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Top Tips for Moving in Style


Moving doesn’t have to be a chaotic and dreadful mess. There are ways, like the ones listed below, that will allow you to streamline your tasks and move in style.

Don’t Pack Everything

While you’re moving to your new home, your personal needs will still need to be met. It’s important to keep this in mind when you begin to pack away your belongings. If your move will span over the course of multiple days, you will need to create an overnight bag full of personal items that you will need during the moving process. An overnight bag will contain many different things that vary based on your personal needs. Common items usually tucked away in an overnight bag include medications, toothbrush, toothpaste, a change of clothes, hairbrush, bathing items, entertainment items, and snacks for the drive.

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Preserve Your Food

When you move out of your home, one of the most delicate items you’ll have to manage are the cold and frozen food items in your refrigerator. For obvious reasons, these items will be prone to thawing and spoiling during your move. Your refrigerator can’t remain plugged in during the move, so you will need to come up with a method for taking care of the food while you’re moving. If you have a deep freezer, the seal on it is good enough to keep your frozen foods frozen and cold until it gets to your new home if it’s within a day. The seal on a double refrigerator, meaning it has a freezer and a refrigerator combined, won’t hold as well as the doors have the potential to open during the move. For those who own a double refrigerator, your best option is to eat your frozen foods in the days leading up to your big move.

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Budget Accurately

It’s one thing to get everything packed; it’s quite another to get it to another location of any distance. That move across town could be quite a bit more expensive, depending on how much stuff you have. You might need more boxes, more packing tape, more foam padding, or even a bigger moving company. There are hidden costs for activating utilities in your new place, down payments for various services, registration fees with your HOA, landscaping upkeep, and so on. Take all of these into account so that when you arrive at your new place, you’ll be able to make a smooth transition into your new way of life.

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Reduce and Manage Moving Problems

There are so many things that could go wrong during a move. You have no way to predict which aspects of your move could encounter obstacles or which plans will fall through. The best way to handle future moving problems is to prepare for them. You can do this by creating a detailed moving checklist. Write down every step you’ll be taking during your move. This will help you identify where problems could arise so that you can have alternate plans already in place.

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If you happen to be moving with pets, there are special tips that will make the situation easier for your pets and yourself.

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How the Beauty Industry is Redefining Aging


Older men and women have been ignored by the beauty industry for years. Most companies have catered towards a young demographic. Their products have been manufactured and marketed towards this particular group. Some companies believed younger people were the only ones interested in beauty products. That is not the case anymore. The beauty industry is recognizing the needs of an older generation. These older men and women are changing the way that our society defines beauty. Now, having lines and wrinkles on your face is okay. Gray hair is even becoming a fashion statement for younger people. The subject of senior beauty has now been redefined. These older generations of women and men are finding their place within the world of beauty. It is now fashionable to show your age and love every minute of it.

Anti-Aging Products Move Down a Natural Path

Advertisers have flooded the market for years with anti-aging cream commercials. These creams were considered a miracle in a bottle. They were used by many women and men to fight wrinkles. Over the years, consumers have learned that a healthy lifestyle can be just as effective as a cream or lotion. We know more about the aging process of the skin, such as how it does not start at a certain age.

A proper skin care routine in your younger years makes an impact later in life. A good diet and sunscreen can also minimize the effects of fine lines and wrinkles. The anti-aging lotions and creams are still on the market, but natural products are far more preferred. The products of today are not filled with mystery chemicals though. People are choosing to lessen the effects of aging with minerals and plant botanicals. The days of harsh creams and chalky night masks are over. Consumers are more informed about the products they use on their skin. The older generation has chosen to fight fine lines with more holistic products.

The Beauty Industry is Changing Their Marketing Approach

The beauty industry has always catered to a younger generation. As the senior population increases, many companies are targeting a whole new demographic. Companies are now focusing on women who want to embrace their fine lines. They are creating products that are formulated for older skin. These products include ingredients that moisturize the skin and keep it looking vibrant. Cosmetic companies have started their own campaigns to embrace the needs of senior women.

Social media has also played an important role in senior cosmetics. There are plenty of virtual tips and tricks that women can use to enhance their natural beauty at any age. These companies also understand that older women are more likely to make in-store purchases as well. Over the past few years, companies have pursued older celebrities for their advertising campaigns. These decisions are a deliberate attempt to market their products to an older demographic. Companies are finally learning that senior women should not be ignored in the world of cosmetics.

