What’s the Difference Between a Crown and a Filling?


If you are looking to get dental work done, you might be wondering about your options. Among the most common are something called crowns and fillings. However, these terms can be confusing at first, even though they have unique differences. Here is the difference between them that you need to know before making any decision about your dental health:

What is a Filling

When you start having a toothache, it is often caused by some kind of bacterial decay in your teeth. These are often called cavities but can be caused by a variety of things.

To solve this, fillings are often suggested. They involve cleaning out the tooth area, perhaps removing parts of your teeth along with the bacteria and other sites of infection and cleaning them thoroughly. Then, a filling material that is inserted to seal up the area and make it look natural (detailed here). This is often done with a resin that looks white or gold.

What is a Crown

A crown is used in a similar situation to a filling. If you have cavities and want to keep the tooth or root from getting further damaged, you can have a crown put on. This also protects the tooth from further chipping or damage if it is weak.

A crown consists of a cap made of porcelain that lays over the original tooth. It is designed to look just like a regular tooth so no one can tell the difference if they don’t have a trained eye. Sometimes, crowns involve more procedures than fillings because you might need your teeth filed down a bit or to have extra adhesive applied (explained here).

How to Decide Which One to Get?

The question of whether you need a crown or a filling is a hard one to answer. After all, you want the best look in your smile without spending more than you have to or enduring as much pain. A dental professional who provides these services is the best person to answer this question for you. They can examine your mouth and your issues on a personal basis to offer the ideal solution for you.

When it comes to dental health, it can seem overwhelming. After all, there are so many terms out there about different operations or solutions you can have done. Review the differences above if you have cavities or other oral issues you need fixed. Then consult a professional who can guide you in the best direction for your specific dental needs.

More information about the difference between a filling and a crown is discussed here.

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