7 Movie Star Role Models Who Ride Motorcycles


Celebrities love their toys and, as fans, we love to see them collecting and enjoying those toys. One such hobby is motorcycling and there is a long list of film stars who have made motorcycle riding a special passion. Here are just seven film actors who spend their time riding (and sometimes crashing) their big bikes.


1. Tom Cruise

Fans of Tom’s action films know he’s no stranger to bikes, but they may not know he’s an experienced rider off screen, as well. Mr. Cruise invests a good deal of time and money in his vintage motorcycle collection, but his favorite ride is the $100,000 Vyrus.

2. Brad Pitt

Here’s another Hollywood A-lister who makes collecting vintage motorcycles a source of enjoyment. Brad also has a favorite bike: his newly acquired World War II Nazi motorcycle. That monument to history cost Pitt nearly $400,000.

3. Liam Neeson

Recently, Mr. Neeson announced his plans to step down from doing action films, but that doesn’t mean he’s given up on excitement altogether. Liam still rides, even after his motorcycle accident in 2000, which happened near his New York home. Neeson was injured: he broke his pelvis and had to wait at the scene for help to arrive.

4. Orlando Bloom

We’re used to seeing Orlando Bloom riding the high seas in the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, but, off-screen, he’s a big bike lover. In fact, Bloom rides his motorcycle everywhere, describing it as his main form of transportation.

5. Kid Rock

Of course, the Kid loves his bikes. They’re often featured prominently in his music videos and he rarely accepts any other form of transportation, except for his concert tours. In fact, Kid Rock teamed up with Harley Davidson recently. The iconic motorcycle manufacturer sponsored Kid’s Rebel Soul tour and created a custom made bike to immortalize the event.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold has always been an avid bike rider, though he’s been in two bike accidents. One in 2001, which left him with 6 broken ribs and a couple days of recuperation in the hospital, and one in 2006, when a car backed into him and left him with 15 stitches in his upper lip. Still, he loves to ride.

7. Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds was launched to superstardom with his portrayal of Deadpool for Marvel Entertainment. When he’s not playing the wisecracking superhero, Ryan is seen indulging his passions. One of those is cruising all over town on his motorcycle. Fans often share pictures of the star flying by on his bike.


There are many more motorcyclists among Hollywood’s elite, proving people of every walk of life likes to ride. Motorcycles may be dangerous at times, but that danger is part of the fun. Nothing can stop a true motorcyclist from getting back on their favorite ride.




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