5 Hilarious (and True!) Neighbor Disputes

neighbor dispute

If you live in a neighborhood long enough, chances are you’ve had your fair of share of awful neighbors. You may have even pursued legal action against them. And if you haven’t, it’s probably because you were the awful one.

Regardless, some stories are almost too good to be true. Here’s five hilarious stories that actually happened.

5. Criminal Turned Rocker-Mechanic

Michael Carrol was a convicted criminal that somehow won a $14 million lottery. Instead of doing the sensible thing like, oh I don’t know, putting it in the bank, Carrol decided to invest it in an estate in Norfolk, UK.

As if having a former criminal-turned-jackpot winner next door to you wasn’t awkward/awful enough, Carrol also fancied himself a mechanic and demolition car savant. For 24 hours a day, Carroll’s neighbors were subjected to an onslaught of engine noises and car parts strewn around the neighborhood, forcing them to live almost entirely in their bedroom.

4. Donald Trump Would be Proud

Care for a little privacy? If you’re Dennis Hawes of Fleetwood, England, probably not.

Everything began when Dennis built a terrace on the roof of his house, where, according to his neighbor Charles Hart, turned into a fully-nude sunbathing porch.

Hart didn’t appreciate being exposed (pun very much intended) to Hawes’ genitalia around the clock, so he built a 16 foot privacy fence between their properties.

Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, block ’em.

build a wall gif

3. Poop On You

Gus and Lucille Midura of Mariners Harbor, Staten Island, are apparently no picnic to live next to. Their neighbor, Paula Bolli, apparently had had enough of the two decades of feuding between them, and eventually resorted to dropping sixty cubic yards of horse manure on her yard to make them mad.

Yes, it would have been better for her to dump it on their yard, but I’m guessing she was too mad to take it an extra ten feet.

2. Awful DJ

Have you ever had a roommate that enjoyed some weird obsession, like collecting anime dolls? No big deal, right? After all, you don’t have to deal with it.

Unless you’re Alexander Alexandrov who was subjected to his neighbor’s incessant listening of “Angels” by Robbie Williams (which I’m sure breaks every noise ordinance in the book), and finally ended it by stabbing him to death.

How often did he play that song? According to Alexander: more than 4,000 times.

1. Should’ve Helped Him Move!

Stefan and Lucy Ward moved into an ex-Hell’s Angels’ biker named David Constantine in Lanchester, and one day, they were unable to help Constantine move his motorcycle. They should have made time.

For the next two years, Constantine harassed the Wards, to the point of stabbing himself in the chest and trying to frame the Wards for it. He lost, but that doesn’t mean the harassment stopped.

And oh yeah — and as far as we know, they still live next to each other.


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