How Does Oral Hygiene Affect Your Overall Health?


Caring for your teeth should be an important part of your daily hygiene routine. Not only do people focus on how your teeth look when you are talking or smiling, your oral health can affect many different areas of your overall health. It is important not to neglect your teeth, so you don’t have to deal with the consequences of not practicing good oral hygiene.

Strong Teeth

Keeping your teeth themselves strong and healthy is vital. When you do not, it can make it difficult to eat, and it can cause immense amounts of pain. Less severe reactions can include sensitive teeth, which makes enjoying any food that isn’t room temperature very painful. You should brush at least twice a day to remove food particles debris and prevents plaque buildup. Flossing can reach tiny food particles between the teeth and below the gumline.

Healthy Gums

Not only does oral hygiene affect your teeth, it affects your gums. When brushing, you should make sure that you pay attention to your gums, both front and back. Progressive diseases like gingivitis and periodontal disease can weaken gum tissue, causing it to recede or become inflamed. Afflicted gums will bleed and may become sore when brushing. Weakened gums can eventually cause teeth to loosen, leading to tooth shifting or loss, which can require an expensive repair or replacement procedure. If you notice any of these signs, you should see a dentist quickly to prevent any further damage to your gums.

Clean Breath

Fresh breath makes a person feel better and encourages interaction with others. Regular brushing and flossing, along with using a dentist-recommended mouthwash, can prevent the buildup of bacteria that causes bad breath and remove any food that may be caught in your mouth. If you smoke, drink coffee, or drink alcohol, make sure to brush your teeth thoroughly afterward, as these substances have all been shown to have a negative effect on your mouth. If you continue to have bad breath, consider having your tonsils checked out. You may have tonsil stones, which can cause bad breath even if you are regularly brushing and flossing.

Overall Wellness

According to the Mayo Clinic, your oral health can play a fairly significant role in keeping you healthy overall. When your mouth is healthy, the defenses that your body employs to prevent viruses and bacteria from entering the body can operate properly. Additionally, when your teeth or gums hurt, it often causes ear pain or severe headaches, impacting your ability to function.

Oral hygiene may seem like a nuisance at times, and it may be inconvenient at times, it is necessary to make a daily effort to keep your mouth healthy. The results are worth the effort. Strong teeth, healthy gums, and a clean mouth make a person more healthy and confident.


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