Blending Cutting Edge Technology with the Traditional Gentleman

Blending Cutting Edge Technology with the Traditional Gentleman
Blending Cutting Edge Technology with the Traditional Gentleman

The modern man faces many challenges today between finding the right career, portraying himself as a dapper gentleman, and achieving his goals in life. Men’s lifestyle often portray the gentleman as someone who is properly dressed at all times, eschews mundane social conventions and pays attention to those around him and not his mobile device.

A modern man is above the masses, glued to their phone screens and the glowing affirmations from social media. But technology is necessary, and often a man might wonder how to blend the modern with the traditional. Whether you’re a fan of the classics or enjoy your technology with a vintage look, there are many pieces and styles technology comes available in nowadays so you can announce your style with aplomb.

A record player can easily disguise a new state-of-the-art radio and digital music player, as well as being capable of playing records and showing to people at parties you’re a man of class and taste. Vintage typewriters can be retrofitted to work with laptops, which makes a statement about how you choose to use technology. iPads and iPhones can easily be fitted with custom engraved wood cases and these warm wooden hues will lend a traditional look to your tech.

You can even outfit your home with modern needs such as home assistance systems like the Google Home; all you have to do is disguise the device inside a clever panel in your home. It even lends itself to a steampunk aesthetic, to have technology interwoven between classical features like installing a sound system directly into the wooden paneling of your home or having a smart watch that looks just like a vintage pocket watch.

The original men’s lifestyle is one of fine distinction, and you need not give up the conveniences of modern life with your pursuit of the traditional. Fine suits, impeccable tailoring and precision grooming will present you as a modern man of taste. Cutting edge technology such as mobile devices, tablets, laptops and the latest features for your car can all be retrofitted into the classic look of many other fine pieces, creating a work of art that any gentleman would be proud of.


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