Stay Safe But Be Prepared for Anything on the Job Site


Thousands of workers today are field personnel who work tirelessly to build buildings, fix plumbing and other trades. Every job site has the potential for danger or injury, and that’s why it’s critical to be prepared for nearly any situation. Follow these guidelines so that you can stay safe on the job while preparing for any emergencies.

Point Out Hazards

Every job site has a manager or foreman. This individual may be perfectly experienced for the work, but he or she cannot be everywhere at the same time. As you work on your project section, be aware of any hazards that arise. Sparks, water flows or ragged electrical wires are all hazards that must be dealt with as soon as possible. Point out any issues that you see so that safety rules at the job site.

Follow the Directives

Always follow the parameters set forth by your supervisor. Avoid working on anything that’s out of your comfort zone because injury may be the result of those actions. By following your directives, you can finish the work with safety as a top priority. Trying a new strategy or leaving your job position entirely leaves everyone open to safety issues. Be part of the team to keep the job running smoothly.

Read Up on Worker’s Compensation Coverage

A smart way to be prepared for anything on the job is reading up on worker’s compensation. If you become injured on the job where you need medical coverage and days off, this state policy activates on your behalf. It provides for you and your family so that economic friction isn’t an issue. You’ll be able to stay financially afloat while you recover. Being aware of your rights during this recovery period gives you an advantage over others who’re not familiar with this government perk.

Use Safety Gear

Each job position has a slightly different description. If any of your duties require safety gear, always wear them. Hard hats, gloves and safety glasses are all items that protect your most sensitive areas. You’ll remain safe during every part of the job. If a mistake is made, your body won’t pay the price with burns or other injuries.

You can also stay safe on the job if you keep your family informed of your hours and whereabouts. If you don’t call or show up at a particular time, your family will know to notify your supervisor as soon as possible. It’s a team effort to keep everyone safe on the job today.



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