Common Sense Strategies to Protect Yourself from Violent Crime


As political divides continue to widen in our society, conflicts are getting more intense as well. Many will reach a point where they have to respond to a threat with the urge to fight, rather than to run.

This article is intended to provide some helpful suggestions and recommendations so that when that urge strikes you, you can respond intelligently and with preparation. Every edge you can give yourself can make the difference between death, life, or injury.

Be Careful Where You Drink

Impaired judgment is a great way to get yourself into trouble. You’re more likely to get attacked if you’re under the influence somehow. Simply put, avoid public intoxication whenever possible. If you absolutely have to drink or do drugs, consider doing so in the safety of your home or a trusted friend’s place.

Hitting someone while intoxicated could be considered a violent crime. Don’t put yourself in that position and if you do, talk to a defense attorney about your situation.

Of course, the better solution for someone who might have an issue with how often they become impaired by drugs or alcohol or where they partake in these substances, is to seek help in a way possible. This ranges from going to a drug rehab center or therapy to simply trusting some of the loved ones in your life to help you with your addiction. It’s an option that would keep you safe in the long run, in addition to living a healthier lifestyle.

Never Leave Your Home Unprotected

You might not have friends, family, or coworkers to escort you to a destination. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to carry some weapon or object to protect yourself with in a pinch. Anything that can easily be concealed is useful, such as a can of mace, a taser, a knife or even a small firearm. Even your car keys can be useful for striking sensitive parts of your aggressor in a melee. Additionally, try not to travel alone, especially at night in areas you aren’t all that familiar with.

Learn a Martial Art

If you want to defend yourself but have an aversion to carrying a weapon, learning a martial art is a great way to turn yourself into a weapon. As there are dozens of different styles and schools of self-defense, do some research into what sorts of techniques you want to learn and begin to get fit to begin practicing. It’s pretty well-known that good cardio can get your body in shape for learning a martial art.

Do you want to focus on grappling and immobilizing your opponent? Do you want to misdirect and disarm an opponent swiftly? Do you want to hurt your aggressor enough that they flee the scene? Even if you decide to skip any formal training courses, several parts of your body can easily be used as weapons. Consider the following:

  • Your elbows and knees can convey a significant amount of force when driven into an opponent
  • Biting and headbutts can be useful but also carry a decent risk of self-injury
  • Punching with the middle knuckle of your middle finger extended is also a practical approach

Avoid Areas with a Dangerous Reputation

Rather than risk exposing yourself to violent crime, you can sidestep the issue altogether by simply avoiding those areas. While this approach may involve driving out of your way, the extra gas is likely to be far less expensive than a trip to the emergency room.

So there you have several sensible suggestions to subvert sinister elements. Consider carrying a weapon or weaponizing your body, travel in groups when possible, try to avoid known dangerous places and be mindful of where you decide to cut loose. Remembering these sensible strategies should greatly help you prevent or survive a crisis.


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