4 Things to Know Before Picking up Fishing


Today, over 40 million Americans fish. After all, it’s a chance to make a delicious homemade meal, win a prize, or get bragging rights! But despite its romantic image, fishing is more complicated than simply casting a line in the water. Before you start out, you’ll need to complete paperwork, learn the local regulations, and understand the basics of landing a catch.

Get Ready for Paperwork

Before you cast into the water, you’ll need to get licensed. There are many reasons, but the most of them have to do with regulating fishing and making sure that all fishing is done legally. States issue fishing licenses by age. Every state has its own regulations. A license may be allocated for daily use, short-term use, seasonal use, or annual use. Check with your state to understand licensing requirements and possibly apply online. If you’re planning an overnight fishing trip, you might need boating and camping licenses, too.

You Have to Protect Your Gear

Like a true fisherman, you must keep your gear in prime working condition. Salt and moisture are some of your fishing gear’s worst enemies. If you put them away for the winter without cleaning them first, they might be useless in the spring. Just remember that even in storage your rods need special attention. Before storing your gear, sharpen hooks, replace those that are rusting, and check for signs of damage to your rods. Clean and organize your tackle boxes and take note of what you’ll need to replace before spring.

Catch and Release

When you catch a prize fish, you’re probably eager to bring it home. But regulations might stop you! In recreational fishing, the term “catch and release” refers to legal regulations that determine what size fish must be in order to be legally kept. If they are smaller than the legal size, they must be released back into the water. The initial goal of the catch and release program was to prevent overfishing of certain species. Today, it still has the same conservation purposes. Keep in mind that if you’re catching anything you should be conscientious of your impact up front. Many times the actions of hobby fishers can kill many fish who could otherwise have lived.

Choose the Right Bait

Before setting out to fish, you’ll need to have the right equipment and at least a general idea of what you’re doing. One of the most important things that novice fishermen must consider is bait. You can use either live bait or hooks, depending on your fishing area and the species you hope to catch. Some types of bait you might use are worms, minnows, insects, and artificial hooks. Each type of bait has a different purpose, so you should first determine what type of water you’ll be fishing in and what type of fish you want to catch.

Fishing is one of the nation’s most popular pastimes. But there are probably many aspects of fishing that you never even considered. For instance, you’ll have to do a lot of paperwork! It’s also a good idea to know the local laws and regulations concerning fishing. Before you start, make sure you have the right bait and equipment for success.

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Seeking Work in Civil Engineering? Here’s What You Need to Know


You have one of those minds that likes to tinker and understand how things work. From a young age, you were always tearing things apart to figure out what makes them tick. To the surprise of everyone else around you, you were just as savvy at putting these objects and machines back together again. You were not the type of person who had screws missing or left over after such projects, either. Your mind is methodical like that and can remember steps. You even did well in mathematics and physics in high school.

Now, you are looking to do something serious with all that knowledge. After thinking about your options for a while, you’ve started to think that maybe a career in civil engineering would be the right fit for your skill set. While there is more to getting a good-paying civil engineering job than simply wanting to be an engineer, knowing what you want to do with your life is a big step in the right direction. But, how do you go about becoming the engineer you were always interested in becoming?

Schooling is Critical

As with any serious career, you will need the necessary education to prepare you for work in the engineering field. For this reason, a degree in civil engineering will take you far and make it possible for you to earn money doing something you genuinely enjoy. In many cases, you may want to look into schools famous for their technological research as opposed to schools that take a bigger focus on liberal arts. Public state schools are also a good choice, as most of them will be rather balanced with that programs they have and fund.

The best route for obtaining your Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering is attending a school accredited through the organization known as the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). You should also complete the other steps for licensure. These include passing the fundamentals of engineering (FE) exam, obtaining four years engineering experience, and then passing the principles and practice of engineering exam. So, when you check out degree programs from different institutions, you will want to settle on the program that you believe will provide you with the best experience and skill sets for the kind of engineering work you are interested in doing, so look for curriculums who set you up in internships with actual civil engineers and work on projects that will improve your immediate environment.

