Lego Batman – Better Than the First Lego Movie

Lego Batman - Better Than the First Lego Movie
Lego Batman - Better Than the First Lego Movie

The LEGO Batman Movie opened in theaters recently, and there is only one way to describe this awesome movie. It is so much better than the first LEGO movie! The PG-rated still animation movie was 90 full fast-paced minutes of pure entertainment. It is perfect for the entire family!

A spin off of the original LEGO movie, The LEGO Batman Movie focuses on the now-main character, Batman (voiced by Will Arnett). In past films, the vigilante was dark, vengeful, and brooding. This side of him is especially prominent in The Dark Knight. However, in this LEGO movie, the caped crusade learns to lighten up a bit. Why, do you ask? Well, Batman needs to save Gotham from despair and the Joker’s total ambush of the city. Yes, the Joker is back! Although the character is not voiced by Jack Nicholson (the best Joker ever!), Zach Galifianakis does a fine job. 24

Robin is also in the mix of LEGO characters, and he is voiced by Michael Cera. Batman’s butler Alfred Pennyworth(voiced by Ralph Fiennes) joins Batman and Robin on the crusade to defeat the Joker. What’s not to like? This film is packed with random bits of humor that will send into anyone gales of laughter. Jokes range from Batman humor to funny plays on words, and they keep coming one after the other.

The movie’s visual comedy and references to pop culture are also a source of much-welcomed humor. The Joker is not the only character who gets some screen time (and a lot of it!) in this movie. There are appearances made by Doug Benson as Bane, Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face, and more. The LEGO Batman Movie is a smart and funny animated movie that is more than just a spin off. Offering a great story line and humor, the film is perfect for some laughs!


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