Why Homeschooled Students Can Do Better Than Public Schooled Students


Students in today’s world have more options than ever when it comes to schooling. The rise of internet-accessible educational opportunities and emerging technology resources have led to the explosive growth of homeschooling as a viable option for many families. There are a variety of reasons why homeschooled students often perform better than their public schooled peers, from being able to access online resources, courses, and digital communications with teachers to being free of judgemental peers.

Individuality is Embraced:

In a traditional school setting, kids are expected to conform to the established guidelines. However, in a homeschool setting, students can freely express their individuality without fear of retribution.

Personalized Learning:

Related to the concept of individuality is the benefit that homeschooled students receive a curriculum personalized to their level and interests. A tailored curriculum will work towards the child’s strengths while helping them with their challenges. Most importantly, students in a homeschool environment can work at their own pace, rather than getting anxious about falling behind or getting bored when they are ready to move on.

Safe Learning Environment:

There are many ways to protect your kids, but you might not have thought homeschooling as one of them. There is no place like home. Homeschooled students are given the advantage of learning on their own turf, free of outside influences or stressors such as bullying or harassment issues, and especially safe from school shootings and gun violence. Homeschooled kids are also exposed to far fewer germs and illnesses, leading to healthier and happier students.

Limitless Curriculum Options:

As more and more families are choosing to homeschool, there has been a surge in the number of online curriculum opportunities geared explicitly at homeschoolers. These options can supplement the student’s personal curriculum, or families may choose to go all in with a full online curriculum which covers all of the coursework. Homeschool can also include online courses to communicate with teachers, meaning that students will also be exposed to learning valuable skills in how to interact with educators and other adults.

Flexible Scheduling:

Families with homeschooled kids are given the ultimate gift of freedom. Gone are the frenzied mornings and after school meltdowns. Bedtimes and wake-up calls can be adjusted to fit the child’s natural circadian rhythms, which will inevitably lead to better production from the student. And, lastly, families of homeschooled students can choose to vacation at their convenience, rather than having to abide by a set schedule.

These are just a few of the significant advantages of choosing a homeschooled route. Once parents understand the immense benefits of selecting this form of education, it is difficult to imagine teaching your child any other way.



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