Cosmetic Surgery Can Make You Look Younger

While the plastic surgery industry had gotten quite a negative reputation around a decade or so ago, things have changed. No longer perceived as being overly-expensive or dangerous, more and more people are flocking to get surgery. Men and women from all walks of life are booking appointments with a plastic surgeon or minor procedures like botox. Major companies have launched their own cosmetic surgery products targeting older people. If a certain feature of your face is bothering your significantly, or you think you have too many wrinkles, there are a variety of options available nowadays. For example, if you want to reduce signs of aging, one treatment option includes an injection of a neuromodulator. These treatments inhibit the nerves of certain muscles. The muscles are weakened so they can’t make movements that cause wrinkles and lines. This treatment allows the patient to have smoother looking skin for a few months. It is a relatively easy process that is completed in minutes. It is a solution for those who don’t want to embrace their wrinkles but choose to get rid of them.

Your face is the first thing that people notice. You can use makeup, lotions, and surgery to make yourself look younger. For those who are losing their hair, they have options as well. Technology for restoring and rejuvenating hair has evolved considerably. While older technology used hair regrowth creams to make hair look fuller. These treatments did not always have the best results. Men and women do have more options available to them. The hair transplant option also has improved as well. This surgery now has less pain and fewer complications than in the past. There are new methods currently hitting the market. Low-level light therapy is used to simulate the hair follicles. This treatment causes follicles to regrow your own hair. There is no surgery or chemicals required in the process. Natural vitamins are also being considered as a solution, such as Biotin and other vitamins are now prescribed to some patients who are experiencing hair loss. Even hair transplants have changed a lot. While there are many myths about hair transplants, the procedure has become a beauty standard for both men and women who are losing their hair.

There are many ways that companies are now catering to senior beauty needs. Beauty is not just a number but a state of mind. For those who want to look younger, there are several treatment options available. There are also options available for those who want to embrace their own natural look. Older men and women have many more choices for their individual beauty needs than in the past. The major beauty corporations are no longer ignoring them in the world. There are now products that have been created with the requirements of seniors in mind. All facets of the beauty world embrace this generation. Companies are not exclusively targeting just the younger generation. Older men and women are the hottest demographic in the beauty industry. With their buying power, they will not be relegated back into the shadows. These senior men and women are changing the way we think about beauty and aging.

Understanding the Modern Trend Toward Energy Healing


Energy healing is rising in popularity, and this often brings out the skeptic in many people. While energy healing may not be well understood by the average person, this doesn’t mean that energy healing is not effective at treating a myriad of problems.

Energy healing and those that practice various forms believe that there is a strong connection between the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical realms. When this connection manifests, the body and mind can truly heal. There are many more different kinds of energy healing, including magnetic healing, chakra balancing, and many more which won’t be discussed in this article, but should be looked into.


Acupuncture is an Eastern medicine that has been around for centuries. It is a form of energy healing, and people go to acupuncture for many types of conditions. Some people see an acupuncturist for a specific problem such as back pain, while others go to an acupuncturist for an overall feeling of illness. An acupuncturist uses hair-thin needles in an effort to restore the balance of energy in the body. The theory is that the body has channels of energy that can get blocked because of an illness or trauma.


Reiki is another form of energy healing that is rising in popularity. Reiki has been shown to reduce pain, especially for those where traditional pain medications are no longer working. Reiki is a hands-on practice where the healer looks to move energy within the body in an effort to help reduce pain. A Reiki practitioner goes through training and learns how to block and unblock the energy they feel coming from the individual they are treating.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is also proven effective at reducing pain, improving moods, and providing relief to individuals who request crystal healing treatments. The goal of crystal healing is to draw toxins out of the body in an effort to restore the body to wellness. It is believed that crystals have healing powers, and while the process may not be understood, the results are there.

Quantum Healing

Quantum healing looks at the life force of energy and works to get deep to the core of a particular illness or problem. Quantum healing is energy healing that integrates the physical, spiritual and emotional in an effort to help the individual heal on all fronts. Quantum healers believe that there is an infinite life force in order to draw energy from, and treatment allows clients to feel the healing powers of the life force.

Natural energy healing is effective for a wide variety of people. While the process of each type may not be understood, people often feel better after treatment.