Civil engineering is particularly satisfying as they often work on our roads, buildings, airpots, and railways. But it’s also a higher pressure position because all of these things are a point of interactions with thousands upon thousands of people. Make sure to take your career path seriously.

Source: SEM-Train.com  

Speak with Engineers

While classroom learning is a great way to be introduced to the concepts inherent in the engineering field, it is perhaps easier to gain real-world insights from someone who is already working as a civil engineer. Such individuals can give you a heads up on what to study, what kind of competition you will be up against, and what kinds of things will be expected of you on the job.

Other important insights an engineer that can share with you are mistakes they have made along the way. By knowing what problems to avoid, this will help you not only be prepared for an engineering career, but it will also help you to avoid pitfalls that may work against your ability to advance at a quicker pace. To start meeting engineers around you, be sure to check out meet-up sites to see if there are any interesting groups that can place you in the same room with other engineers. Additionally, you can see what any local engineering programs have going on in their programs to go and socialize. If you’re not yet in any kind of engineering program, maybe reach out to your family or friends to see if anyone knows any engineers that they can get you in touch with.

Source: MeetUp.com

Work on Projects in Your Spare Time

Good engineers should be up on new approaches to solving mechanical problems, and this involves research outside of the classroom. Actually, knowing how to overcome and troubleshoot mechanical, electrical, and other physical-based problems with machinery or structures is a big part of being competent as an engineer. While some of these problems can be covered in books and other materials, the best troubleshooters learn by doing.

It is when you get into a mess with fixing a broken road system or building a structure that you really start to learn what works and what does not work. Without this experience, you may lack intuition once you’re on the job. Plus, constantly challenging your mind by working on new and difficult engineering problems is a great way to help you stay on the cutting edge of your craft.

Source: InterestingEngineering.com

Try Mentoring Others

As you gain skills as a civil engineer, it never hurts to take on students to give yourself practice explaining technical ideas. Once you learn to take advanced concepts and make them understandable to the average person, your mentoring skills will serve to increase your competence all around. Plus, the experience you will gain doing this will help you be more confident when you go for an interview. After you land a job as an engineer, your experience as a mentor may also provide you with the skills needed to convey your approach to other engineers, your employer, and potential clients.

Source: Blog.Hubspot.com


After weighing all the pros and cons of becoming an engineer, you will probably have a better indication of whether or not this is the right field for you to go into. If you decide that an engineering career is right for you, then you know what you need to do to make that a reality. Sure, there will be a lot of hard work ahead of you, but it is hard work that will lead to both a fulfilling and lucrative career when you finally find a job. In addition, you’ll be involved in a career that is dedicated to creating technologies that make life easier.

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Consider These 3 Factors When Looking at Nursing Homes


If you are thinking about going into a nursing home yourself, or placing a loved one in one, then you know that the decision can be very difficult. While all nursing homes take some adjustment, choosing the one that fits your needs the best can help the resident feel content while living there. Here are three factors that you will want to consider.

Level of Care

Many nursing homes find it hard to hire caring staff who are committed to showing up to work each day. Then, the staff becomes overworked, and abuse is often the result. Tour the nursing home, and be on the lookout for signs of nursing home abuse. Look for physical signs that residents have been hit or have been restrained using ropes. Watch how the staff talk to residents as it should be in friendly tones even if they really need the resident to do something. Ensure that everyone you see is dressed appropriately for the weather, keeping in mind that many seniors get cold more easily than able-bodied individuals. Watch when medicines being given to see if records are carefully kept.


Many nursing homes take Medicare and Medicaid. See how much money the residents get to keep each month for personal items that they want. You will also want to make sure that there is a system in place where that money is kept in a secure location. This helps ensure that staff and other residents can’t pick up the money for their own purposes. If you have long-term care insurance, then be sure the facility accepts your insurance plan. Talk to the facility about any personal items that you own, such as cars and homes, to see how that will affect the amount of money that you will have to pay.

Level of Activities

The nursing home should have an active program that you can participate in regularly. There should be games and other fun activities planned daily at the home. You also want to find out if they take residents on community outings. Some take them shopping at least monthly while others plan fun trips such as movies, museums or visit with friends. You may also want to see what the facility’s rules are for residents who wish to spend a night away from the facility.

