5 Procedures Least Likely to Leave Scars


As time goes by, procedures have become more complicated and advanced. Before, doctors performed open surgeries on their patients that later left visible scars that are painful to the patients because they serve as a reminder of the painful past. Now inventors have brought about surgeries that are minimally invasive thus scars and lacerations are less. Other surgeries Include cosmetic, cancer, gender reassignment surgeries and much more.

Scarless surgery is considered a futuristic type of procedure. Studies have shown a newly developed healing process after the scientist has discovered a way to influence the skin as it heals from an incision point to avoid scar tissue generation. All people who undergo surgeries have scars that are not visible. There are a few surgeries known to leave less or no scars.

1. Laparoscopic Surgery

During this operation, small incisions are made to fit a camera, a few surgical instruments while the surgeon’s hands and fingers stay out of the body, but the surgery is performed through a monitor. It requires a skilled surgeon alongside him is an equally skilled surgeon well adjusted with open surgery. The smaller incisions heal faster, and this surgery reduces scarring and complications.

2. Transaxillary Robotic Thyroid Surgery and Other Robotic Surgery

It is a minimally invasive surgical technique with a robotic system allowing the surgeon to see in stereo-optic 3D with a special HD camera offering ten times the magnification than usual. It is used to remove all or part of the thyroid. There are no visible or permanent scars left, no damage done or risk of trauma because the operation is precise and pain is less compared to normal thyroid surgery.

3. Minimal Scar Top Surgery

It is a procedure mainly done by Transgender men with a smaller chest and with elastic skin. Notably, small incisions are made on the side of the chest and partly along the areola. After the surgery and then given time to heal. There is an invisible scarring and the nipple’s sensitivity is regained thus scars and lacerations are minimal.


Natural Orifice (meaning the mouth, vagina, and anus) Transluminal Endoscopic (indicating insertion of surgical tools by the surgeon) Surgery (NOTES), to the inside of the body through natural openings. As seen, there are no scars or incisions thus meeting the goal intended. A woman underwent this surgery, and that evening she went home thus a quick recovery is assured.

5. Surgical Stitches

Traditional stitches are good, but a newer and better method of closure is Dermabond or perhaps Indermil. They are glue-like materials that eliminate cross tracks and stitch marks. This method is now used everywhere for example, in eye surgery, tummy tucks and much more.

Overall, the mentioned methods surgeries are aimed at the reducing the occurrence of scars. Nonetheless, qualified professionals should carry out the procedures to attain the desired results.


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