5 Sexual Health Stigmas Women Deal With and How to Combat Them



While the media often chooses to only showcase the beauty and grace associated with womanhood, behind closed doors, many women are embarrassed about the issues that they may have surrounding their lady parts. The pressure to maintain both a healthy and desirable vagina can be overbearing and often times the problems are beyond our control. Here are a few sexual health stigmas that need addressing in today’s society.


Discharge is not only normal, but it is essential to vaginal health. You should only be concerned if your discharge has an odd odor or color, is extremely runny or super thick (like cottage cheese), comes in an excessive amount, or is accompanied by pain or discomfort. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, get tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

“Smelly” Vagina

At one point on another, nearly every woman has felt a little self-conscious about the odor down there. The truth is, all vaginas have their own distinct smell and, it does not resemble flowers or candy. You can easily throw off your PH balance by poor eating habits, antibiotics, unhygienic practices, and feminine products. If you are deemed clear of any odor-causing infections, try eating nutrient-dense foods accompanied by a probiotic, avoid using soap or other perfumed products in that area and keep stress to a minimum.

Vaginal dryness

Sadly, there are many stigmas around women who suffer from vaginal dryness, and unfortunately, it can lead women to ultimately lose the desire to have sex. About 17% of women ages 18-50 experience vaginal dryness during sex. It is not solely a result of menopause. External factors such as breastfeeding, birth control, dehydration, and medications like antihistamines and antidepressants can also cause feminine dryness. While the female reproductive area tends to naturally produce less lubrication as we age, vaginal dryness can also be a side effect from a hormonal imbalance, an irritation caused by perfume or feminine products, heightened stress levels, or a lack of arousal. Luckily, there is an overabundance of vaginal moisturizers and lubricants that can be purchased over the counter to promote and retain its moisture. If the issue is a bit more severe and cannot be fixed by simply lowering anxiety levels or making a trip to the drug store, schedule a visit to the gynecologist.

“Loose” Vagina

The temporary loss of vaginal elasticity is usually linked to older age and childbirth. However, the vagina is a muscle, and when strengthened, it can return to its original state or even stronger than before. Kegel exercises, tightening creams, and even corrective surgery can be used to tighten your vaginal region.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

While some STDs can lead to more serious illnesses such as cervical cancer or the weakening of the body’s immune system, most of them can be treated very quickly by prescription medication or a dose of penicillin. However, you will need to seek professional treatment immediately to avoid additional damage to your organs.

In order to rid stigmas surrounding the sexual health amongst women, we must educate ourselves and others. The more informed we are about our bodies, this less uncomfortable we will be about discussing these rather intimate issues.

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How to Explain Low Grades to Students and Their Parents


As a teacher, one of the most difficult discussions you can have with a student and parent is over the subject of grades, particularly low grades. School can be stressful for both students and parents, and each grade can seem to have a momentous weight. However, there are some strategies you can use as an educator to explain the poor marks and help your student to be more successful on future exams and projects.

Be Upfront and Honest

Sometimes it may feel easier to sugarcoat an issue with a student or parents, but in the case of a bad grade, it is best to be as honest as possible. Explain what was expected of the student and why the student fell short. You should bring a copy of the student’s test or a rubric to the meeting so the parent can see the requirements. If there are other reasons for the student’s poor grades, such as not paying attention in class, address that as well. Both the parent and student need to know exactly what went wrong and what the causes were.

Examine Effects on the Student’s Overall Grade

The student and parent will likely want to know how the bad grade or grades will affect his or her overall grade. You may want to have information ready to show what the student’s projected grade will be and how it weighs against other grades for your class. If your class has a rubric, you will want to bring that to the meeting in order to have something to refer to. You can also show the parent and student that they can calculate their GPA on their own as well to predict their term or semester grades, and thus know how low or how high they need their grades to be for a particular requirement.

Moving Forward

Discuss with the student and parent the anticipated outcomes for the class. Discuss what final grades are possible and what will be expected of the student to achieve those grades. Be clear with the student on what he or she will need to do to be successful in your class. If you offer any extra credit work, you will want to mention it during the meeting. Perhaps have the student start a blog where they can post about topics relevant to the class in order to gain some extra credit points. You may also suggest a tutor or outside resources that the student can check out to help in your class. Also suggest some ways the parent can help their child be more responsible for their grades such as overseeing daily assignments that they bring home for homework or provide a specific kind of motivation and encouragement for the student to do better.

Meetings with students and parents over low grades can seem stressful for a teacher, but with the right preparation, you can turn the discussion into a positive one for both you and them. Remember to be clear and honest about grades and what will be expected of the student in the future.