Going into a nursing home can be a big decision. Take your time and consider these three factors. These tips will help you make the best choice for yourself or a loved one.

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What Can You Do with a Degree in Management Information Systems?


For many, the goal of learning is to get a bigger salary. Making the right choice of education means bigger paychecks and salaries down the road. With computers and information systems becoming increasingly important, it’s a safe college track to bet on. Optimal information system management is crucial to success in today’s world.

That means that information systems management professionals are in high demand. You can bet on a high salary and lots of opportunities for advancement. Recent studies have shown that tech jobs can offer median annual salaries over $100,000. That’s just the starting point, too. Those numbers are continuing to rise as time goes on.

Here are a few career paths for someone with a background in management information systems, or MIS:

Multiple Openings in a Wide Variety of Industries

Systems management professionals are essentially number gurus for every type of business. Operational dynamics are usually left to representatives from management. Additionally, digital technology experts develop systems that provide accurate growth metrics.

These combined talents mean that a background in MIS will remain valuable as a company grows bigger and bigger. There will always be opportunities to advance your career and provide your company with greater value.

Advancement to Corporate Management Positions

The number of new digital businesses and corporations continues to skyrocket. All companies in this sphere of development are looking for solid management talent. Having your information systems expertise welded to your management style ensures efficiency in tech companies. You can optimize your processes and get the job done.

Employers will see that and value you all the more for it. Also, a solid career in MIS at one company can be used to get an even better position at another company. Understanding those numbers is essential: many new management officials come from the ranks of systems analysts.

Establishing Your Start-Up

You might enjoy working for corporations and industries. But you really know that you’ve made it big when you can afford to work for yourself. Starting up a personal business as an established tech expert allows you to work for the best payout. People will solicit you for help, and you get to write your own paycheck.

In addition, smaller companies yield excellent cash flow because there are fewer paychecks to write. Genuinely professional information systems managers can accelerate past their larger, more cumbersome competition.

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Common Sense Strategies to Protect Yourself from Violent Crime


As political divides continue to widen in our society, conflicts are getting more intense as well. Many will reach a point where they have to respond to a threat with the urge to fight, rather than to run.

This article is intended to provide some helpful suggestions and recommendations so that when that urge strikes you, you can respond intelligently and with preparation. Every edge you can give yourself can make the difference between death, life, or injury.

Be Careful Where You Drink

Impaired judgment is a great way to get yourself into trouble. You’re more likely to get attacked if you’re under the influence somehow. Simply put, avoid public intoxication whenever possible. If you absolutely have to drink or do drugs, consider doing so in the safety of your home or a trusted friend’s place. Of course, the better solution for someone who might have an issue with how often they become impaired by drugs or alcohol or where they partake in these substances, is to seek help in a way possible. This ranges from going to a drug rehab center or therapy to simply trusting some of the loved ones in your life to help you with your addiction. It’s an option that would keep you safe in the long run, in addition to living a healthier lifestyle.

Never Leave Your Home Unprotected

You might not have friends, family, or coworkers to escort you to a destination. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to carry some weapon or object to protect yourself with in a pinch. Anything that can easily be concealed is useful, such as a can of mace, a taser, a knife or even a small firearm. Even your car keys can be useful for striking sensitive parts of your aggressor in a melee. Additionally, try not to travel alone, especially at night in areas you aren’t all that familiar with.

Learn a Martial Art

If you want to defend yourself but have an aversion to carrying a weapon, learning a martial art is a great way to turn yourself into a weapon. As there are dozens of different styles and schools of self-defense, do some research into what sorts of techniques you want to learn and begin to get fit to begin practicing. It’s pretty well-known that good cardio can get your body in shape for learning a martial art.

