5 Ways to Protect My Weapons During Travel


Travel is rough on firearms and the licenses that you need to carry them. Even a few pumps in the road can move components out of alignment in some weapons, while severe traveling conditions or simply dropping a weapon can lead to worse damage. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to protect weapons during transit.

Hard Cases

Hard cases are the best option in most cases. They consist of an outer plastic shell with a soft, inner lining that cushions the gun and keeps it safe. A portion of the lining will be cut out to make space for the gun, so it’s important to make sure that each weapon can fit in its case before you start packing for your trip. Many cases will also have an extra space for documents, and they can be laid on top of the gun to keep them safe in cases that do not. This will keep them just as secure as the firearm.

Soft Cases

A soft case will offer less protection than a hard one, but it will also be less bulky, lighter, and easier to maneuver. That makes it a valuable option for environments where the risk of damage is low, but the gun still needs some protection. Use them under those circumstances, but avoid them if you need heavy protection.

Careful Wrapping

You can also protect a gun by thoroughly wrapping it in bubble wrap or another padded material. This isn’t ideal, but it is significantly better than nothing, and it will protect against many common sources of damage. Consider this option if you don’t have a case available for your weapon and you don’t need to keep any documents with it.

Transport in Sections

It is often best to disassemble a firearm prior to transporting it. The smaller pieces will be more compact and easier to fit in a small space than an assembled weapon. This is especially important if you are only wrapping your weapon, since it will allow better coverage. That having been said, there are many hard cases that can accept a disassembled weapon, and it’s best to use one of them for extra protection.

Keep Ammo Separate

It’s best to keep ammo in a separate container from the gun when traveling. It is often required by law, but it does have practical benefits. Doing so ensures that none of the cartridges get loose and scratch the exterior of the gun. It also ensures that damaged cartridges won’t leak powder into the gun and cause an accident.



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