How to Fail at Reddit

How to Fail at Reddit
How to Fail at Reddit

Some people shy away from Reddit because they don’t understand the mechanics of the site but others know they can do just about anything there, like posting links and different text with followup comments that include pictures and videos.

Reddit is simple. Even failure is a subreddit topic designed for laughing at people who fail. Reddit designates their subreddit community of failures as “feeling sympathy for those who fail will result in a permanent ban and a swift kick to the pelvic area.”Your text to link…

Hey, everybody likes to laugh through the good and bad, so why not do it at the expense of some Reddit failures. Here are a few hilarious examples of failures on Reddit, which just might arouse a chuckle or two and a quizzical thought such as, “Why would someone do that?”

Bar or Liquid
In the janitor’s defense, he did put soap in the soap dispenser…

Only problem is, he forgot one small detail, which was to fill the dispenser with real, live liquid soap; instead, he replaced it with a humongous bar of soap. That’s the easy, “don’t do it right” attitude that goes with the janitorial landscape these days. The only not so funny part is that bar of soap seems to be irretrievable. If you can manage to get the bar out of the receptacle, it becomes a disease spreading mechanism. Who wants to pick up some creepy crud because of a wet, slimy bar of soap? Yuck!Your text to link…

Warned you! It’s not going to stay put.
Exhibit A – in why you mount these on the wall.

Good grief, any idiot knows you don’t set a flat screen television on a tiny narrow mantle piece, which can come loose from the wall, especially if it is not anchored in the right spots. No thought was obviously given to the ratio of weight to structure and balance. What a waste! Then again, it might be a old model that needs replacement. Insurance, anyone?Your text to link…

A New Barbie, or a Mishap
Must be the “Wandering Eye Barbi” version

It looks as though Barbie had a misunderstanding with her factory plastic surgeon. Too bad the adjustments didn’t work. Will she sue, go for a redo, or create a new gender identity with her eye mishap. Maybe she’ll become an activist for the wandering eye crew. She’ll always be Barbie, no matter her condition. What can you say? Her hair is still voluminous; the nose looks good, perfect eyebrows, nice lips. Hmm, she’ll sue.Your text to link…

Bit off More than He Could Choke
Choking during Chubby Bunny Challenge #FAIL!!!!!

Well, it seems the Chubby Bunny challenge is a bust for now. He couldn’t quite make the Guinness world record for marshmallows stuffed and went down early in the round; however, can we get a recount on the number of marshmallows stuffed and expelled? That sink has to be clogged and bogged to the limit. Choking during such a high-stakes challenge is no way to compete, unless you want to melt the goods in the micro or on the stove-top and swallow them that way, but that would be too easy, messy and sickeningly sweet. No, there has to be a

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