Do you want to focus on grappling and immobilizing your opponent? Do you want to misdirect and disarm an opponent swiftly? Do you want to hurt your aggressor enough that they flee the scene? Even if you decide to skip any formal training courses, several parts of your body can easily be used as weapons. Consider the following:

  • Your elbows and knees can convey a significant amount of force when driven into an opponent
  • Biting and headbutts can be useful but also carry a decent risk of self-injury
  • Punching with the middle knuckle of your middle finger extended is also a practical approach

Avoid Areas with a Dangerous Reputation

Rather than risk exposing yourself to violent crime, you can sidestep the issue altogether by simply avoiding those areas. While this approach may involve driving out of your way, the extra gas is likely to be far less expensive than a trip to the emergency room.

So there you have several sensible suggestions to subvert sinister elements. Consider carrying a weapon or weaponizing your body, travel in groups when possible, try to avoid known dangerous places and be mindful of where you decide to cut loose. Remembering these sensible strategies should greatly help you prevent or survive a crisis.

Why Eating Healthy is Harder Than it Seems


Everyone wants to live healthier. There are various reasons to change your eating habits, but many of them involve this desire for better health. Many people switch up their diets for health reasons, but there are others who want to make a positive impact on the environment.

It can be difficult to follow a healthy diet; despite your best efforts, you may feel that your new routine is not working. If you’re looking to change your diet and eat healthier, you should be aware of the following.

Soil Depletion Reduces Nutritional Value

When you grab a carrot or an apple, you may think you are getting all the nutrients you need in one handy snack. However, over many years, the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables has been slowly decreasing.

The reason for this trend has to do with some farming practices that have led to soil depletion. When soil components are completely removed or not replaced, depletion can occur in the environment. Soil fertility must be maintained to produce healthy crops. Soil depletion can also happen when farmers do not rotate crops or fail to properly manage the soil.

Many agricultural products are seeing the effects of this depletion, which is leading to the production of foods that are not as nutritious as they used to be. Those who are relying on vegetables and fruits for certain vitamins may be facing a problem. Your local grocery store might not have any information about the growing conditions of the produce it sells.

Source: ExperienceLife.com

You May Be Missing Nutrients

Even with the healthiest eating habits, you may be missing out on important nutrients and not even know it. A vegan or a plant-based diet can cause vitamin or mineral deficiency. Protein is one nutrient that can be missing from a plant-based diet. If you are feeling sluggish or ill, a simple blood test can tell if you are missing anything.

It is not all bad news, though. If certain vitamins are absent in your body, there is an easy fix. You can take a vitamin supplement that can replace those missing nutrients. It is also important to have well-balanced meals so that your body gets the nutrients it needs.

Helpful: WestchesterMagazine.com

Each Person Has a Unique Microbiome

Your own microbiome may be working against you. Every microbiome is different from another. Gut bacteria can be the biggest factor in sticking with a healthy diet. If your gut is not balanced, you may suffer from some side effects.

There is one way to help alleviate some of these problems, though. If you are experiencing stomach aches and other issues, you should consider adding a probiotic to your diet.

Probiotics are live yeast and bacteria that are important to your digestive system. These probiotics can come in the form of yogurt or supplements. Finding the right balance can go a long way in fixing any digestive issues, and probiotics can help balance the flora in your stomach.

Relevant: ScienceDaily.com

Fulvic Acid Can Help Absorb Vitamins

If you are getting the right vitamins, your body may not be correctly absorbing them. Fulvic acid could be the answer to this problem. This is a natural compound that is found in humus soil and helps improve plant growth. Many supplement manufacturers have been promoting fulvic acid’s health benefits. This supplement can help detoxify and enhance the immune system.

Some studies have found that it is beneficial in mineral absorption, which can help those who are eating a plant-based diet but not absorbing the nutrients. If you are finding it hard to eat healthy and not getting the right nutrients, this supplement may help you out. It’s important to note, though, that fulvic acid should only be used under a doctor’s supervision.

Read More: MicrobeFormulas.com

Organic Really is Better

When deciding to switch to a healthier diet, many people choose to eat organic. The term “organic” refers to the particular method of growing and processing agricultural products. In the United States, organic means that the crop must be free from bioengineered genes (GMOs), sewage-based fertilizers, and synthetic pesticides. Organic livestock must be fed an organic diet and not housed in crowded conditions. These animals cannot have any antibiotics or growth hormones in their system, either.

