You look like a bot: How I Went from Bot to Hot

You look like a bot: How I Went from Bot to Hot
You look like a bot: How I Went from Bot to Hot

As a blogger, it was important for me to get my ideas across various platforms. I have over 3,000 followers on Tumblr, over 5,000 on Instagram, and even 2,500 subscribers on YouTube. For the longest time, I ignored signing up for Twitter. I heard from fellow bloggers that the site was full of celebrities and users who tweeted about mundane things like going to the bathroom. So I put off of Twitter for years, but without my knowledge, I was selling myself short in doing so.
When I tried to reach out to my followers, they felt intimidated by me and my strong social media presence on Tumblr, Instagram, and YouTube. I felt as if my blog was too professional to make announcements or small text posts about cool small things about me or my life. When I met my followers in real life, they asked if I had a Twitter and were disappointed when I inevitably replied, “No, sorry.” Even on television, shows held contests involving Twitter and voting for your favorite contestant. I quickly realized I had to sign up for Twitter if I wanted to remain relevant on social media.
So I finally signed up for the site. It was nice to start from scratch with no followers, but I wanted to start posting cool tweets with lots of ‘likes’. I announced on all my other social media accounts that I created a Twitter account and would love to gain some followers. I waited a day before logging into Twitter and checking my follower count. Shockingly, I had only gained six returning followers from my other social media accounts. How could this be? I had to fix it quickly but to my dismay, my follower count would stay frozen at six for months.
I felt like a failure. How can you raise your follower count? It wasn’t as easy as other sites. I asked my friends who had follower counts towards the thousands, about what I could do. All of them replied with, “Well, to be honest, you sound like a bot. You never talk about what’s hot and trending.”
I was shocked to hear this feedback from them, but as I scrolled through my tweets, I realized they were right. I sounded like a spam bot. I began to research some way to improve my tweeting and this is what I came up with: The Three Golden Rules of Twitter.
The first rule was to correctly tweet using the trending hashtags. They’re hot and trending for a reason. People want to hear about what’s fresh and new, not about generic stuff like what cereal you ate for breakfast.
The second rule is to follow celebrities and retweet interesting posts or announcements from them. Celebrities are tied in with the hot and trending hashtags and people want to hear about the things they have to say.
The third rule is to share cool announcements about yourself and things you have discovered, and make an effort to engage the material with your followers. Don’t just tweet a couple lines about what you had for dinner, instead share pictures of your fancy dinner. Followers love pictures of food. There are whole Twitter accounts dedicated to food and celebrity chefs sharing pictures of meals they prepared.
After a month of following these rules, I noticed my follower count was rapidly growing into the hundreds and eventually the thousands. I was ecstatic! I didn’t sound like a bot anymore and my followers returned to turning to me for hot news and trends. My followers felt like they could approach me and have casual conversations. Try out these three golden rules and you will sound real, rather than some spam bot looking to steal credit card numbers.


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