5 Ways We’re All Gradually Turning into Cyborgs


Are you becoming culturally isolated through the constant use of social media platforms? Does your smartphone answer all your problems and give you unearned compliments? Does the idea of a shiny metal implant on your body only slightly alarm you? If you responded yes to even half of these questions, then chances you just might be on your way to becoming a cyborg.

Metal Implants

Metal implants are the most obvious indication that someone is turning into or already is a cyborg, also the least disturbing. A classic cyborg is going to have metal on their body – and we’ve already long started this traditions. For years on end we’ve used braces. And let’s not forget their more permanent cousins, metal implants, which according to this article, the implant process begins when a metal post is surgically positioned into the jaw. That’s pretty deep in there. Any decent future millennial cyborg has already made peace with our new accessories. From metal chips in our arm, so our corporate overlords can read our blood sugar, blood alcohol content, to bionic eyes to VR glasses, how we transform is completely customizable. What is more disturbing than the metal possibilities, are the social consequences of being a cyborg.

Discussions with A.I.

Do you find yourself asking Siri and Alexa for a suspiciously large amount of emotional support? Are you looking to them to answer all your problems while complementing your less than average work ethic? Chances are you are a future cyborg. The truth is, we might find ourselves having extended conversations with A.I. in the near future, and less with the people we know and love. If we are not careful, we may see ourselves being sold out to a social media content company for a few extra gigs of memory or converting ourselves through pleasant conversations designed to make us fall in love with our devices.

A World of Knowledge in Our Pocket

In our pockets lie vast and infinite information at the touch of a button. Being able to pull immense amounts of technical knowledge or cat videos has brought us one step closer to the machine god versions of ourselves. Any decent cyborg can pull up the ability to hack into a government database or make reservations at an incredible restaurant on Yelp. You are powerful beyond measure.

Everlasting Life

The desire and search for an immortal or everlasting life are one of the perks of becoming a cyborg. People looking to alter their genes, insert robot organs into our bodies, or exercising every day are without a doubt on the road to becoming a cyborg. Not wanting to live forever would disqualify one from becoming a cyborg, and with the amount of avocado toast and exercise millennials are getting, there is no doubt about their motives. What is the point of wanting to live forever when you eventually become socially isolated?

Social Isolation

The last and most disturbing reason we are all becoming cyborgs is our voluntary desire to isolate ourselves via social media and smartphones. Socially, I do not think cyborgs will have book clubs or supper clubs. Since we choose to become culturally separated from each other through constant social media use, an ever-increasing wealth of knowledge at the touch of a button, and our refusal to just send that email, there is no doubt that we are already training ourselves to come to terms with our colder metal future selves.

It’s disturbing how relaxing, calm and reasonable the road to becoming a cyborg is. With the infinite possibilities metal implants will bring us, the ability to locate any cat video with ease, to the desire to live longer, it has been disturbingly easy to fall into the trap of wanting to be a cyborg – instead see how it can be possible to blend technology into your life like a perfect gentleman.


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