you closer to a lot of unique and interesting creatures including Nuna, Fambaa, and the Opee Sea Killer. It’s okay if you want to avoid the Gungans. We do too.

Middle Earth

While it doesn’t seem like a futuristic realm, Middle Earth could be Earth centuries from now when humans regrade to the old ways and are forced to coexist with other species, like orcs and goblins. It’s not these mostly unfriendly creatures that are the draw to exploring Middle Earth though. It’s the idea of spending time with wizards and elves, strolling around Rivendell, and having a hobbit welcome you into their cozy hobbit-hole. Who wouldn’t want to immerse themselves in a lifestyle that takes them back to simpler times?


James Cameron’s 2.8-billion box office hit didn’t achieve its meteoric rise by having a boring and unoriginal premise (and it does). It became a success because of Pandora. Characterized by its lush green forests as far as the eye can see and the incredibly colorful and vibrant flora and fauna, it’s a place anyone could easily get lost in. And with the new theme park coming out, you just might actually be able to get lost in it.

Pacific Rim

While the pacific rim is located on Earth and is therefore technically not a fantasy world, it’s as futuristic and science-fiction-y as you can get. In a time when 100-ton robots collide with 100-ton monsters of another dimension, it’s definitely an action-packed life for anyone living on the planet. It’s not the safest place to travel around in, given the war going on. Getting around is difficult and car accidents are commonplace, but hey! It’s monsters and robots! Fighting each other!


Home of the Asgardians and a planet of both gods and heroes alike. It’s perhaps the most proud place you’ll find in just about any galaxy. You’ll find unlimited wine and flying boats, and maybe you can even run into Thor (are you worthy to use his hammer?) and make some mischief with Loki all before Heimdal sends you on back home on the rainbow bridge.


There’s no limit to which fantasy world you can travel to. And with theme parks and virtual reality becoming more advanced, it’s certainly not far-fetched to think that you can actually experience these worlds in the near future.

7 Movie Star Role Models Who Ride Motorcycles


Celebrities love their toys and, as fans, we love to see them collecting and enjoying those toys. One such hobby is motorcycling and there is a long list of film stars who have made motorcycle riding a special passion. Here are just seven film actors who spend their time riding (and sometimes crashing) their big bikes.


1. Tom Cruise

Fans of Tom’s action films know he’s no stranger to bikes, but they may not know he’s an experienced rider off screen, as well. Mr. Cruise invests a good deal of time and money in his vintage motorcycle collection, but his favorite ride is the $100,000 Vyrus.

2. Brad Pitt

Here’s another Hollywood A-lister who makes collecting vintage motorcycles a source of enjoyment. Brad also has a favorite bike: his newly acquired World War II Nazi motorcycle. That monument to history cost Pitt nearly $400,000.

3. Liam Neeson

Recently, Mr. Neeson announced his plans to step down from doing action films, but that doesn’t mean he’s given up on excitement altogether. Liam still rides, even after his motorcycle accident in 2000, which happened near his New York home. Neeson was injured: he broke his pelvis and had to wait at the scene for help to arrive.

4. Orlando Bloom

We’re used to seeing Orlando Bloom riding the high seas in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, but, off-screen, he’s a big bike lover. In fact, Bloom rides his motorcycle everywhere, describing it as his main form of transportation.

5. Kid Rock

Of course, the Kid loves his bikes. They’re often featured prominently in his music videos and he rarely accepts any other form of transportation, except for his concert tours. In fact, Kid Rock teamed up with Harley Davidson recently. The iconic motorcycle manufacturer sponsored Kid’s Rebel Soul tour and created a custom made bike to immortalize the event.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold has always been an avid bike rider, though he’s been in two bike accidents. One in 2001, which left him with 6 broken ribs and a couple days of recuperation in the hospital, and one in 2006, when a car backed into him and left him with 15 stitches in his upper lip. Still, he loves to ride.

7. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds was launched to superstardom with his portrayal of Deadpool for Marvel Entertainment. When he’s not playing the wisecracking superhero, Ryan is seen indulging his passions. One of those is cruising all over town on his motorcycle. Fans often share pictures of the star flying by on his bike.


There are many more motorcyclists among Hollywood’s elite, proving people of every walk of life likes to ride. Motorcycles may be dangerous at times, but that danger is part of the fun. Nothing can stop a true motorcyclist from getting back on their favorite ride.



5 Crazy Semi-Truck Accidents You Have to See to Believe


Although only a small percentage of accidents include semi-trucks, when they do, there is quite a lot of devastation and usually some fatalities. While we don’t know the cause of all of these accidents, driver error features heavily in the contributing factors. Take a look at some of the crazy accidents that have occurred. These trucks are not to be messed with!

Can’t Hide Under a Semi

This story hails from Russia, where three young people, a man and two women, were driving a French car in the winter with summer tires on. There was black ice and snow all over the ground, so when a semi-truck going sixty miles per hour came heading toward them fast, there was no time to act. The ice and snow caused the car to fly under the semi, instantly crushing the car and killing the inhabitants.

