10 Distinctive Decor Ideas to Set Your Home Apart

distinctly decorated living room

You want your home to be different than other run-of-the-mill residences. You are drawn to the unique, the bold, and the eclectic. Quality and good taste are still your main goal, but you want your individualism and originality to shine through. If this sounds like you, here are some helpful decor tips to make your home reflect your own unique personality.

Exterior Colors

If you want your home to draw attention from the moment people see it, paint the exterior an unusual color. (Check with your homeowner’s association before buying the paint and supplies, though.) Shades of yellow, orange, mint, teal, navy, lavender, and pink can be tasteful while still making a bold statement. Make it pop with the addition of flowerbeds full of complementary blooms.

distinctive red, orange, white, and yellow houses

Wall Colors

If you hesitate to go crazy on the outside of your home, try it on the interior first. Choose an accent wall in your living area and family room and make it truly pop by painting it a dark or contrasting color relative to your other walls. Eggplant, dark teal, chocolate brown, or navy are perfect examples. Wallpaper is also coming back into style, and there are many patterns to choose from to express your taste.

Artworkabstract art

Strategically-placed and displayed art pieces can do a lot for making your mark on a house. Go beyond wall art—you can display small sculptures on coffee tables, place artistic lamps, or create fun centerpieces. If you’re stuck on paintings, choose those with bold colors and distinctive designs to really make your home a showcase. If you have the means, purchase originals rather than prints for additional conversational value. You can find original art for sale on sites like Zatista, Saatchi Art, and Vango.


Outdoor Lawn Ornaments and Statues

Who said that art belongs on the inside of your house? Dress up your yard with a few well-placed sculptures and/or statues. If you like to hunt or are a wildlife enthusiast, a few well-made yard deer statues may do the trick. Or if artificial animals aren’t your thing, Greek statues or wind spinners might be more up your alley.


If your floors are old and dull, it might be time for a change. Swap it out for wood, stained concrete, or tile. If a floor overhaul isn’t an option, get a distinctive rug. New flooring will give your rooms new life and create a backdrop for other interesting elements such as furniture, art, and architectural additions.

wood floor in a uniquely decorated home


Unusual or eclectic furniture choices can also be a real eye-opener. Add a coffee table made from old pallets, use an old-time sewing machine cabinet for a sofa table, or bring a decorative outdoor table inside for a totally new look.

Book Displays

Books are always attention-getters. Take out that cookbook collection and proudly display it in your kitchen above your kitchen cabinets or on open shelving. Carve out a niche in your stairway for an innovative way to display your most beloved classics. Or, create bookshelves above doorways—although you might want to keep a stepladder nearby.

bookshelf in a distinct home


Vintage china or art deco patterns will look great on your dining room table. Add an unusual centerpiece for a real conversation piece. Contrasting linens will assist in bringing out the details of your settings.

colorful lampLighting

One element that most individuals do not think of when deciding on decor ideas is to change the lighting. Light fixtures come in a variety of styles, and you can almost completely change the look of a room just by changing out the fixtures. If yours are outdated or just too plain, go for those with a little pizzazz to truly magnify the beauty of your home.


Plants, both inside and out, will add warmth and beauty to your home. What you choose may depend on the climate in your area and the style of your home. A southwest home will look great with cacti and lemon trees, while a Midwestern house will look amazing with white and lavender lilac bushes.


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