Another commonly under-discussed part of schooling and education is bullying. Unfortunately, bullying occurs in every school and it seems like no one is immune from its effects. It can be hard to start that conversation as a teacher or a parent, but it is a conversation that needs to happen.


5 Companies that Actually Care About the Environment


Our environment is such an important thing to protect, yet many companies are using the environment to their advantage, without doing anything in return. By shopping at and supporting companies that do good for our environment, people can help save this precious part of our Earth. Here are five companies that actually care about the environment, so that you can feel good about who you support.

Indigo Luna

Indigo Luna is a yoga and clothing company that uses recycled plastic bottles to make sustainable clothing. All Indigo Luna clothing is dyed using plants, and all excess dye and runoff are put back into the garden beds growing plants for dyes. By using recycled plastic bottles, this sustainable company is helping to clean the earth, and is working toward not making new waste with materials.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation is a company that sells cleaning supplies and personal products such as baby wipes and facial tissue. The company uses all natural products and does not support the use of fossil fuels to power the Earth. Seventh Generation also believes in Ingredient Disclosure, which means that all ingredients used are printed on the bottles and packaging.


doTERRA is an essential oils company that believes therapeutic grade essential oils can genuinely change the world. doTERRA focuses on ensuring the long-term supply of their sources. By doing so, doTerra is also making sure to use sustainable practices, eliminating anything that could harm the environment. Many of doTerra’s oils are sourced in developing countries, where many workers receive unfair wages. doTerra helps to support farmers and communities through essential oils and ensure fair wages for the growers and harvesters of the materials needed.

Burt’s Bees

This more common, drugstore beauty brand is another company that cares about the environment. Burt’s Bees uses sustainable packaging and recycled materials in all of the products they sell. It also sustainably sourced materials used, from different countries and locations around the world.


As a brand, frilly is committed to cleaning up the fashion industry with high-quality, made-to-order clothing. They work to treat their workers and the planet with kindness and sustainability in mind. The fashion industry is notorious for producing throw-away fashion—clothing that is worn for a short period, and then thrown out. At frilly, they produce clothing with an eye toward quality—not quantity.

Sustainable brands are essential to helping our environment. Although they’re not always as easy to find and by from than conventional companies, the extra effort is worth it to protect the environment.

Business Loans vs. Personal Loans: What’s The Difference?


Many people, including some businesspersons, do not understand the difference between business and personal loans. As an entrepreneur, there are many reasons that can drive you to take a loan. Some of them include starting a business, boosting your marketing campaigns, purchasing equipment and expanding your business. However, deciding on the best loan to take is a challenging process, especially if you are taking a loan for the first time. It is advisable to learn the basics of both personal and business loans to help you make an informed decision. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

It is easier to apply for personal loans than business loans. When applying for a personal loan, you can approach an online lender, bank, or credit union. The lenders do not necessarily look at the performance of your business when approving a personal loan. They usually consider your salary and credit history. If you want to get a low-interest personal loan, you should improve your credit history. Some small business owners consider personal loans due to their easy applications and simplicity.

On the other hand, applying for a business loan is complicated, especially if your business is small. The application, processing, and approval of business loans take longer. When applying for a business loan, you must provide the lender with the right documentation. The lender must know the location of your business, how it operates and the amount of money it makes monthly or annually. Some of the requirements for applying for a business loan include the following:

  • A concrete business plan
  • Bank statements
  • Business and personal tax returns
  • The spending plan for the borrowed funds
  • A comfort letter

You may also be required to provide collaterals to secure a business loan such as assets. One of the benefits of applying for business loans is that they have higher maximums than the personal loans. The lender can give you up to $5.5 million depending on the size of your business. However, the interest rates on business loans are usually higher. State regulations usually determine the interest rates. The loan installments affect the interest you pay.

Before deciding on the type of loan to take, you need to consider the amount of money you require. If you need a lot of money to expand your enterprise, a proper business loan is the best choice for you. However, if you need a loan urgently without multiple complexities, you should probably consider a personal loan. It is advisable to consult a financial advisor to help you decide on the best loan to take.

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What Parents Should Know About Bullying in High School


When you discover your child is being bullied in high school, you probably feel helplessness, anger, sadness, and fear. All of these emotions are to be expected from parents who want their child to feel protected and loved. To become an adequate support system and advocate for your child, you need to create an action plan to help your child.

Where Do I Start?