Over the Edge

Almost ten years ago in Saudi Arabia, a semi-truck accidentally jumped the barricades on a two-lane highway, landing on, crushing cars in the lanes below. The truck itself was completely destroyed. The cause of the crash isn’t reported, but it must have been terrifying to watch that truck fly!

Small but Mighty

A Toyota Rav4 is really small compared to a semi-truck, but one of these scrappy cars t-boned a semi at a very high speed and managed to knock it over! The driver did survive the impact somehow, but it just goes to show that it is important to be watching where you are going.

Heavy Flip

A logging truck in Alberta, Canada was carrying nearly 100,000 pounds of large logs when the driver, reportedly on his phone, almost drove off the road to the right and overcorrected into a ditch. This dragged the unprotected cab down a hill and through a snowbank, killing the driver.

Hang on for Help

Early on a cold New York morning in 2007, a semi-truck pitched cab first through the guardrail of a bridge, landing on its windshield and somehow leaving the body of the truck still up on the bridge! This one has a happier ending than most, as the driver did manage to make it out alive.

While these stories may seem a little out there and the pictures definitely show some serious damage, it is important to remember that semi-trucks are nothing to play around with. Most of the people involved in these stories didn’t make it out alive and there was a lot of damage done. Be careful driving around semi-trucks so you don’t become one of these crazy stories.

Blending Cutting Edge Technology with the Traditional Gentleman

Blending Cutting Edge Technology with the Traditional Gentleman
Blending Cutting Edge Technology with the Traditional Gentleman

The modern man faces many challenges today between finding the right career, portraying himself as a dapper gentleman, and achieving his goals in life. Men’s lifestyle often portray the gentleman as someone who is properly dressed at all times, eschews mundane social conventions and pays attention to those around him and not his mobile device.

A modern man is above the masses, glued to their phone screens and the glowing affirmations from social media. But technology is necessary, and often a man might wonder how to blend the modern with the traditional. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or enjoy your technology with a vintage look, there are many pieces and styles technology comes available in nowadays so you can announce your style with aplomb.

A record player can easily disguise a new state-of-the-art radio and digital music player, as well as being capable of playing records and showing to people at parties you’re a man of class and taste. Vintage typewriters can be retrofitted to work with laptops, which makes a statement about how you choose to use technology. iPads and iPhones can easily be fitted with custom engraved wood cases and these warm wooden hues will lend a traditional look to your tech.

You can even outfit your home with modern needs such as home assistance systems like the Google Home; all you have to do is disguise the device inside a clever panel in your home. It even lends itself to a steampunk aesthetic, to have technology interwoven between classical features like installing a sound system directly into the wooden paneling of your home or having a smart watch that looks just like a vintage pocket watch.

The original men’s lifestyle is one of fine distinction, and you need not give up the conveniences of modern life with your pursuit of the traditional. Fine suits, impeccable tailoring and precision grooming will present you as a modern man of taste. Cutting edge technology such as mobile devices, tablets, laptops and the latest features for your car can all be retrofitted into the classic look of many other fine pieces, creating a work of art that any gentleman would be proud of.

5 of the Worst Places to Die


Death is frightening for most people because it’s one of the only things that is completely out of our hands. No one knows when or how death will come. But what if you could choose where you meet it? Whatever you do, avoid meeting death in any of the following places.

1) Underwater

Drowning is easily one of the most nightmarish ways to die. You can hold your breath for about 90 seconds before you begin to blackout. You cannot scream for help underwater, you can hear and see almost nothing, and your sense of direction is gone. When you reflexively inhale the water, it washes away the protective protein coating inside your lungs keeping the air sacs intact. Within four minutes, oxygen deprivation will cause such severe brain damage that you won’t recover even if you’re rescued.

2) In Space

As with drowning, when you die in space you are effectively drifting in nothingness with no sense of time or direction. Sound waves don’t travel in space, and even if they did, who would hear you call for help? The good news is that you would die fairly quickly due to the several nightmarish things that happen to the human body when exposed to the vacuum of space, which include suffocation, rapid freezing of your eyes, mouth and respiratory tract, and your blood boiling.

3) In Jail

Instances of wrongful death in jail go largely unnoticed, but are more common than you might think. Funding for health care in jails and prisons is a low-priority concern, and because of poor health care, many inmates with preexisting conditions are allowed to die when their medication or treatment is cut off. Many inmates commit suicide during bouts of solitary confinement. Abuse at the hands of officers is also a common cause of wrongful death in jail, with officers beating or restraining inmates until they die.

4) India

An 80-country “quality of death” study ranked India at the bottom of the list. In fact, Kerala is the only Indian state with a formal end-of-life care policy, bucking the trend for the rest of the country. Otherwise, there is almost no care for the dying in India.

