Are Landlines Obsolete?

behold the obsolete landline

Approximately 100 million people in America today still have landlines. However, that number is rapidly diminishing. In 2006, only 10.5 percent of homes did not have a landline. Today, 32 to 45 percent of households do not have a landline. That means that the number of people who have landlines has decreased by 55 percent within the past 10 years.

While many still use landlines, the technology is slowly becoming obsolete. In fact, experts speculate that landlines will completely be obsolete within the next 10 years. This decline in popularity can be attributed to the following reasons.

Landlines Are Unnecessary

Landlines were considered a necessity before cell phones became popular. Today, cell phones have replaced them as the main mode of communication. With more people using cell phones than landlines, it’s only a matter of time before lack of demand removes landlines from the market.

Cell Phones Do More with Less

Cell phones are still primarily communication devices, but they provide several methods of communication. You can communicate with people via text, email, and social media. You can surf the Internet. You can use an ADT cellular system or similar to control your home security. And you can play tons of time-wasting games! For these reasons, keeping a landline may feel more like an aesthetic choice than a practical one.

Landlines Are Expensive

When you’re already paying a monthly cell phone bill, why add to the expense with a landline? Not only can people communicate via cell phone, but they can also use Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime. It is free to use those services. Most people today who have house phones have them included in a bundle plan. The cost of getting a landline is on the rise in many areas—another reason that many simply choose to go without.

Landlines Are Inconvenient

We live in a time where convenience is king. If you have a landline, then the only place where you can use it is in your home or building. However a cell phone allows you to communicate just about anywhere. It is also more practical for increasingly mobile career men and women to communicate using a cell phone.

Although landlines are not dead yet, they will be soon. And why not? Cell phones do everything that landlines can do, and much, much more—while saving money, to boot. So prepare your farewells, friends; this technology will soon be joining the typewriter and Walkman as a modern relic.

How People Get Duped By Pyramid Schemes

Duped by pyramid scheme

Pyramid schemes come in many shapes and sizes, but all of them are illegal. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop people from falling for the same sales pitches again and again. People have been getting ripped off and robbed for far too long. It’s time we shed light on the secrets behind the pyramid scheme sales pitch so you know what to watch out for.

Look At Me Now!

This is the sales pitch without a lot of words. It is where the schemer shows off the fancy car, house, jewelry, and clothes that he or she purchased using the money other people “invested.” They tell you how all of their wealth came from the return of their original investment…the one you just happen to be getting sold on. Don’t be fooled. If you invest in a Ponzi scheme or a pyramid scheme, the last place your money is going is back into your pocket. It will either be used to buy more toys for the schemer, or it will be used to calm a previous “investor” who is being too vocal about their lack of a return thus far.

Pay Once, Never Work Again

This one might look ridiculous while you read it, but for some reason it dupes people. Maybe it is that we have all been stuck in a job we hate. Maybe it is because we work so hard and for so many hours each week, and yet we are still just living paycheck to paycheck. Maybe it is because in spite of all of that, we still hold onto the hope of winning the lottery, or some other get rich quick scheme. The idea of “investing” in something and then being able to finally kick back and relax is usually what sells people. Unfortunately, that is all it is: an idea. The reality is that you will never get your money back from a pyramid or a Ponzi scheme.

The Results Speak For Themselves

No, no they don’t. Because the only actual results from Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes are lost money and possibly jail time. People see a picture of a paycheck and think that the opportunity must be legit. But they forget that Photoshop exists and it is all too easy to add a few zeros to the line! When someone is trying to prove the legitimacy of their business by showing you a paycheck, the chances are most likely that they are desperate for a commission rather than tactfulness.

Act Now!

Ah, the classic “this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but you have to sign up today” speech. It’s a good one. Putting urgency on a big decision such as, I don’t know, investing an entire paycheck on a business that is being investigated by the FTC, is smart when you have something to hide. The “act now” pitch works because it doesn’t allow the person to take the time to do their own investigation of the company and decide if that is really something they want to do.

There you have it! The most common pitches that scammers will use to get to you. Make sure to do your due diligence and check to see if the business you are thinking of working with or investing in is a legitimate opportunity. The easiest way to do that is to do an online search for the company name and look for scheme-related results. For example, you would type in Kyani scam and look for any links from the FTC or scam alert websites. If you do your homework, you won’t be duped!