There are many benefits of eating organic food. Many people with allergies or food sensitivities choose organic foods for their diets. Organic food is also fresher because it doesn’t use preservatives.

The organic style of farming is healthier for the environment as this farming practice conserves water, reduces pollution, and uses less energy. Farmers who don’t use pesticides are helping protect animals and humans from pollution as well.

Relevant: InfoFit.ca

Tracking Macros Might Help

Counting calories and portions is important to losing weight, but there is another way to accelerate your weight loss. You can count your macronutrients as well. A macro diet includes important fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, and this type of diet can help you balance these and other important nutrients.

Unlike traditional healthy eating techniques, a macro diet is completely customizable. Macro diets focus on unprocessed foods, so this makes it easier for those who have struggled in the past with eating healthy. Many people are choosing this type of diet because of its flexibility as well. It puts the focus on having more balanced meals throughout the day. Macro-based diets are great for those who want to lose weight or build muscle or who just want an easy way to eat healthier.

More Info: Tasteaholics.com


It is not easy to stick to a healthy eating routine. There are many factors that can derail your good intentions, but some simple changes can help you get the most out of your diet. Macro-based diets are a good alternative to strict eating habits. Fulvic acid supplements are used for those who have trouble absorbing nutrients.

If you are still having issues, you can always try probiotics. These little supplements can get your gut back into good shape. Healthy eating is more than grabbing an apple on the go; it is about balance and finding the right diet for you.

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Top Tips for Moving in Style


Moving doesn’t have to be a chaotic and dreadful mess. There are ways, like the ones listed below, that will allow you to streamline your tasks and move in style.

Don’t Pack Everything

While you’re moving to your new home, your personal needs will still need to be met. It’s important to keep this in mind when you begin to pack away your belongings. If your move will span over the course of multiple days, you will need to create an overnight bag full of personal items that you will need during the moving process. An overnight bag will contain many different things that vary based on your personal needs. Common items usually tucked away in an overnight bag include medications, toothbrush, toothpaste, a change of clothes, hairbrush, bathing items, entertainment items, and snacks for the drive.

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Preserve Your Food

When you move out of your home, one of the most delicate items you’ll have to manage are the cold and frozen food items in your refrigerator. For obvious reasons, these items will be prone to thawing and spoiling during your move. Your refrigerator can’t remain plugged in during the move, so you will need to come up with a method for taking care of the food while you’re moving. If you have a deep freezer, the seal on it is good enough to keep your frozen foods frozen and cold until it gets to your new home if it’s within a day. The seal on a double refrigerator, meaning it has a freezer and a refrigerator combined, won’t hold as well as the doors have the potential to open during the move. For those who own a double refrigerator, your best option is to eat your frozen foods in the days leading up to your big move.

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Reduce and Manage Moving Problems

There are so many things that could go wrong during a move. You have no way to predict which aspects of your move could encounter obstacles or which plans will fall through. The best way to handle future moving problems is to prepare for them. You can do this by creating a detailed moving checklist. Write down every step you’ll be taking during your move. This will help you identify where problems could arise so that you can have alternate plans already in place.

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If you happen to be moving with pets, there are special tips that will make the situation easier for your pets and yourself.

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How the Beauty Industry is Redefining Aging


Older men and women have been ignored by the beauty industry for years. Most companies have catered towards a young demographic. Their products have been manufactured and marketed towards this particular group. Some companies believed younger people were the only ones interested in beauty products. That is not the case anymore. The beauty industry is recognizing the needs of an older generation. These older men and women are changing the way that our society defines beauty. Now, having lines and wrinkles on your face is okay. Gray hair is even becoming a fashion statement for younger people. The subject of senior beauty has now been redefined. These older generations of women and men are finding their place within the world of beauty. It is now fashionable to show your age and love every minute of it.

Anti-Aging Products Move Down a Natural Path

Advertisers have flooded the market for years with anti-aging cream commercials. These creams were considered a miracle in a bottle. They were used by many women and men to fight wrinkles. Over the years, consumers have learned that a healthy lifestyle can be just as effective as a cream or lotion. We know more about the aging process of the skin, such as how it does not start at a certain age.