5) The Desert

The desert offers a wide array of unpleasant ways to die. Pricking your finger on a poisonous cactus, dehydration, heat stroke, or a bite from a venomous snake could all take you out. Miles away from help, food, or care, you would meet your demise in the loneliest of landscapes.

So, while the circumstances of your death are usually out of your control, do everything you can to avoid dying in any of these horrifying places.

How to Build the Perfect Cannabis Greenhouse

How to Build the Perfect Cannabis Greenhouse featured image

Cannabis thrives when temperature, humidity, lighting and other conditions are ideal. The legalization movement makes matters even less stressful, but make sure to check with your local laws and regulations before building.

Soil, or any other growing medium for that matter, should be loose and porous. This allows fresh air to reach the roots. Even rich soil may need supplemental nutrients as it loses nutrients later in the grow. Cannabis requires nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium, as well as several micronutrients like iron.

Vegetative stage requires higher ratios of nitrogen, whereas blooming or flowering stage requires more potassium and phosphorous. Another very important first step to any outdoor growing is security. Cameras are a must. In fact, some outdoor wireless video cameras alert you of intruders early. After all, nobody enjoys being ripped off from their hard work.

1. Location, Location

Along with privacy, the greenhouse location should receive full sunlight from sunrise to sunset. Also, consider the sun angle of each season, along with any structures or hills. For instance, south-facing slopes of hills or mountains receive far more light in the northern hemisphere, and therefore facilitate better growth than you would get on the northern slope.

2. Construction

Use a lightweight, inexpensive, but durable material for the greenhouse’s frame. Aluminum works well, as it doesn’t rust or otherwise corrode when exposed to moisture. The outside can be made from anything transparent or slightly translucent, such as plastic film, fine cloth mesh and more. Note that cloth mesh is unlikely to trap heat well during cooler seasons.

How to Build the Perfect Cannabis Greenhouse

3. Temperature Control

Generally, cannabis plants thrive in temperatures from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Bigger plants can thrive in temperatures up to 82. Depending on the climate, one may be able to grow without a heater or cooler, especially in the summer and fall.

4. Humidity Control

A dehumidifier will be need for humidity control. Seedlings and clones like humidity levels between 65 and 70, vegetative stage plants at 40 to 70 percent, and flowering plants at 30 to 40 percent humidity.

5. Ventilation

Cannabis plants, like any other plant, respires in a similar way to people, except the opposite happens: They take in carbon dioxide and make oxygen. Good ventilation will ensure an adequate supply of carbon dioxide for the growing plants.
How to Build the Perfect Cannabis Greenhouse

These are the main focus points to work on when building a cannabis greenhouse. Excellent lighting conditions, along with the right temperature, humidity levels, ventilation and growing media, will ensure robust and massive growth, along with rewarding yields.

7 Best Public Transit Systems in the World


Public transit is one of the hallmark features of big city living. Trams, buses, subways, and even ferries are used in well populated cities to cart the public around. But which city does it best of all?

7. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is the dark-horse candidate of this list. The city earns its spot because of the Chicago Transit Authority. The trains and buses of this city offer few innovative features, but are known for their remarkable consistency. Chicago’s public transit has been doing it right for over a century.

6. Paris, France

Though parts of the city’s public transit system are largely outdated, the numbers tell a different story (despite the system being infamously dirty). Paris boasts 7.14 public transit riders per kilometer, placing it among the busiest systems in the world. This is an unbelievable accomplishment for the city with the lowest population on this list.

5. New York City, New York

New York City boasts the largest public transit system in the United States. The city reports an incredible number of yearly riders at close to 1.7 billion. That number shoots up to 2.5 billion if buses are taken into account. With that kind of ridership, the Metropolitan Transit Authority consistently implements new technology to prevent accidents on the subway, keeping its riders safe.

4. London, England

The oldest usable public transit lines in the world exist in London. Not only are they still perfectly functional, but credit must be given where it’s due: much of the modern philosophy of public transit can be credited to those early English designers.

3. Seoul, South Korea

As far as comfort and convenience are concerned, Seoul’s public transit could be at the top of this list. Seoul’s trains are known for offering Wi-Fi, advanced heating and cooling options, and some of the most comfortable seating. If they ever decided to stay open later in the night, their position could be bumped higher.

2. Tokyo, Japan

Even though they aren’t part of the best public transit system in the world, Tokyo’s trains are unbelievably fast. Featuring the work of several private companies, Tokyo’s public transit options are a display of technological prowess. Nowhere else in the world will you find a rail system with trains this fast.

1. Hong Kong, China

The best public transit system in the world is located in Hong Kong. Think of a system with most of the speed of Tokyo’s, most of the comfort of Seoul’s, and the safety of New York’s. Then add unparalleled city connectivity, the cheapest fares, and a consistent 24-hour schedule. That is the public transit system of Hong Kong.


All of the public transit systems found on this list are well above-average, and they all have particular strengths. But Hong Kong’s system is a true marvel of engineering, and should be considered the standard of greatness for years to come.