Start by talking with your child about being bullied and focus on listening without judgment. Teenagers especially may not want to open up right away. During this time they probably feel insecure, embarrassed, scared, angry, vulnerable, or sad. Listen to your teen and learn as much as you can about the situation. It’s important to know how long the bullying has been happening, what kind of violence or bullying is happening, and who the actual bullies are. Reassure your child that:

  • They are not alone
  • It’s not their fault
  • Bullying is never ok
  • School safety is a right
  • They deserve respect

Social Media and Cyberbullying

Today, any child or teenager can post hurtful comments about other kids on their social media. They can also take an embarrassing photo or video of their classmate and post it where other students can point out their flaws, and make insults. Cyberbullying is a growing concern, as more teens and children use social media and the internet for their socialization need. It’s important to talk with teens about these common threats, and protect them as best you can.

In the modern digital age concerns about online safety for kids continue to rise. From the moment teenagers log on to the internet, they are at risk of criticism from their peers and even strangers. Cyberbullying is a serious and preventable public health problem. If left ignored, it could lead to consequences that will last forever. Bullies, victims, and witnesses are at high risk of depression, anxiety, future aggressive behavior, and poor school performance. Victims of cyberbullying are more likely to commit or consider suicide. Keep in mind cyberbullying can be hard to notice.

You might be able to catch signs of depression though, as the mental illness does have an effect on the body. For example, if your teen is experiencing a lack of appetite, constant fatigue, changes in sleeping patterns, diminished concentration, and lack of interest in hobbies, than you might have a teen who is struggling with depression. Try to reach out in the form of spending quality time with them, seeking in-school support systems, or seeing a therapist with them.

Bullying that happens online is just as dangerous and real as in-person bullying at school. Cyberbullying can reach teenagers anywhere, at home, or other places they should feel safe. It’s vital to be realistic and know that it takes time to teach and learn ways of handling conflict and the emotions that come with it. Always praise your teen and recognize when they handle conflict or stressful situations well, and be open to them to allow effective communication

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Is It Wrongful Death or Is It Murder: What to Know


There are some clear cases of murder, but there are also a number of cases that are a little harder to define. The following guide will help you understand everything there is to know about what constitutes wrongful death and murder.

How Murder and Wrongful Death are Defined

The truth is that proving willful intent or gross negligence can be difficult, which is part of the reason you need professional help. “Murder” is defined as the killing of a human being by a sane person with intent. This killing has to be done with no legal excuse or authority.

“Wrongful death,” on the other hand, is the death of a human being due to the wrongful act of another. The problem comes with the definition of “wrongful act”, which means, “Any act that will damage the rights of another, unless it is done in the exercise of another equal or superior right. For that reason, the scope of wrongful acts is not limited to illegal acts.” This definition of a wrongful act is legally vague, so as a result there are gaps and loopholes to be found in the definition of wrongful death. In order to prove that someone suffered a wrongful death, it must be shown that a wrongful act was committed which caused that death—but that can be challenging.

Resource: Law Office of Eric Ramos | Wrongful Death

Figuring Out the Type of Death One Suffered

Attempting to figure out what kind of death someone suffered is definitely a task that is best left to professionals. Proving wrongful death by a wrongful act is much easier to do with a team of legal experts at your back. But for the sake of discussion, let us examine the common challenges of wrongful death suits:  

On the Road

Again, car accidents occur on the open road where things change constantly, making it hard to pinpoint signs of murder. Furthermore, investigators also have to show that the person who caused the death wanted to do so intentionally, and that is not always easy to prove since the heart cannot be examined.

Resource: Explore Forensics | Determining Cause of Death

At Work

There are several reasons why determining the cause of death at work can be hard. For one, most work environments move quickly, and that introduces change. A detective needs a crime scene to remain unchanged in order to find clues pointing to an unnatural cause of death. These clues might be gone by the time investigators get there. Investigators also have to take into account just how dangerous the type of work is and if it was simply caused by a gross error, rather than negligence or other wrongful acts.

These are just some of the reasons why wrongful death and murder are not easily defined in every situation. Most murderers are going to try to hide their true intentions, making this task hard, but a good lawyer should be helpful in these situations.