A proper skin care routine in your younger years makes an impact later in life. A good diet and sunscreen can also minimize the effects of fine lines and wrinkles. The anti-aging lotions and creams are still on the market, but natural products are far more preferred. The products of today are not filled with mystery chemicals though. People are choosing to lessen the effects of aging with minerals and plant botanicals. The days of harsh creams and chalky night masks are over. Consumers are more informed about the products they use on their skin. The older generation has chosen to fight fine lines with more holistic products.

The Beauty Industry is Changing Their Marketing Approach

The beauty industry has always catered to a younger generation. As the senior population increases, many companies are targeting a whole new demographic. Companies are now focusing on women who want to embrace their fine lines. They are creating products that are formulated for older skin. These products include ingredients that moisturize the skin and keep it looking vibrant. Cosmetic companies have started their own campaigns to embrace the needs of senior women.

Social media has also played an important role in senior cosmetics. There are plenty of virtual tips and tricks that women can use to enhance their natural beauty at any age. These companies also understand that older women are more likely to make in-store purchases as well. Over the past few years, companies have pursued older celebrities for their advertising campaigns. These decisions are a deliberate attempt to market their products to an older demographic. Companies are finally learning that senior women should not be ignored in the world of cosmetics.

Cosmetic Surgery Can Make You Look Younger

While the plastic surgery industry had gotten quite a negative reputation around a decade or so ago, things have changed. No longer perceived as being overly-expensive or dangerous, more and more people are flocking to get surgery. Men and women from all walks of life are booking appointments with a plastic surgeon or minor procedures like botox. Major companies have launched their own cosmetic surgery products targeting older people. If a certain feature of your face is bothering your significantly, or you think you have too many wrinkles, there are a variety of options available nowadays. For example, if you want to reduce signs of aging, one treatment option includes an injection of a neuromodulator. These treatments inhibit the nerves of certain muscles. The muscles are weakened so they can’t make movements that cause wrinkles and lines. This treatment allows the patient to have smoother looking skin for a few months. It is a relatively easy process that is completed in minutes. It is a solution for those who don’t want to embrace their wrinkles but choose to get rid of them.

Your face is the first thing that people notice. You can use makeup, lotions, and surgery to make yourself look younger. For those who are losing their hair, they have options as well. Technology for restoring and rejuvenating hair has evolved considerably. While orlder technology used hair regrowth creams to make hair look fuller. These treatments did not always have the best results. Men and women do have more options available to them. The hair transplant option also has improved as well. This surgery now has less pain and fewer complications than in the past. There are new methods currently hitting the market. Low-level light therapy is used to simulate the hair follicles. This treatment causes follicles to regrow your own hair. There is no surgery or chemicals required in the process. Natural vitamins are also being considered as a solution, such as Biotin and other vitamins are now prescribed to some patients who are experiencing hair loss.

There are many ways that companies are now catering to senior beauty needs. Beauty is not just a number but a state of mind. For those who want to look younger, there are several treatment options available. There are also options available for those who want to embrace their own natural look. Older men and women have many more choices for their individual beauty needs than in the past. The major beauty corporations are no longer ignoring them in the world. There are now products that have been created with the requirements of seniors in mind. All facets of the beauty world embrace this generation. Companies are not exclusively targeting just the younger generation. Older men and women are the hottest demographic in the beauty industry. With their buying power, they will not be relegated back into the shadows. These senior men and women are changing the way we think about beauty and aging.

Understanding the Modern Trend Toward Energy Healing


Energy healing is rising in popularity, and this often brings out the skeptic in many people. While energy healing may not be well understood by the average person, this doesn’t mean that energy healing is not effective at treating a myriad of problems.

Energy healing and those that practice various forms believe that there is a strong connection between the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical realms. When this connection manifests, the body and mind can truly heal. There are many more different kinds of energy healing, including magnetic healing, chakra balancing, and many more which won’t be discussed in this article, but should be looked into.


