5 Crazy Semi-Truck Accidents You Have to See to Believe


Although only a small percentage of accidents include semi-trucks, when they do, there is quite a lot of devastation and usually some fatalities. While we don’t know the cause of all of these accidents, driver error features heavily in the contributing factors. Take a look at some of the crazy accidents that have occurred. These trucks are not to be messed with!

Can’t Hide Under a Semi

This story hails from Russia, where three young people, a man and two women, were driving a French car in the winter with summer tires on. There was black ice and snow all over the ground, so when a semi-truck going sixty miles per hour came heading toward them fast, there was no time to act. The ice and snow caused the car to fly under the semi, instantly crushing the car and killing the inhabitants.

Over the Edge

Almost ten years ago in Saudi Arabia, a semi-truck accidentally jumped the barricades on a two-lane highway, landing on, crushing cars in the lanes below. The truck itself was completely destroyed. The cause of the crash isn’t reported, but it must have been terrifying to watch that truck fly!

Small but Mighty

A Toyota Rav4 is really small compared to a semi-truck, but one of these scrappy cars t-boned a semi at a very high speed and managed to knock it over! The driver did survive the impact somehow, but it just goes to show that it is important to be watching where you are going.

Heavy Flip

A logging truck in Alberta, Canada was carrying nearly 100,000 pounds of large logs when the driver, reportedly on his phone, almost drove off the road to the right and overcorrected into a ditch. This dragged the unprotected cab down a hill and through a snowbank, killing the driver.

Hang on for Help

Early on a cold New York morning in 2007, a semi-truck pitched cab first through the guardrail of a bridge, landing on its windshield and somehow leaving the body of the truck still up on the bridge! This one has a happier ending than most, as the driver did manage to make it out alive.

While these stories may seem a little out there and the pictures definitely show some serious damage, it is important to remember that semi-trucks are nothing to play around with. Most of the people involved in these stories didn’t make it out alive and there was a lot of damage done. Be careful driving around semi-trucks so you don’t become one of these crazy stories.


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