Five Things You Need to Keep in Your Car at All Times

Things to keep in car emergency

We see it too often in the news: someone gets stranded in their car and they weren’t prepared for the situation. Some barely make it out alive while others aren’t so lucky. To avoid such a situation, there are five things that you need to keep in your car at all times.

Power Source

The most important thing you should keep in your car and always charged is an external battery. You can keep an external battery always charging and ready in your car so that it is ready for whenever you need it, whether it is just when you are out and about and you need a small charge to your smartphone or if you are on the side of the road with a flat tire and a dead phone. Your phone is your key to getting help when you are stranded. Without a way to charge it you are forced to choose between two options: wait for help, or go find help. If you have a phone and you have cell phone reception, you can completely avoid the thought of having to survive in your car just by calling for help. The other great thing about extended batteries is that they are usually universal to all smartphones since they just have a USB port to plug your phone charger into. Some extended batteries can charge your phone several times over before it needs to be recharged.


The next most important thing you need to keep in your car at all times is a case of water. The human body can survive for weeks without food but only days without water. If your car’s trunk is big enough, then try to keep a case of water on hand at all times. Worst case, you will have enough water to get you through an emergency situation, or at least you will always have a bottle ready for when you are stuck in traffic. In addition to quenching your thirst, carrying a case of water in your car will also provide you with the plastic containers you could use in emergency situation. Plastic water bottles can be used to collect rainwater, cook food, boil water, filter water, catch small fish or bugs, and much more.


It wouldn’t hurt to have some food in your car that can last for a long time. If you can swing it, have a few MREs in your car at all times. Or if you want to keep it more budget friendly, go with a bunch of packets of instant oatmeal. You will have enough water in your car to mix with it, and it will be a good source of both simple and complex carbs which will help you feel more full. Keep the oatmeal packets in a zipped plastic bag to maintain freshness. If you want to go the extra mile, throw a few packets of Kyani in your bag too so you have the vitamins and nutrients you need in a convenient serving size.


Keeping a blanket in your car can prove to be life-saving if you are ever stranded overnight or in an area with frigid temperatures. You can’t depend on your car to provide the insulation and heat necessary to keep you alive in a survival situation. A blanket can also provide shelter or shade, so invest in a blanket that will do the best for you in the area you live and travel.

Fire Starter Kit

While having a fire starter kit with you or in your car at all times might sound a bit extreme, it is a small item that could get you out of an ugly situation. In addition to providing you with light and heat, a fire can help you signal for help, purify your water, and cook your food. Invest in a kit that you are comfortable with. There are several different setups available for every level of skill. From waterproof matches with fuel-soaked cotton balls, to flint and steel, or just a lighter. Pick a solution that works for you and that you can depend on.

These five things that you need to keep in your car can not only save your life, they can keep you alive. Take the time to think about all of your needs and create the kit you feel is best for you.

Finding support for teen drug addiction

teen drug abuse treatment

When a child is struggling with addiction, it can be tough for parents to know what to do. The soft and empathetic approach is often what most moms and dads turn to so that their children feel loved and supported. Even though all parents want to make sure that their children are supported in their times of need, this may not be the approach that will actually work for your child.Tough Love Could Be the Answer

Tough Love Could Be the Answer

Kids of all ages and backgrounds have potential, but when drugs and alcohol enter the mix, that potential is immediately lost. Fortunately, you can get it back, but it’s your responsibility as the parents to facilitate this. Teenagers need guidance from their parents and guardians, and sometimes this means tough love. Otherwise, they end up complacent and think that whatever mess they get into will be fixed by their loving parents. If your child doesn’t have a job, isn’t interested in academics or extracurricular activities and isn’t putting forth effort and passion in any other area of life, drugs often become the central problem.

Seeking Substance Abuse Help

As the parent, you can help corral your child in the right direction. If a serious drug problem is going on with your child, it’s time to seek immediate help at a drug and alcohol rehab facility that centers around teens. These professional rehab centers cater mostly to full-blown addicts, so if you have seen the official signs of addiction in your child, a professional rehabilitation location like this may be what you need to help your child. These locations offer detoxification services as well as intensive therapy and counseling services so that the young person in your life can get back on track.

On the other hand, for children who have only been trying drugs or hanging out with other people who are using drugs and alcohol, an academy centered around unleashing the potential in teens may be more appropriate. Diamond Ranch Academy is located in Hurricane, Utah, and it helps bring brighter futures to young people from all around the United States.