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A Guide to Traveling with Medication


When you leave for vacation, it’s easy to overlook the important things. With all the time you spend worrying about what to wear, whether or not you’ve printed out your plane tickets, and if your passport is still current, it’s easy to forget daily necessities like medication. And if you do remember to pack your medication, that raises a whole other set of questions. Where do you put it? How can you avoid heat damage? Is it better to keep your medication with you or check it in your luggage? Traveling inevitably brings some anxiety, but keeping these tips in mind can help ease your mind about traveling with medications so that you can relax and enjoy the trip.

Avoid Exposure to Heat

Like food, medication can be adversely impacted by the heat. During the flight, it is not uncommon for airline cargo areas to reach temperatures that exceed 64°F. This poses a threat to many goods and personal items, including wine, food, pets, and medication! Many prescription medications come with a label that tells you what temperature range is okay for the medicine. Going above or below that temperature range can alter the effectiveness of the medicine. It’s more common for medications to come with an excessive heat warning, which means you need to take precautions when you’re flying – and less capable of controlling the heat than in your own home – to store medication properly.

The best way to avoid heat damage to your medication is to carry it onboard with you and keep it away from direct sunlight. This helps the medication avoid being exposed to temperature changes, which in turn can alter its effectiveness. Usually, most prescription and over-the-counter medications should be stored at “room temperature,” which is somewhere between 68°-77°F. If medication is stored out of this temperature range, it can render the medication more or less useless. Going slightly lower or higher (about 10 degrees in either direction) is fine.

Microbe Formulas explains that “when traveling with medication, it’s important to note how gel capsules react to heat. If you notice any discoloration in the capsule it means the heat and humidity have compromised it.” In this case, you’ll have to discard the medication that you were relying on to get you through a journey. In addition to costing you precious money, this can pose a serious health threat if your access to prescription refills and medications in your destination is limited.

How to Pack Medication

Between the hassle of keeping up with airline policies and restrictions to the inconvenience of waiting in line, many people these days are choosing to forego the “checked baggage” option when they fly. Since you have optimal temperature control and assurance about where your medication is at all times when you carry it with you, this might seem like a non-issue. However, there are times when it’s better to pack medicine properly so that you don’t end up holding up a long, frantic line of travelers or making enemies with a TSA screening agent.

Ultimately, your medication should be treated like a liquid. It should be isolated in a plastic bag and clearly labeled. Translucent bags are the best option for getting easily through an airport security checkpoint. The bag that contains the medicine should be marked clearly, and the medicine should be kept in its original container. If you need to take medicine during your flight, or if you have an emergency medication like an EpiPen, it’s best to pack the medicine last in your bag so that it’s easily accessible when you need to get to it. If you’re nervous about traveling without your usual pillbox, Assisted Living Center recommends downloading an app like RxmindMe to keep you on schedule.

How to Label Medication

Once you know how to properly store and carry medication, it’s time to move on to the labeling process. For starters, liquid medicine that you take should be put in a three-ounce container. If you take more than one form of medication, store the individual three-ounce bottles in a plastic zippered bag. TSA agents like to know what they’re looking at, so using clear plastic bags is best.

At a minimum, you should be sure to label each plastic bag containing your medication with your name and the dosage amount that you’re supposed to take each day on a piece of masking tape, which you should wrap around each individual bottle. This helps you locate your medicine easily if it becomes separated from you, and it also helps the medicine get through a TSA checkpoint without having agents perform the humiliating process of either pulling you aside for a pat-down or stopping the X-ray machine to ask about the content of your bags. Usually, your medication will have a label from the pharmacy that prescribed it. But if it doesn’t, or if you’re using over-the-counter medication, creating your own label is the next best option.

Where to Store Medicines

Generally, storing medicines in the cabin of the plane is your best bet for temperature control. According to The Economist, the average temperature of a plane cabin is somewhere between 65°F and 75°F. Rarely, the cabin can get up to 85°F when all passengers’ personal entertainment screens are running. Since this is not the norm and you have some control over temperature regulation in your area through AC control and window blinds if you’re sitting in a window seat, the cabin is a much better place than the cargo area for storing medications.

Going on a vacation is exciting, but people often underestimate the amount of planning and preparation that’s required before leaving on a trip. There are many things to think about when you travel, but one of the most important—and easily overlooked—parts is storing medication properly. By keeping your medicine in the main cabin, where there is less likelihood of temperature fluctuation, and storing your medications in clear plastic bags with labels that are easy to read, you’ll be in a much better position to breeze through an airport security checkpoint with little difficulty. Keeping your medicine within easy reach when you travel and getting extra supplies before you go ensures that you will stay healthy and safe while traveling.

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