Is the Price of a Security System Worth It?


Home security systems help protect your family and property. They are also an investment in your home. Home security systems can also be used to obtain discounts on home insurance policies. These tangible benefits are nice but there is something to be said for the peace of mind a good security system can bring. All of these factors are important to consider before you make the plunge and install a system in your home.

How do security systems work?

Security systems serve a number of functional purposes. For starters, their mere presence can deter burglars who would likely prefer a softer target. The ESA or Electronic Security Association found that 6/10 burglars will actually move onto another target if they see a security system. This stops problems before they start.

Modern home security systems employ a number of different features to provide comprehensive security. Many home security packages are designed for total protection. According to Protect Your Home, “You cannot anticipate every problem that life will present. But, the more prepared you are and the faster you can react, the better off your home and your family will be.”

This protection includes distance monitoring- if someone opens a door or window in a secured home the owner will receive an alert. There are also built-in protections for sensitive areas like gun storage or safety deposit boxes.

How much should I pay for a home security system?

Home security system costs typically manifest in two different transactions. Generally, there are equipment costs which are paid up front and long-term costs which are billed monthly. In the United States, the initial costs run from 250 to 1000 dollars for an average household. The continued costs depend on the system you install- costs can range from zero dollars all the way up to hundreds of dollars per month.

The Bottom Line

Before any economic considerations come into play it is important to determine how valuable your peace of mind is. While there are some pretty significant tangible benefits to installing a home security system nothing is more important than your personal sense of safety. Also, there is nothing wrong with being able to feel secure while you are out of the home on vacation or away on business.

Many security systems end up being cost neutral or even profitable when you compare long-term home insurance premium savings. In these situations it is often prudent to install a basic home security system simply for the insurance premium drop- the added safety and security is an auxiliary benefit! When installed and maintained correctly home security systems can be a good investment in your home and your future.



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