Diamond Ranch Academy
Diamond Ranch Academy in St. George, Utah

Diamond Ranch Academy has worked with young people who have substance abuse problems before. The teachers and facilitators at Diamond Ranch Academy have master’s degrees or bachelor’s degrees in their respective fields so that they can appropriately and adequately help your children. This school offers excellent treatment options and is a good alternative to military schools.

If you have a teen who is struggling with drugs and alcohol abuse, it’s time to talk to them about getting help. Again, it is your responsibility as a parent to take charge in situations like these and direct your child down the appropriate path. Get help for your child today by contacting Diamond Ranch Academy or a substance abuse treatment facility in your area who can help teenagers.

Lego Batman – Better Than the First Lego Movie

Lego Batman - Better Than the First Lego Movie
Lego Batman - Better Than the First Lego Movie

The LEGO Batman Movie opened in theaters recently, and there is only one way to describe this awesome movie. It is so much better than the first LEGO movie! The PG-rated still animation movie was 90 full fast-paced minutes of pure entertainment. It is perfect for the entire family!

A spin off of the original LEGO movie, The LEGO Batman Movie focuses on the now-main character, Batman (voiced by Will Arnett). In past films, the vigilante was dark, vengeful, and brooding. This side of him is especially prominent in The Dark Knight. However, in this LEGO movie, the caped crusade learns to lighten up a bit. Why, do you ask? Well, Batman needs to save Gotham from despair and the Joker’s total ambush of the city. Yes, the Joker is back! Although the character is not voiced by Jack Nicholson (the best Joker ever!), Zach Galifianakis does a fine job. 24

Robin is also in the mix of LEGO characters, and he is voiced by Michael Cera. Batman’s butler Alfred Pennyworth(voiced by Ralph Fiennes) joins Batman and Robin on the crusade to defeat the Joker. What’s not to like? This film is packed with random bits of humor that will send into anyone gales of laughter. Jokes range from Batman humor to funny plays on words, and they keep coming one after the other.

The movie’s visual comedy and references to pop culture are also a source of much-welcomed humor. The Joker is not the only character who gets some screen time (and a lot of it!) in this movie. There are appearances made by Doug Benson as Bane, Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face, and more. The LEGO Batman Movie is a smart and funny animated movie that is more than just a spin off. Offering a great story line and humor, the film is perfect for some laughs!

What the Hell is a Hipster?

What the Hell is a Hipster?
What the Hell is a Hipster?
What the Hell is a Hipster?

There are two kinds of people in the world: people who are called hipsters and those who call others hipsters. Almost nobody self-identifies as a hipster, as the label is seen as rather undesirable and something that isn’t ingrained in you, such as your race, gender identity or sexuality.

However, it still begs the question: just what exactly constitutes a hipster? The invaluable Merriam-Webster dictionary defines one as “a person who is unusually aware of and interested in new and unconventional patterns.”

So, is that it? A hipster is somebody who favors things that are out of step with conventionality? Well, that’s the dictionary’s definition, and it might be a lot of people’s definition. However, it’s not everybody’s definition. Hipster is a label with so much flexibility that the definition of one now might be completely different that it was ten years ago.

Where the Hipsters Are
Being a hipster is as much about location as it is about attitude. You might hear somebody decry big cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago as being “full of hipsters.” Why? Because they’re urban environments, which is where hipsters thrive. You can find hipsters in smaller, more homogenized populations. However, they won’t be as readily apparent as they are in eclectic neighborhoods in large cities.
What Do Hipsters Do?
Being a hipster is not a paying job. (If you have a lead that says otherwise, we’re moving to Brooklyn right now). However, the typical hipster lifestyle is rife with hobbies and interests. It is established doctrine that hipsters must have a strong opinion on music. Conventional wisdom used to be that hipsters exclusively liked indie rock bands. Now, it is acceptable for hipsters to like all sorts of music, ranging from classic rock to current radio pop. However, they cannot just like music passively. They must have strongly formulated opinions on a variety of music and be willing to bring them up at a moment’s notice. If a hipster comes across somebody criticizing Katy Perry, they must immediately come to the defense of Perry, using phrases such as “subversive” and “commentary on gender roles.” Whether a hipster actually agrees with what they’re saying does not matter.Hipsters should have creative pursuits. They don’t need to be particularly talented or even choose a hobby with a steep learning curve. They just need to be able to convince others that they’re doing things. Learning a couple songs on the ukulele or being able to draw semi-decent portraits are examples of hobbies a hipster can take up without taking too much time out of their lives. However, they need to make sure they update their Facebook and Instagram accounts with news about their hobbies. After all, if they don’t use their hobbies to help craft an image for people online, then what’s the point in having them?

