5 of the Worst Places to Die


Death is frightening for most people because it’s one of the only things that is completely out of our hands. No one knows when or how death will come. But what if you could choose where you meet it? Whatever you do, avoid meeting death in any of the following places.

1) Underwater

Drowning is easily one of the most nightmarish ways to die. You can hold your breath for about 90 seconds before you begin to blackout. You cannot scream for help underwater, you can hear and see almost nothing, and your sense of direction is gone. When you reflexively inhale the water, it washes away the protective protein coating inside your lungs keeping the air sacs intact. Within four minutes, oxygen deprivation will cause such severe brain damage that you won’t recover even if you’re rescued.

2) In Space

As with drowning, when you die in space you are effectively drifting in nothingness with no sense of time or direction. Sound waves don’t travel in space, and even if they did, who would hear you call for help? The good news is that you would die fairly quickly due to the several nightmarish things that happen to the human body when exposed to the vacuum of space, which include suffocation, rapid freezing of your eyes, mouth and respiratory tract, and your blood boiling.

3) In Jail

Instances of wrongful death in jail go largely unnoticed, but are more common than you might think. Funding for health care in jails and prisons is a low-priority concern, and because of poor health care, many inmates with preexisting conditions are allowed to die when their medication or treatment is cut off. Many inmates commit suicide during bouts of solitary confinement. Abuse at the hands of officers is also a common cause of wrongful death in jail, with officers beating or restraining inmates until they die.

4) India

An 80-country “quality of death” study ranked India at the bottom of the list. In fact, Kerala is the only Indian state with a formal end-of-life care policy, bucking the trend for the rest of the country. Otherwise, there is almost no care for the dying in India.

5) The Desert

The desert offers a wide array of unpleasant ways to die. Pricking your finger on a poisonous cactus, dehydration, heat stroke, or a bite from a venomous snake could all take you out. Miles away from help, food, or care, you would meet your demise in the loneliest of landscapes.

So, while the circumstances of your death are usually out of your control, do everything you can to avoid dying in any of these horrifying places.


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