Acupuncture is an Eastern medicine that has been around for centuries. It is a form of energy healing, and people go to acupuncture for many types of conditions. Some people see an acupuncturist for a specific problem such as back pain, while others go to an acupuncturist for an overall feeling of illness. An acupuncturist uses hair-thin needles in an effort to restore the balance of energy in the body. The theory is that the body has channels of energy that can get blocked because of an illness or trauma.


Reiki is another form of energy healing that is rising in popularity. Reiki has been shown to reduce pain, especially for those where traditional pain medications are no longer working. Reiki is a hands-on practice where the healer looks to move energy within the body in an effort to help reduce pain. A Reiki practitioner goes through training and learns how to block and unblock the energy they feel coming from the individual they are treating.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is also proven effective at reducing pain, improving moods, and providing relief to individuals who request crystal healing treatments. The goal of crystal healing is to draw toxins out of the body in an effort to restore the body to wellness. It is believed that crystals have healing powers, and while the process may not be understood, the results are there.

Quantum Healing

Quantum healing looks at the life force of energy and works to get deep to the core of a particular illness or problem. Quantum healing is energy healing that integrates the physical, spiritual and emotional in an effort to help the individual heal on all fronts. Quantum healers believe that there is an infinite life force in order to draw energy from, and treatment allows clients to feel the healing powers of the life force.

Natural energy healing is effective for a wide variety of people. While the process of each type may not be understood, people often feel better after treatment.


5 Sexual Health Stigmas Women Deal With and How to Combat Them



While the media often chooses to only showcase the beauty and grace associated with womanhood, behind closed doors, many women are embarrassed about the issues that they may have surrounding their lady parts. The pressure to maintain both a healthy and desirable vagina can be overbearing and often times the problems are beyond our control. Here are a few sexual health stigmas that need addressing in today’s society.


Discharge is not only normal, but it is essential to vaginal health. You should only be concerned if your discharge has an odd odor or color, is extremely runny or super thick (like cottage cheese), comes in an excessive amount, or is accompanied by pain or discomfort. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, get tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

“Smelly” Vagina

At one point on another, nearly every woman has felt a little self-conscious about the odor down there. The truth is, all vaginas have their own distinct smell and, it does not resemble flowers or candy. You can easily throw off your PH balance by poor eating habits, antibiotics, unhygienic practices, and feminine products. If you are deemed clear of any odor-causing infections, try eating nutrient-dense foods accompanied by a probiotic, avoid using soap or other perfumed products in that area and keep stress to a minimum.

Vaginal dryness

Sadly, there are many stigmas around women who suffer from vaginal dryness, and unfortunately, it can lead women to ultimately lose the desire to have sex. About 17% of women ages 18-50 experience vaginal dryness during sex. It is not solely a result of menopause. External factors such as breastfeeding, birth control, dehydration, and medications like antihistamines and antidepressants can also cause feminine dryness. While the female reproductive area tends to naturally produce less lubrication as we age, vaginal dryness can also be a side effect from a hormonal imbalance, an irritation caused by perfume or feminine products, heightened stress levels, or a lack of arousal. Luckily, there is an overabundance of vaginal moisturizers and lubricants that can be purchased over the counter to promote and retain its moisture. If the issue is a bit more severe and cannot be fixed by simply lowering anxiety levels or making a trip to the drug store, schedule a visit to the gynecologist.

“Loose” Vagina

The temporary loss of vaginal elasticity is usually linked to older age and childbirth. However, the vagina is a muscle, and when strengthened, it can return to its original state or even stronger than before. Kegel exercises, tightening creams, and even corrective surgery can be used to tighten your vaginal region.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

While some STDs can lead to more serious illnesses such as cervical cancer or the weakening of the body’s immune system, most of them can be treated very quickly by prescription medication or a dose of penicillin. However, you will need to seek professional treatment immediately to avoid additional damage to your organs.

In order to rid stigmas surrounding the sexual health amongst women, we must educate ourselves and others. The more informed we are about our bodies, this less uncomfortable we will be about discussing these rather intimate issues.

For some more great information on how to better take care of your body, we recommend you read this article! Taking care of ourselves is a lifelong pursuit, and it should be taken as seriously as any other health related subject.