Hipster Fashion
If you see someone in a record shop with a pair of black-framed glasses, then you can all but guaranteed that person has been called a hipster before. (Also, you might be something of a hipster too for being in a record shop) Still, fashion choices for hipsters are not universal. While some embrace style and will spend a significant amount of their income on nice clothes (or t-shirts that cost $40), others embrace a low-cost lifestyle and shop at thrift shops for hidden gems or clothes so very unfashionable, they become chic by virtue of a hipster wearing them.However, a hipster never willingly admits to trying to impress anyone with their clothes. They might agonize over a purchase and have an internal debate about which ironic T-shirt would suit them best for this particular day, but once the clothes are on, there should be no visible trace of caring.

Hipster Spending
Hipsters are very conscious of their purchases. They are less concerned about the price or usefulness of something then they are about its value to their image. If a hipster comes across something that no one else in their neighborhood or social circle has, they will buy it and share their amazing find on social media. A hipster might not have essential things like a first aid kit or ironing board in their residence, but you can bet that they’ll have plenty of cool things.
The Hipster Diet
Hipsters have to eat, but it doesn’t necessarily have a huge impact on their lives. Your stereotypical hipster has a thin build and will subsist largely off of junk food. They will receive enough nutrition to stay alive, but their smoking and drinking habits aren’t particularly beneficial to their bodies’ well-being.Some hipsters adhere to strict diets, such as vegetarianism or veganism. Others will embark on “fad diets” such as the Paleo diet. Some hipsters are interested in fitness, but few are committed enough to fully disband their bad habits.

What the Hell is a Hipster?
What the Hell is a Hipster?
Am I A Hipster?
Did you read through this article and find yourself relating remarkably to all/most of these descriptions? Well, if you did, you might be a hipster. We’re not saying you are for sure a hipster. It’s just that if somebody were to ever derisively call you a hipster, you shouldn’t be too surprised.You might protest and say that you’re not a hipster for a variety of reasons. For instance, maybe you’re a diehard sports fan or you like Will Ferrell comedies. Surely, those aren’t hallmarks of a hipster, right? Well, a hipster can like just about anything, and nothing makes you look like more like a hipster than vehemently denying that you are, in fact, a hipster.

The good news for you is that being a hipster is nothing to be ashamed of. As a hipster, you are immediately assumed to have better taste in everything and to be smarter than everyone else. Your cutting-edge ideas are sure to astound the world, as will your free verse poetry. We say to embrace hipsterdom and never give it up. That is until the skinny jeans don’t fit as well anymore. (probably around age 30)

Armchair Activism Doesn’t Count as Doing Good

Armchair activism slactivism

The world as we know it is coming to an end. Well no, maybe not actually coming to an end, but there is plenty of turmoil and angst to go around. While many are contributing to the upheaval, there has also been a surge in goodwill amongst people as well. There are some who wholeheartedly wish to do their part in trying to make this a better world. Unfortunately, these people are also lazy. These are the armchair activists. Sharing a link to a good cause, retweeting a powerful message, hashtagging to spread awareness… sure it sounds nice, but is that actually doing anything to help? Most likely not. Remember #BringBackOurGirls? Or #IStandWithStandingRock? Yeah, a lot of good those tweets did to create real solutions. So what can YOU do? Plenty. First, you have to figure out where you want to help – the rest will come easy.

How To Choose The Charity That Is Right For You
There is a never-ending amount of charities, good causes, and missions all over the world, in every state, and in every city, so finding one shouldn’t be all that difficult. Ask yourself, what are your passions? Do you feel strongly about animals? Poverty? Do have a strong political stance? Take a step back and think about what good you would like to see in the world. Where does your attention lie? Take a note from Dan Pallotta, creator of Breast Cancer 3-Day Walks and AIDS Rides that raised millions, anyone can make a difference. “I want people to consider themselves a philanthropist no matter how much or how little they are giving. Even if you are giving $25, you are still a philanthropist. I advise people to figure out what cause they want to have an impact on, and take time doing research to find out the organization they feel is doing the best work on that problem. Then, make them your charitable partner for life,” says Pallotta to the TED Blog.

