4 Reasons America’s Divorce System Is So Weird


When you can’t seem to make a marriage work, it would make sense that you would go through a separation period before filing for your divorce. While this is how most people think about marital issues and the simplicity that should be the court system, there are a few reasons as to why America’s divorce system is so odd. If you plan on filing for divorce, make sure you know what you want because it’s often harder getting back together in the future than it is staying together in the first place.

One Year

In most states, you have to be separated from your spouse for one year before you can file for a divorce. This is where absolute divorces and limited divorces come into play. An absolute divorce is one that is finalized while one that is limited is simply a legal separation. If at any time during the year that you’re separated you share a bed together or have any form of intimate contact or try to reconcile the marriage, then you have to start the year over if you begin divorce proceedings in the future.

Against The Law

There are some states in the country where it’s against the law to marry someone again once your divorce is finalized. Kentucky is one of these states, although they only prohibit it once you’ve already been married three times. This means that you need to be sure that you want to proceed with ending the relationship because you might not have another chance to be together as husband and wife unless you move to a state where it’s not illegal to remarry someone.


There are many reasons as to why you can have a marriage annulled. One reason in Delaware is if you were dared to marry someone else. If you actually follow through with a dare of this nature, then your marriage might appear to be legal because of the paperwork involved, but it won’t be valid and would be grounds for divorce.


Many couples who go through a divorce have children together. A visitation schedule is made so that each parent can see the children. However, there are regulations in place in some states that allow you to have visits with pets as well. Since pets are often considered a part of the family, they are taken into consideration during the divorce process.

Whether you’re tired of communicating or there are underlying issues in the relationship, filing for divorce can be stressful for everyone involved. Depending on where you live, you need to consider your decision carefully. You should also pay attention to the fine details of the divorce paperwork that is filed so that you receive any benefits or visitation rights that you have.

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