Move Over Hash: Kratom Powder Has Hit the Scene


Kratom powder, or mitragyna speciosa, comes from a tree that is native to Asia and it works by acting on the mu-opioid receptors in the brain. Its leaves can be ground down into a fine powder and made into a tea or put into capsules for many different uses. Some use it as an energy booster while others use it for sedating and pain relieving effects. It has also been shown to alleviate withdrawals symptoms and treat mental health issues like depression and anxiety. From the media spreading misinformation and the DEA’s attempt to emergency schedule it as an illegal drug, you may think that kratom is the new dangerous legal high that has hit the market. A study done by researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center has proven this to be false, and their findings show the vast potential of mitragyna speciosa.

Abuse Potential

Although kratom powder does not cause respiratory depression like traditional opiates, it does still act on opioid receptors, which opens the potential for abuse. Some users of kratom report ill effects or withdrawals when taking multiple doses daily, while others that use it more responsibly report having no side effects at all. It seems like the general rule with kratom is that if you use it daily, especially for chronic pain users, stick to a lower dose and only use once a day. When used in this way, it seems to be safe and effective. The problem is that there have not been many scientific studies done on this claim and it is clear that it needs to be studied more thoroughly. On the other hand, studies on the beneficial and positive effects of this substance seem to be more known.

Saving Lives and Relieving Pain

When used in smaller doses, kratom gives an energizing effect, similar to caffeine or other stimulants, but when it is taken in larger doses the pain-relieving effects can be similar to that of an opiate. These effects are well known by the kratom community, and large numbers of people claim it has helped them get off of prescription painkillers and even dangerous drugs like heroin. Kratom works by completely alleviating withdrawal symptoms and making it easier for addicts to get off of opiates. Just like medical marijuana, it seems that kratom powder is a safer alternative to things like pharmaceuticals for treating numerous conditions and health issues.

While nothing can replace good old fashioned cannabis, one thing is for sure: the battle for kratom powder has begun.



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