It’s Time to Build That Workshop You’ve Always Wanted

It’s Time to Build That Workshop You've Always Wanted

For many guys, having a private workshop would be a dream come true. Maybe you have dreamed about building your own outdoor workshop but perhaps didn’t know how to get started. Below is a list of ideas on how to build and organize your own workshop, without breaking the bank (or your local laws).

Determine Its Use

What will you be using your workshop for? The workshop’s ultimate purpose plays a major role in what size, shape, storage accommodations, and other considerations for determining what kind of workshop you need.

Are you planning on doing some woodwork? You may need to arrange your workshop to accommodate large pieces of lumber and machinery. It may also need some kind of soundproofing to minimize disturbance to your neighbors.

Are you more of a painter? Getting noise complaints may be less of an issue, but getting adequate lighting in the shop might be.

Kits are nice, but it’s best to customize your workshop to meet your specific needs.

Use a Template

Most guys who want to build a workshop are daunted by one obstacle: they just don’t know where to start. The simplest way to get started building your dream workshop (or heck, any workshop is better than none) is to find a template or blueprint for the kind of workshop you want. A blueprint can be a great help in getting a general idea of what structure to build when considering a workshop. Using a good template can also help to ensure that you build a sturdy structure and not something flimsy. Some home improvement stores also sell kits to make this even easier.

Building Permits

This can actually be quite important, depending on where you live. Different cities and counties will require different permits to build a structure on your land. They may even require you to submit blueprints for your structure. Make sure you are not caught off-guard with this by knowing the real estate and zoning laws in your area.

Utilize Junk Yards and Garage Sales

While many guys may want the newest piece of equipment, often that just isn’t necessary. As long as the equipment is still functional it is useful. If you are looking to save money when organizing and building your workshop, don’t be afraid to purchase used equipment. Some great, useful stuff can be found at junk yards or garage sales. This can range from tools to organizational shelves to manly decorations.

What is great about buying used is that you pay a fraction of the cost that you would pay for the items new. This can help you save quite a bit of money, leaving more funds for doing the fun stuff!

Feeling inspired? You’d better be. Building your own workshop can be more than just a dream. So what are you waiting for? Get off your butt and get started!


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