Once you have nailed down where you would like to put your efforts, there’s a slew of different ways you can make more of an impact than just clicking and sharing. From the hands-on activist to the check writer, there’s something for every giving heart.

Contribute Financially
Although many would say it is the easiest way to help out, financially supporting a charity can help set the groundwork for all the positive things that can come from such an organization. Writing a check, donating a sizable amount, or even just collecting your daily pocket change can all be viable ways to give back. Charities may provide services to others who don’t have such means, but they need funding to be able to do such things, so your money can help others even if it’s not coming directly from your hands. Your pennies can a long way to help an organization helping those less fortunate. If you’re too busy, too far, or even too shy, financially contributing can make a world of difference without much effort on your end. Find out if your employer has a foundation or charity where they match contributions. Check out how to make your dollar count here.

Volunteer Your Time
Writing a check may be the easiest way to lend a hand, but it’s not always an option if you don’t have any wiggle room in your personal budget. The most fundamental (and cheapest) way of giving back is to volunteer. At the root of volunteering is time – the most precious gift we receive each and every day. What could be more valuable than giving your time to a greater good?! The only question is, where do you spend your time? From reading to small children to building a home with your own two hands, there are an unlimited amount of places you can volunteer your time. A great tool to help you search for where to get started is VolunteerMatch. Here you can find any and all kinds of organizations that would love to have every minute you can spare. Your time can stretch further than any dollar, good, or like whether it is an hour a week or hours every day.

Donate Goods
One of the most popular ways of contributing to a cause is by donating goods. Used clothing, furniture, household items, and even your old car, are all items that may be extraordinarily beneficial to someone in need. Your interests in giving back may lead you toward or organization that helps clothe people living in impoverished areas with nothing to cover their backs or one that provides struggling families with appliances for their homes. Any such organization would be thrilled to receive your donated goods. This is also a fantastic way to rid your home of clutter and things you may not have any use for. What better way to help someone less fortunate than by donating your own items to them? Don’t know where to send that pair of jeans you can no longer squeeze into or that pair of boots that has seen plenty of snow storms? Check out this article for ideas on where to go.

Get Vocal
Outside of charitable organizations, taking an active part in giving back can also include making your voice heard on issues that affect your life. Given the ever-changing political climate of the world, activism in the form of taking a stance on the issues we face on a daily basis is a hot button topic for nearly every individual. Even though news and opinions spread via social media, commenting on an article or visiting a fan page are not always enough to be heard. Often, we are encouraged to contact our lawmakers directly. But how do you reach an individual with such a position? Writing letters and making phone calls, that’s how! Learn how you too can make a difference by expressing your thoughts to those that can help mold your future. Visit this site for more information.

Armchair activism is most definitely lame. With plenty of options available to help you do your part, there is no reason why the extent of your efforts should be at your computer desk.

How to Spot Fake News on Facebook

How to Spot Fake News on Facebook
How to Spot Fake News on Facebook

The primary reason that fake news flourishes is because people do not do their due diligence in researching where a claim is originating from before spreading the rumor. You must put in some real investigative work to determine if a headline is blatantly false, true, misleading or simply an opinion piece. Fake news outlets capitalize on the fact that humans are naturally inclined to emotionally react to information before they will truly test the validity of it. Mainstream media and alternative media alike are both guilty of casually tossing in bias or misleading “alternative facts” to appeal to their known reader base. The only way to steer clear of fake news is to investigate the source, verify the story with other sources and seriously examine the author’s claims.

2016 Election “Fake News”

This out-of-control “fake news” phenomena played a major role in the 2016 election. During the first presidential debate of 2016, Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton made the bold statement, “Well, Donald, we all know you live in your own reality,” to highlight this glaring fact. Various media outlets including PolitiFact, NPR, Bloomberg TV and offered real-time live fact checking during the first debate. Each candidate’s respective websites, and, even became live fact-checkers during the debate. The real problem was that each fact checker was so biased that they only served to reinforce the relative reality they were representing in the first place.

One of the most shocking “fake news” stories during the election was the beginning of the now infamous Pizza Gate conspiracy. Rumors that the New York Police Department had found incriminating evidence in John Podesta’s emails that indicated an ongoing democratic involvement in a pedophilia ring caused a major stir in the alternative news community. These claims were never verified, but the rumor continues to provide fuel for independent truth seekers.

