4 Best Places to Take a Motorcycle Trip


There is no better way to experience nature and geographical diversity than with a motorcycle tour. Imagine the feeling of a motorcycle ride enhanced by the beauty of your surroundings. Following are four great rides that will thrill the motorcycle rider with much more than that feeling of freedom on the open road.

Beartooth Highway, Montana and Wyoming

If you love hairpin turns and switchbacks, take this stretch of Highway 212. The 68-mile ride begins at Red Lodge, Montana. The entire National Scenic Byway is similar to a roller coaster ride as it ascends up through Beartooth Pass at almost 11,000 feet. The entire route zigzags through Custer and the Shoshone National Forests before ending at the northern gateway to Yellowstone National Park in Cooke City. Alpine meadows and lakes reflecting snow-capped summits create a spectacular backdrop for this ride. Be aware that it is closed October through May due to heavy snowfalls.

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina and Virginia

The Blue Ridge Parkway is an iconic route for the motorcyclist. It runs through the gorgeous Great Smoky Mountains on smooth well-maintained roads with sweeping curves and spectacular scenery. The 45-mile-per hour speed limit is strictly enforced helping to ensure a great chance to view the scenery. Consider riding longer and take the 105-mile-long Skyline Drive through the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. This entire ride will take about two days.

Coastal Route One, Maine

For the ultimate coastal ride, choose this section of US Route 1 in Maine from Brunswick to Machias. The smell of the ocean drifts in the wind as you ride this 167-mile stretch through quaint seaside villages and past historic lighthouses. Trade the hairpin turns for scenic detours as you stop in towns along the way. However, you will have some open sections of highway for high-speed sweeping curves. Watch out for moose around the bend to avoid a possible motorcycle accident. Make this a spring or autumn ride and avoid the summer bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Pacific Coast Highway, Carmel to Morro Bay, California

For an unparalleled scenic roadway full of thrilling curves, zip through the Big Sur section of the California Coastal Highway. On this cliff-hugging stretch, you will experience seal-dotted beaches and forests of towering redwoods. The 120-mile stretch is a part of the Pacific Coast Highway from Malibu to the Oregon Border. Dress warmly even in the summer months. Hint: book a visit to Hearst Castle in advance.

With so many beautiful views to choose from, you are sure to find the perfect route for you. Make sure you check road conditions and weather before you decide to go though. The Rybak Firm lists road defects as one of the most common reasons for motorcycle accidents and nothing could ruin your trip more. No matter what you decide, all of these highways along with others will deliver a great riding experience. The thrill of freedom on the open road is always best with up close spectacular views.


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