Dirty Carpet? 5 Ways to Clean It that Will Shock You


One of the most common areas where dirt and stains are present in the home is on the carpet. Due to muddy shoes or red wine that spills, it’s common for the carpet to become grungy. When you want to clean the carpet and allow it to shine, there are a few ways to clean it that will shock you.

Apply Club Soda

Club soda is extremely effective in removing stains on the carpet when used effectively. Apply the soda on an old towel and blot it on an area where beer or wine stains are present. It can also be mixed with white vinegar and sprayed onto the stain before allowing it to soak for 15 minutes.

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are a natural and safe product to use to remove stains on the carpet. doTERRA products offer ingredients that will allow you to make a homemade carpet cleaner by using a mixture of lavender essential oil, salt, and white vinegar. The purifying properties of lavender oil will remove odors that are present in the carpet from the stains and will also cleanse and leave a good aroma in the carpet.

Apply Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a household ingredient that is effective at removing blood that is on the carpet. You’ll need to loosen the dried blood with water and detergent. This makes it easy to remove with the hydrogen peroxide.

Use an Iron

Handheld irons are effective at removing wax that dry on the carpet due to candles that are often used in homes. Cover the wax with a towel before applying the iron to the area where the stain is present. Scraping off the remainder of the water with a dull knife will remove the rest of the wax.

Add Ice

Ice is an affordable and easy item to use to remove things like chewing gum.  These types of items stick in the carpet and become impossible to remove. Freeze the gum with the ice cubes for at least 30 seconds. Then lift it up with a spoon to take it off of the fibers of the carpet.

Your carpet may take a beating due to kids or pets that are in your home. However, you can make the floors look new again with the right products. By knowing unique ways to clean different types of stains, you’ll maintain the quality of the carpet for many years to come.



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