Similarly, the mainstream media picked up on and spread an unsubstantiated claim that Trump supporters were chanting hate messages like “We hate Muslims, we hate Blacks, we want our great country back,” as a celebration to Trump’s victory. Upon closer inspection, the original tweet came from a parody fake-news journalist who never intended the message to be taken seriously (

Know the Source

If you suspect that an article may be misleading or misrepresenting certain facts, then the first thing you should do is investigate the source of the article. Always navigate to the website’s contact information to build some credibility for the source. Any reputable source will have an authentic way to contact the company.

According to BuzzFeed, the most widely spread fake news story of 2016 was published by and was shared, commented on or reacted to on FaceBook over 2.1 million times ( At first glance, this source appears credible because it contains the reliable and well-known ABC News stamp. Upon closer inspection, however, it’s clear that this website is a fraudulent site made to look like the real ABC News site.

To the trained eye, the URL of the above article would be a huge red flag. Any “” website should be investigated. Major news companies typically purchase the established “.com” domain name.

Trusted Sources

This election cycle has thrown into question the legitimacy and bias of some of the most well-respected mainstream news sources. Donald Trump has called CNN a “fake news” source, while others have bashed Info Wars as fake news.

Melissa Zimdars, a professor at Merrimack College, created a list of “fake news” websites that commonly show up on your Facebook feed to help her students stop the spread of misinformation. Some news sources included on the list were, Project Veritas, Independent Journal Review, and WorldTruth.Tv ( The list went viral and furthered the ongoing debate over what should be considered a trusted source.

Chris Rossini published a counter-list of “fake news” sources that singled out journalists who directly colluded with Hillary Clinton during the campaign. Fake news perpetrators included representatives from ABC, Bloomberg, CBS, CNBC, CNN, Huffington Post, NBC, MSNBC, Politico and New York Times (

As a rule, know that every single article is written with some bias. The only way to combat consistent bias is to trust your sources, but always verify them.

Trust, But Verify

If the headline story is real news, then it’s likely being reported by other news sources at the same time. In many cases, a simple Google search can quickly verify or debunk a story you read on Facebook. Other well-known and reputable news sources should be reporting the same event or facts. When in doubt, verify a story by comparing it with other sources.

In some cases, corporate media bias or other factors can prevent a story from being covered in the mainstream media. When this happens, alternative media will typically pick up the story and it can still be found on multiple alternative news outlets. Scan the article for indicators of the original source of the story, and use this information to research the original source.

Those who primarily use only a few outlets or news sources are the most likely to fall into a fake news trap. Avoid this pitfall by creating more balance in your news feed. You may not literally “like” Fox News or CNN, but giving them a like on Facebook will help keep your perspective balanced. A more well-rounded perspective will help you recognize when an article is overly biased or glaringly false.

Examine the Author’s Claims

Take the time to examine each of the article’s claims. Is the article mostly opinion based with very few sourced facts? Does the news story include sourced research studies, witness accounts or reports from credible agencies? Fake news stories rarely include any real, provable data or any accounts from verifiable agencies.

You look like a bot: How I Went from Bot to Hot

You look like a bot: How I Went from Bot to Hot
You look like a bot: How I Went from Bot to Hot

