5 Companies that Actually Care About the Environment


Our environment is such an important thing to protect, yet many companies are using the environment to their advantage, without doing anything in return. By shopping at and supporting companies that do good for our environment, people can help save this precious part of our Earth. Here are five companies that actually care about the environment, so that you can feel good about who you support.

Indigo Luna

Indigo Luna is a yoga and clothing company that uses recycled plastic bottles to make sustainable clothing. All Indigo Luna clothing is dyed using plants, and all excess dye and runoff are put back into the garden beds growing plants for dyes. By using recycled plastic bottles, this sustainable company is helping to clean the earth, and is working toward not making new waste with materials.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is a company that sells cleaning supplies and personal products such as baby wipes and facial tissue. The company uses all natural products and does not support the use of fossil fuels to power the Earth. Seventh Generation also believes in Ingredient Disclosure, which means that all ingredients used are printed on the bottles and packaging.


doTERRA is an essential oils company that believes therapeutic grade essential oils can genuinely change the world. doTERRA focuses on ensuring the long-term supply of their sources. By doing so, doTerra is also making sure to use sustainable practices, eliminating anything that could harm the environment. Many of doTerra’s oils are sourced in developing countries, where many workers receive unfair wages. doTerra helps to support farmers and communities through essential oils and ensure fair wages for the growers and harvesters of the materials needed.

Burt’s Bees

This more common, drugstore beauty brand is another company that cares about the environment. Burt’s Bees uses sustainable packaging and recycled materials in all of the products they sell. It also sustainably sourced materials used, from different countries and locations around the world.


As a brand, frilly is committed to cleaning up the fashion industry with high-quality, made-to-order clothing. They work to treat their workers and the planet with kindness and sustainability in mind. The fashion industry is notorious for producing throw-away fashion—clothing that is worn for a short period, and then thrown out. At frilly, they produce clothing with an eye toward quality—not quantity.

Sustainable brands are essential to helping our environment. Although they’re not always as easy to find and by from than conventional companies, the extra effort is worth it to protect the environment.


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