How to Start Running, and Love It!


For most people, even those who love working out extensively, running is a boring sport. Many find it lonely, others claim that it hurts, and for some, its results are never instant. If you have the same sentiments about running, you are not alone.

Even seasoned long-distance runners had to go through a phase where they did not like the activity at all. But, running is much more than just a way to get your cardio workouts; it is a peaceful time for you to get in touch with nature. It’s one of the most important things you can do for your body. Also, it is a time to brainstorm and come up with solutions to your problems, and it is cheaper than most therapy sessions. So, how do you learn to love running?


Eat Right

For years, we burned carbs (simple carbs, at that) in order to provide sufficient energy for exercise. In the short term, this probably feels good, but it causes energy levels to crash mid-run, and can easily undo much of the benefit of running. We talk more about the benefits of exercising on the keto diet here.


Let Go Of The Past

So, every time you think about going for a run you remember those few times you’re tried running and it did not work out; forget about that. Also, forget those childhood punishments your coach gave you. It is always important to remember that being a good runner is not always about speed or the skill itself. Running is a mindset. The distance you will run, the amount of time you will spend on your run and whether you enjoy it or not will depend upon how positive you are.


Have A Goal

Sometimes, your goal is not well-thought-out. Dave Ramsey says that goals need to be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-sensitive. Create benchmarks for the accomplishments you make every time. Sometimes, you will have to convince yourself to get to the next pole, and the next, and the next, and then you will begin to set even crazier goals for your runs because you know you can achieve them. Ensure that you don’t have the same goal for three consecutive runs so that you can make progress and see the results of your hard work.


Walk Before You Run

The reason most people hate running is that they are doing it the wrong way. First-time runners always just start running and can never go more than a few minutes. Then, they try to tough it out because they know a couple of their friends who run for a long time. The results are pain and negative feelings about running in general. Instead of just beginning with a run, start with a walk and incorporate walking breaks into your run. As you become more fit, you will increase the amount of time you run before you walk.


Start Slow

The problem with many people is the assumption that one should run fast. As a grown-up, you should know that the point of running is not to go fast but to feel good. Begin with the pace you would normally go, then slow down. This will ensure that you have the energy you need to run for a longer period in your fitness apparel.


Get the Right Gear

Your fitness apparel, and especially shoes do not have to be the same ones you use to run. You want your shorts, shirts, and underwear that will glide easily and wick away sweat. According to Underfit, modal fabric and synthetics are the best materials for regulating temperature and preventing chafing.

Your running shoes also need to have more more than just aesthetic value. They will determine how fast you run and how far you go. You need to consider how high your arch is and whether you are a heel striker or a forefoot striker.


Don’t Eat Right Before Working Out

Running on a full stomach can lead to fatigue, feeling ill, and under certain circumstances can even be dangerous. Don’t worry about running on an empty stomach, because the exercise will actually help quell food cravings and provide you with energy. This is why running is a great thing to do during your intermittent fasts.



Running can be fun and exciting, especially when it is done the right way. These tips will make your running fun and easier. It is also important to ensure you have the right running gear.


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