As a blogger, it was important for me to get my ideas across various platforms. I have over 3,000 followers on Tumblr, over 5,000 on Instagram, and even 2,500 subscribers on YouTube. For the longest time, I ignored signing up for Twitter. I heard from fellow bloggers that the site was full of celebrities and users who tweeted about mundane things like going to the bathroom. So I put off of Twitter for years, but without my knowledge, I was selling myself short in doing so.
When I tried to reach out to my followers, they felt intimidated by me and my strong social media presence on Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube. I felt as if my blog was too professional to make announcements or small text posts about cool small things about me or my life. When I met my followers in real life, they asked if I had a Twitter and were disappointed when I inevitably replied, “No, sorry.” Even on television, shows held contests involving Twitter and voting for your favorite contestant. I quickly realized I had to sign up for Twitter if I wanted to remain relevant on social media.
So I finally signed up for the site. It was nice to start from scratch with no followers, but I wanted to start posting cool tweets with lots of ‘likes’. I announced on all my other social media accounts that I created a Twitter account and would love to gain some followers. I waited a day before logging into Twitter and checking my follower count. Shockingly, I had only gained six returning followers from my other social media accounts. How could this be? I had to fix it quickly but to my dismay, my follower count would stay frozen at six for months.
I felt like a failure. How can you raise your follower count? It wasn’t as easy as other sites. I asked my friends who had follower counts towards the thousands, about what I could do. All of them replied with, “Well, to be honest, you sound like a bot. You never talk about what’s hot and trending.”
I was shocked to hear this feedback from them, but as I scrolled through my tweets, I realized they were right. I sounded like a spam bot. I began to research some way to improve my tweeting and this is what I came up with: The Three Golden Rules of Twitter.
The first rule was to correctly tweet using the trending hashtags. They’re hot and trending for a reason. People want to hear about what’s fresh and new, not about generic stuff like what cereal you ate for breakfast.
The second rule is to follow celebrities and retweet interesting posts or announcements from them. Celebrities are tied in with the hot and trending hashtags and people want to hear about the things they have to say.
The third rule is to share cool announcements about yourself and things you have discovered, and make an effort to engage the material with your followers. Don’t just tweet a couple lines about what you had for dinner, instead share pictures of your fancy dinner. Followers love pictures of food. There are whole Twitter accounts dedicated to food and celebrity chefs sharing pictures of meals they prepared.
After a month of following these rules, I noticed my follower count was rapidly growing into the hundreds and eventually the thousands. I was ecstatic! I didn’t sound like a bot anymore and my followers returned to turning to me for hot news and trends. My followers felt like they could approach me and have casual conversations. Try out these three golden rules and you will sound real, rather than some spam bot looking to steal credit card numbers.

So you Joined an MLM…

So you Joined an MLM…
So you Joined an MLM…

Congratulations, you have taken a step in the right direction toward owning your financial future. Joining an MLM is never an easy thing to do. There will be times when your family and friends are seriously questioning this new career path. Don’t worry about what these people think. Most of your friends and family have never been entrepreneurs and will never be. Standing on your own outside of the box can be a very difficult thing to do. In an industry where so many people fail, it is your responsibility to yourself to arm yourself with knowledge that will raise your chances of having a massive success in your MLM. While multi-level marketing as an industry has a bad reputation from those who do not understand it, this does not mean that there isn’t a large abundance of individuals who succeed in this industry.

Listen to what your company is telling you

As an independent sales representative for your company, you are essential to the future of their organization. MLMs are set up so that you can succeed. You just need to listen to what your company and mentor are telling you. While many sales reps in the MLM industry complain about not making the amount of money they feel they deserve, they are passing up seminars, coaching sessions, and other valuable meetings that are offered by the company. Make sure that you are taking advantage of all of the resources available from you company as they have a system that is designed to help you succeed. Take the actions that your company suggests. Going to a seminar isn’t going to mean anything unless you apply what they have said into your business. Do your research. For instance, if you work with a business like Kyäni, read up on real Kyäni reviews so you can explain to others the benefits of the products you are offering.

Become a leader

The dream of residual income is very real in the MLM industry. With a downline, you can potentially have your business running on autopilot during the hours you are not working. However, this takes amazing leadership skills. Just as you promised your downline when you recruited them into your business, you need to step up to the plate and helm then succeed as well. Learn the skills of an amazing leader. Attending communications and leadership seminars. Spend time reading from the best like Tony Robins, Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, and Jim Rohn. If you learn how to become a very effective leader, the future of your business is very bright!

Stand out from other distributors

It is pretty likely that the individuals who you are trying to recruit into your business have tried to be recruited by other distributors in the past. You need to make an effort to stand out from these other distributors in order to grab the attention of those whom you are trying to sponsor in your business. Go above and beyond when you are taking your potential sponsors out for lunch or dinner to explain the business. Spend the extra time and money to dress for success and create a great experience that your potential sponsors will remember.

Treat your MLM business like a job

The problem with many MLM distributors today is their passive approach to their business. Just like you would get fired for not showing up to work a week in a row, your MLM business will fail if you choose to neglect it. You must make sure that you are putting in the hours necessary in order to succeed in the industry. Even if you are working a full-time job while running your MLM business, find the time every day to contact potential sponsors and work with your downline. Even if you are only able to work for 30 minutes a day, this is better than only working on your business for five hours every 2nd Saturday of the month.